People living with disabilities may need support with activities such as personal care, mobility and daily activities.

CareChamp offers support and care for people with disabilities in order to maintain an independent and safe lifestyle. If you need long term care or just someone for a few hours or a weekend, our Champs will be able to assist you.

Postoperative Care

We assist clients who are recovering from surgery or an illness with daily care needs and can also provide a professional nurse to help with medical needs such as wound care.  Appropriate postoperative care can minimise complications and support the recovery process.  We can assist with short or long term care/nursing needs, so if you need a daily care provider/nurse for a certain time or just someone for a few hours, our Champs will be able to assist you.


When Dementia Patients realise that their mental abilities are declining, they often feel vulnerable and begin to need support and reassurance.  

CareChamp can assist people with dementia in supporting them with their daily needs and caring for them throughout the dementia progression. We offer short and long term dementia care needs, so if you need a permanent care provider or just someone for a few hours or a weekend, our Champs will be able to assist you.


Frail Care at home allows an elder person to stay in their familiar surroundings, while a care provider assists the client with the following: Bathroom assistance; Personal Hygiene, Mobility / Exercises; Pressure Care; Nutrition; Medication reminders; Light housekeeping


Our Companion Champs usually spend a couple of hours per week with your elderly relative or friend; motivate and intellectually stimulate and assist with managing the household or personal tasks where needed.


Bathroom assistance; Personal Hygiene, Mobility / Exercises; Pressure Care; Nutrition; Medication reminders; Light housekeeping

A trusted caregiver can make all the difference to caring for elderly frail loved ones at home!

Life moves at such speed that we can barely keep up with simply getting the basics done each day, balancing work and family while we try to get a little ‘time-out’ in as well that for many of us it feels like there are never enough hours in the day to get it all done!

It gets even worse when we get older and simply can’t keep up with the frenetic pace of life, or when someone we love gets to an age where frailty or chronic illness becomes a daily battlefield in every sense, from the physical to mental and emotional.

To make matters worse, most of us don’t want to ask for help, especially when it means giving up some of our independence, or, if you are taking care of a loved one in need of frail care, admitting that you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and headed for depression, either way, it just seem so hard to ask for help!

We all want to believe we are strong enough to do everything ourselves and are also afraid that if we do ask for help, it will mean that we are weak.  It’s not, in fact, knowing when to reach out for help is a sign of strength, an acknowledgement that taking care of ourselves is as vital to caring for someone we love, as it is to maintain a healthy relationship with our loved one.

Bringing in a stranger to assist with caregiving is always a challenge, but, if you start with small steps you will soon wonder why you didn’t try it before!  Staying at home is something we all want as we age, and today a far greater percentage of elderly, frail adults are choosing to stay at home rather than go into frail care facilities, with the result that caregiving has become a specialised field that is in great demand.

CareChamp was established to make staying at home a lot easier for elderly frail adults, whether it is on a full-time or part-time basis, and for families who have taken on the role of caregiving, a professional caregiver can bring a breath of fresh air, along with a helping hand to take some of the strain off your shoulders.

Caregivers from CareChamp are highly trained, and, based on strict background vetting on every level, bring a sense of security and safety into the lives of every client they take care of.  CareChamp ensures that each caregiver has passed their caregiving studies at Nido Nursing with the highest level of competency, and has the relevant police and health clearance necessary to instil confidence in all CareChamp clients.

CareChamp offers the highest standard in caregiving in Cape Town, which is their home-base, as well as in other major centres throughout South Africa via their close professional association with Nido Nursing (Pty) Ltd.

Although, as said previously, letting a stranger into your home is a challenging decision, CareChamp has made it a simple process, taking into account your care requirements and then forwarding you the profiles of at least five really special caregivers in their portfolio, giving you the option to choose the caregiver that would most make you or your loved one feel completely at ease.

CareChamp caregivers are available to assist on many levels; they can come in a few hours or days a week in order to give you respite, or on a daily basis for a specific period of time; you will know exactly what is required, and, if you need to take it step by step until you feel confident in your choice, CareChamp will assist you by creating a tailor-made care plan that starts with small steps within flexible routines.

