67 Minutes for Mandela, 2018!

A society that does not value it’s older people denies it’s roots and endangers it’s future. Let us strive to enhance their capacity to support themselves for as long as possible and, when they cannot do so anymore, to care for them.
— Nelson Mandela

The CareChamp Team visited CPOA Arcadia place in Observatory for our 67 minutes dedicated to Mandela Day. We spent time with the residents listening to their fascinating stories. The team also assisted with washing the residents' hands after coffee and tea as well as to buff and paint nails for some of the ladies.

Young and Old can learn so much from each other and we were humbled and moved after our visit. By no means are elder people boring - on the contrary! Their tales are colorful and rich and the love and gratefulness received by simply spending some time with the residents was overwhelming.

Tillie told us that she was part of the celebrations when Mandela was released and how wonderful it was. She reminisced about old times and later on convinced Sylvia (our Managing Director) to play the piano for the whole group in the recreation area.

After a little "sound bite" and big excitement from the residents, Sylvia committed to visiting again and giving a dedicated concert for them.

Joyce mentioned that she loves her Occupational Therapy sessions and also enjoys playing jigsaw puzzles daily.

Joyce recently won a prize for best dressed at this year's Fancy Dress Show, being dressed as Mother Teresa. 

She is bubbly and lively and enjoys all activities offered.

Joyce as Mother Teresa.jpg

Anthony found common ground with Sylvia (who is from Austria) talking about his travels to Austria and beyond and they shared stories.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-18 at 15.21.02.jpeg

Alan, another wonderful resident, told us about the visits he enjoys from his brother and the videos this brother sends to him of his adventures.

In general, all residents we spoke to were upbeat, happy to meet us & had great things to say about the CPOA Arcadia Team and the activities offered.

We would like to thank Sister Jonkers and her team for showing us around and making us feel welcome.