Champ of the Month - July

Whilst we are all about using technology to improve processes, it is ultimately up to the "Care Teams" to provide fantastic Quality Care to the Patients.

Introduction of the MOCA test to track your relative's Dementia status and progression

When a patient starts to experience memory loss and other forms of cognitive decline, it can be a stressful, uncertain, and trying time for everyone involved. The MoCA is a brief 30-question test that takes around 10 to 12 minutes to complete and helps assess people for cognitive impairment.

Growing the Economy - one Champ at a time

We are proud to say that since launching in November 2016 we have created opportunities for 100+ Champs all over South Africa, have paid out R4 Million + in income to the Field Champs and the Champs have delivered over 150 000 hours in quality care to Patients.

On air with Lotus FM around "family caregiving"

Sylvia Klopper, Managing Director of the national care-giving company "CareChamp" says it can become very challenging for a family member to perform the duties of a professional caregiver on a full-time basis.

Testimonial about the Dementia Workshop

I’m one of those people who finds marketing myself very difficult! I love ‘doing the work’ but publicising it is not easy. So, I thought I’d let one of the participants in the last ‘Transforming the Dementia Journey’ course tell you about her experience. I’m so grateful to Allyson for letting me share her story. 

Light Exercises for The Elderly

Stretching Hip Flexors Dorsal Decubitus

Lying on the back at the end of the bed with the right leg bent and the foot flat on the mattress and the leg to be stretched resting outside of the bed.

Beauty Therapy @ Home

At CareChamp we believe in ensuring our Senior Clients are comfortable and well taken care of in their own private surroundings.

Meet Bianca, our beauty therapist, who has been in the industry since 2010 and has previously worked for Sorbet and Dream Nails.

Mandela Day 2018

“A society that does not value it's older people denies it's roots and endangers it's future. Let us strive to enhance their capacity to support themselves for as long as possible and, when they cannot do so anymore, to care for them.” Nelson Mandela

The CareChamp Team visited CPOA Arcadia place in Observatory for our 67 minutes dedicated to Mandela Day. We spent time with the residents listening to their fascinating stories. The team also assisted with washing the residents' hands after coffee and tea as well as to buff and paint nails for some of the ladies.


WHAT: "DEMENTIA CONNECTIONS" WORKSHOPS IN CAPE TOWN & ONLINE NATIONWIDE. The workshops are taking place in small groups (5 - 7 participants) and are aimed at Family Members of Elders suffering from Dementia.

Emotional resilience for those who care by Alice Ashwell, PhD.

10 Things Things a Dementia Patient Would Tell You If They Could

Here are ten communications tips that can help Alzheimer's caregivers improve their daily life.
Sometimes it helps to look at each situation from the perspective, or from out of the eyes of the person living with dementia.

How to know your aging parents need help?

How will you know when your parents need assistance, and that something might be wrong with them? One thing for sure is they won't tell you.

Fitness and Nutrition

Certain illnesses or medications for seniors may have a negative impact on appetite. Additionally meal times may have lost their appeal, especially if your loved one is living alone.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

This article is about helping your loved ones, by making sure they are well taken care off and at their best health status. Knowing how to check for a pressure ulcer is very important  if you have a frail elderly person at your home. A pressure ulcer is an area of the skin that breaks down when something keeps rubbing against the skin...

Nurses Appreciation & CareChamp Launch

CareChamp and their partner NIDO Nursing Academy held their first Nurses Appreciation and CareChamp Launch event on the 24 March 2017 at the Stack.

Mingling in a relaxed and funky environment whilst enjoying canapés, cocktails and drinks. We had great laughter and socializing and everyone enjoyed the evening.

World Alzheimer's Day - Getting old is not someone else’s problem.

21st September sees the World Alzheimer’s Day and reminds us to deal with a very real challenge for all of us. Dementia affects 1 in 20 people over the age of 65 and 1 in 5 over the age of 80. 

The story behind CareChamp

I am beyond excited to announce the launch of CareChamp! CareChamp was born out of the desire to start a business that brings more joy to the life of elderly and assist their families as best as possible with the challenges that age might bring as well as to create job opportunities in South Africa...