Put your needs first, whether you are the one in need of a little assistance or taking care of a loved one on your own – you deserve to have the load lightened a little, and CareChamp is there to lend that special helping hand!

Once you have taken that first step and reached out to CareChamp, you will find the rest of the journey with this team of caring professionals an absolute pleasure.

Visit the CareChamp website today to find out just how easy it is to find the right helping hand to reach for when taking care of a loved one in need of frail care, or just a little companionship to alleviate any sense of isolation that can set in as we age!

Look no further than CareChamp for the best home-based care for elderly people living at home!

Looking for the best caregivers and companions in South Africa for elderly, frail or disabled people who wish to stay in their own home?  Look no further than CareChamp!

CareChamp offers safe and secure top quality home-based services via an online platform that gives you access to caregivers who are fully qualified, supported by a registered nursing team who work with the CareChamp management team and clients to create a care plan that meets individual client requirements.

CareChamp also offers the services of companions for elderly people who are no longer able to get out and about, bringing in much needed intellectual and emotional support to lessen any sense of isolation that comes with a loss of independence.

The management team at CareChamp is committed to providing flexible and affordable solutions that assist clients to age in place, surrounded by all that is familiar to them, instead of being placed in the unfamiliar and impersonal environment of a care facility.

And it's not just in patient care that CareChamp excels along with their exceptional team of Champs, they have also made it easy to rent or buy various mobility aids and home-care furniture that will improve your quality of life or that of your elderly, frail loved one!

CareChamp has a philosophy that centres on ongoing training for their Champs, fostering an open channel of honest and open communication, between the CareChamp management team and their Champs, as well as between clients and CareChamp.

Mindfulness of the home and environment of each client is part of being a Champ, and part of the philosophy at CareChamp is also to challenge and encourage each caregiver to be innovative in their approach to making life more comfortable for seniors and those living with disabilities.

When you choose CareChamp caregivers and companions, you choose peace of mind and quality of life for the whole family!

Let CareChamp give you the respite you need to be a good caregiver to a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Being the sole caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a one way ticket to experiencing extremely high levels of stress, no matter how much you love the person or how much patience you have as an individual, the stress can become so overwhelming that it begins to affect you in ways you may not have thought possible.

The inherent stress of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can easily lead to burnout, even if you are an absolute angel, and it's learning to read the signs of burnout before they take a permanent hold on you that is really important to maintaining a healthy mental and physical balance.

Even the most courageous of us can become so worn out that we start withdrawing from our usual day to day activities, anxiety about what will happen if your loved one falls or hurts themselves, which can easily head down the slippery slope to depression and feelings of simply not being able to cope.

It's important to you and your loved one that you recognise the signs of caregiver stress early and find constructive ways of managing them before they take hold and affect the quality of life in the whole family!

Being a better caregiver means taking good care of yourself first, making sure that you eat well, exercise and get as much rest as possible, and finding time for yourself should be top of your list!  

Let CareChamp offer you respite care that can be arranged to suit your schedule, even if it's just for a few hours a couple of days a week; knowing that your loved one is safely cared for by a trained caregiver is going to give you a much needed break in which to recharge your batteries and reconnect with life.

Don't let caregiver stress get the better of you when you have a fantastic team like CareChamp available to offer you and your loved one a better quality of life with trusted, professional respite care!

Home-based caregivers VS frail-care facilities for seniors – where do you stand?

Quality yet affordable elderly and frail care facilities are becoming harder and harder to come by, making home-based caregivers an affordable option that offers a level of safety, security and personal comfort for anyone struggling with issues related to ageing at home.

Familiarity with our surroundings makes it a little easier to deal with the loss of any independence that can result from ageing and the attending challenges we are no longer able to cope with on our own, making a team like CareChamp and their qualified caregivers a perfect alternative to being uprooted and placed in a frail care facility!

CareChamp works with clients to assess client care needs through their registered nurses, working with the family create an appropriate care plan to offer flexible, affordable solutions for access to professional home-based caregivers of the highest standard possible in South Africa.

It only takes one call, or the filling in of an online contact form to start the process of finding a caregiver who not only matches your personal choice, but is also highly qualified and receives ongoing training via the management team at CareChamp.

