Health care group "CareChamp" discuss the challenges of caring for a family member on a full-time basis


Health care group "CareChamp" discuss the challenges of caring for a family member on a full-time basis


Sylvia Klopper, manager of the national care-giving agency "CareChamp" says it can become very challenging for a family member to perform the duties of a professional caregiver on a full-time basis. Klopper says families of people with disabilities should think of the mental, physical and emotional requirements associated with being a caregiver before committing to the task.

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Transforming the dementia journey – a testimonial


Transforming the dementia journey – a testimonial

I’m one of those people who finds marketing myself very difficult! I love ‘doing the work’ but publicising it is not easy. So, I though I’d let one of the participants in the last ‘Transforming the Dementia Journey’ course tell you about her experience. I’m so grateful to Allyson for letting me share her story. 


When I started this course I was nervous and anxious about the session. I expected to learn more about the illness and to gain the tools to have more patience with my mom. 

To my surprise this workshop exceeded my expectations …

This was the best interactive workshop. My opinions and experiences mattered, as all our circumstances and experiences are unique. And yet we all gained so much insight as we could feed off one another.

Practical feedback and ‘homework’ were given, and I began to change my attitude and mindset; for example, lowering my voice when speaking to my mom changed our relationship. I did not need the patience – only the tools to change my attitude towards the illness, as the person is still the same with a few minor defects, like any other illness we are diagnosed with.

Being present in the moment and remembering that the person living with dementia is still the same person and needs to be treated that way, I found numerous ways to ensure that my mom still plays an active role in our lives and can still be of value to one and all. Changing my mindset made me a better and happier person.

There was laughter and tears, which is soothing for the soul. From week one I left the workshop a much better person. I got used to the idea that ‘it takes a village’ and got my family to assist more, as I need to take a break to rejuvenate myself. ‘Caring is sharing!’ 

The project given to us over the eight-week period made me remember the type of person my mom was and still is. After completion, when I gave Mom my project to browse through, she was so happy and impressed with the outcome. She keeps it on her bed and browses through it every day. And when someone visits her, she shows it to them and that starts a conversation of note.

Thank you, Alice. You have been such an inspiration and the tools you have given me have changed my life forever. May you stay blessed in all your endeavours.

Source: Heart Of Nature

Light Exercises for The Elderly


Light Exercises for The Elderly

Stretching Hip Flexors Dorsal Decubitus

  • Lying on the back at the end of the bed with the right leg bent and the foot flat on the mattress and the leg to be stretched resting outside of the bed.

  • During the exercise, keep your back flat against the mattress. Hold the position for 1 minute.

  • Repeat with the other leg by switching positions.

  • Progression: bend the knee that is being stretched.

Extremities Co-ordination

  • Clap your hands.

  • Lift the right thigh and clap the knee with the opposite hand.

  • Clap your hands.

  • Lift the left thigh and clap the knee with the opposite hand. Repeat

  • Progression: increase the speed.

Hip Strengthening

  • Lay on your back with a pillow between the knees.

  • Squeeze the pillow during a few seconds and relax.

  • Repeat.

Assisted Knee Flexion

  • Sit down on a chair and cross the legs at ankle level by placing the good/strong leg on top.

  • With your top leg, flex the knee as much as possible by pushing down on the involved leg.

  • Hold the position for a few seconds and come back to the starting position. Repeat.

ROM Active Finger Mobility

  • Sitting position, forearm and hand resting on table with fingers hanging at the end.

  • Extend the fingers as much as possible while keeping the palm of the hand in contact with the table.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Lay down on your back with a small book on your belly.

  • Inhale trough your nose and exhale through your mouth.

  • The book should rise as you breath in and should lower as you breath out.

Wrist Strengthening

  • Sit down with the forearm resting on a table and the hand over the edge, palm down.

  • Grab a bag with that you have previously filled with one or two cans and lift the wrist without moving the forearm, always keeping the palm facing down.

  • Hold for 2 secondes and slowly lower the bag and repeat.

Walking Sideways

  • Do this exercise near a wall or counter top for increased safety.

  • Look in front and move to the side using wide steps.

  • Repeat in other direction.

Beauty Therapy @ Home

At CareChamp we believe in ensuring our Senior Clients are comfortable and well taken care of in their own private surroundings.

Meet Bianca, our beauty therapist, who has been in the industry since 2010 and has previously worked for Sorbet and Dream Nails.


WHAT: "DEMENTIA CONNECTIONS" WORKSHOPS IN CAPE TOWN & ONLINE NATIONWIDE. The workshops are taking place in small groups (5 - 7 participants) and are aimed at Family Members of Elders suffering from Dementia.

Emotional resilience for those who care by Alice Ashwell, PhD.