Once a client or family member contacts CareChamp, the team tailors home-care services to the specific needs of each client, for instance, if a client only needs a caregiver for a few hours of help a day to assist with meal preparation, personal hygiene or getting to a doctor's appointment, CareChamp is able to offer affordable assistance that could save a small fortune compared to nursing home costs.

Ageing at home increases our feelings of dignity, affects our level of mental health and offers a quality of life that cannot be replicated in an aged care facility; the sense of retaining some semblance of independence while still feeling safe at home is of incalculable value for seniors.

Let CareChamp assist you with maintaining a good quality of life as you age at home, or give your ageing parent living with dementia or any other disability the security of being cared for by a carefully vetted caregiver who has chosen caring for others as their life's vocation!

CareChamp simplifies home-based care for the elderly and frail via a streamlined online platform.

CareChamp is an online platform that connects qualified caregivers with elderly people who are no longer able to cope on their own at home, but still want to remain comfortably safe in familiar surroundings, or for families who elect to look after elderly frail parents in their homes without having to turn to outside care facilities.

Offering short and long-term home-based care to the elderly, frail and disabled in Cape Town, which is their home base, as well as in other main centres throughout South Africa, in partnership with NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, CareChamp has earned an excellent reputation for professional, high quality home-based care that is trusted to maintain an exceptionally high standard in home-based caregiving.

The whole experience with CareChamp is designed to be user-friendly, from the descriptions of the services offered by their qualified caregivers, registered nurses, companions for the elderly to those of nannies fully trained in first-aid for child care.

CareChamp has revolutionised access to home-based nursing services and caregivers, giving clients an online platform that makes booking processes and administrative tasks simple; in essence, the management team at CareChamp takes care of everything from scheduling and automated payments, to maintaining time tracking of check-in and check-out times via GPS.

In order to maintain the high standard of home-based care that is unwavering at CareChamp, clients are encouraged to rate their caregivers, while regular care reports are generated and sent to clients throughout the care period in order to encourage and maintain an open line of communication between CareChamp and client.

What makes CareChamp really special is you are able to find out a little more about the personality of each Champ and the individual behind the smile and qualifications in their online portfolio.

Once the CareChamp management team has the information needed regarding your care requirements, they will send you the top five most suitable profiles via email to help you feel comfortable about making your personal choice of caregiver.

All Champs have police and health clearance certificates, along with in-depth background checks, insured with medical malpractice cover via CareChamp's group insurance, making this an online home-based care platform that is trusted to maintain an unrivalled level of safety and security for clients in the comfort of their own home!

What can CareChamp Companions do to assist homebound elderly people?

Fully screened and vetted companions from the CareChamp portfolio of home care services do just what the name implies; they provide company for people who are elderly and frail, or living with Alzheimer’s and unable to get out and about anymore.

CareChamp Companions are mostly retired from a professional career, most often linked to the healthcare sector, or people who work part-time and still want to add what they consider to be immense value to their free time by spending it in a meaningful way.

Isolation is something that most previously active elderly or frail people experience when their lives seem to get a little smaller every day, and where an extra set of hands, eyes and feet would make a real difference to their sense of isolation. Home Companions also give families peace of mind knowing that when they can’t be there, their loved one is in good hands.

Companions from CareChamp are able to assist with the following:

·        Motivate and intellectually stimulate your loved one in companionable conversation.

·        Manage the household where required.

·        Assist with activities that will engage your loved one and add value to their daily life, even if it is just for a couple of hours a week.

CareChamp Companions are ideal for those who spend much of their time alone and may need some assistance with basic daily tasks at home, which also allows family members the time to work or handle other activities – or to simply take a few hours of respite, knowing that their loved one has company and some supervision.

There are also the valuable social benefits that come with a decrease in isolation and improvement in the quality of life for your elderly frail loved one, and finding the right companion will not be difficult with the assistance of the team at CareChamp.

If you need the assistance of a companion for an elderly family member or friend, CareChamp will provide you with tailor made solutions at affordable rates to ensure that your loved one does not suffer in isolation.  CareChamp also offers the highest level in highly trained, fully vetted caregivers, nannies and registered nurses, providing a fully comprehensive range of home care services

How to know your aging parents need help?

How will you know when your parents need assistance, and that something might be wrong with them? One thing for sure is they won't tell you.

Try engaging in activities that keep you connected to your loved one suffering from dementia.

It feels as if your beloved parent or close family member is slipping away from you as you try to negotiate the world of dementia.  It is especially hard to find ways of maintaining a connection with them but there are simple ways of helping to sustain your relationship and keep your loved one involved.

Watch an old movie with our loved one that will remind them of a time when they felt confident and comfortable, especially in a fast-paced technological world that becomes increasingly unfamiliar for seniors.  It’s a simple activity but it reduces anxiety, aggression, agitation and apathy, which are common symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s.

Following a simple daily or weekly routine will have a positive impact on your aging loved one’s quality of life.  If they know that you will go out for tea every Sunday and it is a standing date, it will help to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

As the symptoms of dementia increase, the simplest of activities, like taking a short scenic drive or a trip through the old neighbourhood will be a welcome break for your loved one.  Take a picnic basket with and feed the ducks, it all helps towards alleviating depression and anxiety.

Talk about the music your loved one enjoyed, who their favourite artist was and what the most popular dances were in the good old days or who some of their dance partners were, make sure to invest in some of their favourite tunes, music is wonderful therapy!  Let your loved one teach you a few steps, you’ll both have fun!

It is going to take effort on your part to find activities to share with a love one suffering from dementia, the ability to select their own activities and follow through with them gets lost along the way, it will be up to you to initiate the things you know will keep your loved one as connected and engaged as possible.

CareChamp has a wonderful portfolio of caregivers who are highly trained and dedicated to the roles they play in the lives of people suffering from dementia, offering fantastic support for families who need assistance caring for their loved ones at home.

You can see here just how much commitment has gone into creating a comprehensive home care service that is of the highest quality in South Africa, one that is trusted and relied on by many families in need of a helping hand!

Trust CareChamp to offer you the perfect caregiver for your elderly loved one at home.

CareChamp has not only taken a completely pioneering approach to using the latest technology combined with extensive experience in home care, but have also made finding the right caregiver for your loved one straightforward and simple.

The highly trained caregivers who form the core of a comprehensive range of home care services offered by CareChamp have all had thorough background checks and also have health and police clearance, giving clients complete peace of mind that their elderly frail loved one will be in the safest hands possible.

CareChamp Caregivers have all acquired a high level of qualification and experience from NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd and undergo further training on a regular basis as a team, making sure that the care each client receives is of the highest standard in South Africa.

With the focus on assisting clients to remain safely in the comfort, familiarity and security of their own home, CareChamp caregivers offer an outstanding level of commitment, sensitivity and passion for what they do.

Putting the health and safety of your elderly frail loved one in the hands of a stranger is not easy, which is why CareChamp has done all the background work for you, and once you have discussed your care requirements with the management team, you will have the freedom to choose from five suitable caregivers in their portfolio so that you find the perfect helping hand.

CareChamp home care services are affordable and you can decide on whether you need a part-time or permanent caregiver, the solutions are flexible enough to make it easy for you even if all you need is help a couple of hours a week.

Contact CareChamp to find the perfect caregiver, companion or nanny for your loved ones!

Are you struggling to balance the demands in your life while taking care of an elderly loved one?

The concern about the safety and health of your frail or older family member at home can literally consume your thoughts, which makes it very difficult for you to focus on other important demands you may have in your life.

Studies show that most frail and elderly people are choosing to live at home, and while a lot of families take on the responsibility themselves to care for their loved one at home, a large percentage of families are opting for caregiver assistance, or, at the very least, having a caregiver they have chosen from an agency such as CareChamp to come in and give family caregivers a break.

It may just be a couple of hours a week a few times per week, and perhaps even on a weekend, whichever it is, when you need to find someone you can trust with the care of your frail or elderly loved one, CareChamp swoops in to lend a hand.  Even if all you need is a break in which to catch your breath, knowing that you have the services of a professional, highly trained caregiver available to assist will offer you the time-out you need.

If your family member requires regular assistance with health care needs, CareChamp has a team able to provide a range of medical services, such as medication services, physical therapy and nursing assistance.

CareChamp registered nurses are available to assist with initial assessment of each client and setting up the right care plan for clients, providing wound care assistance as well as being a sound platform for any advice required by caregivers.

Should your loved one need help with daily activities and personal care, such as bathroom assistance, medication reminders, a little light housekeeping to maintain the hygiene in critical areas or with mobility and exercises, a well trained caregiver from CareChamp will perfectly suit you.

Find out more about what CareChamp can do to assist you with home care for your loved one here and exactly how it works in order to make sure your loved one is in the care of trusted professionals!

World Hepatitis Day 28 July.

World Hepatitis Day (WHD), is a day when the world joins together to drive action, to transform the lives of 200+ million people and to play a part in the fight to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030.

Raising the standard of caregivers is the basis of all homecare services offered by CareChamp.

Watching someone you love losing their independence in the latter years of their life is a painful experience to say the least.  You see a once vital and active life getting smaller every day, and if there are medical complications such as illness, frailty or dementia setting in it can leave you and your family feeling helpless, especially if you have decided that you will not be putting your loved one into a frail care facility.

When we are ill all we want is to be safely tucked up in our own beds, which is exactly how it feels for our elderly or frail loved ones.  The acceptance that their independence has already been lost in many ways is tough enough, but having to give up their home or the security of the familiar surroundings of your home, is a crushing blow that is hard to recover from.

This is when the helping hand that CareChamp is able to reach out to you becomes a truly valuable resource that will allow your loved one to remain safely at home, surrounded by all that is familiar, making the acceptance of other limitations on a physical level a little easier to accept and adapt to.

While it is never easy letting a stranger into your family life, CareChamp has taken every precaution to ensure that any caregiver or companion that is a member of their portfolio is fully equipped to offer the best care in terms of training, thoroughly vetted backgrounds and in their natural compassion that makes them choose to be of assistance to others.

CareChamp makes it even easier for you to use their affordable, flexible homecare services by sending you the profiles of five different Champs, as their caregivers are called, giving you the opportunity to personally choose the perfect champ to suit your elderly, frail or disabled loved one.

With registered nurses also forming part of the CareChamp portfolio to assist with initial assessment and care plan creation as well as with wound management, there is always a nurse available to assist any caregiver with queries that may require urgent attention, adding yet another layer of security to the protection of your loved one.

Please visit the CareChamp website for in-depth information regarding the full range of services offered by this team committed to raising the standard of home care services to a new level of excellence.

Navigate the world of caring for an elderly frail loved one with a little help from CareChamp.

The mission of the team at CareChamp is to assist families in caring for elderly, frail or disabled loved ones in the comfort of their own home, giving families the peace of mind that their loved one is in the best home based care possible.

In order to provide care of this high standard, CareChamp has done all the background, health and police clearance checks required for all their caregivers in the CareChamp portfolio.  Home caregivers in the CareChamp portfolio are truly exceptional individuals who have committed themselves to assisting the elderly and frail who lost their independence to have a better quality of life.

CareChamp works with NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, a highly respected training centre that trains future health care assistants in their 12 month tailored programme for private health care, and all the Champs from CareChamp are NIDO Nursing certified, as well as having had the experience of working in private hospitals and with private patients during the course of their training.

There are also wonderful companions who form part of the homecare services offered by CareChamp, companions who are retired themselves, most often from health care professions, available to offer companionship for elderly clients who are no longer able to get out or socialise.

Isolation and depression can take a heavy toll on the health of your elderly loved one, which is why a CareChamp companion may be the perfect solution in keeping your loved one engaged in intellectual conversation, motivating them to do the things they are still able to, as well as assisting with managing the household in a way that helps your loved one to feel a little more independent.

They say that getting old is not for the faint hearted, well its true, but no matter how much courage your elderly, frail or loved one may have, when they need a caregiver or companion to ease the rocky moments along the way, make sure you give them the best by contacting CareChamp!

Fitness and Nutrition

Certain illnesses or medications for seniors may have a negative impact on appetite. Additionally meal times may have lost their appeal, especially if your loved one is living alone.