Often retired from a professional career or working part-time, our Companion Champs want to add value in a meaningful way in their spare time. 

Our Companion Champs usually spend a couple of hours per week with your elderly relative or friend, motivate and intellectually stimulate your loved one & can help manage the household where required. Elderly clients are usually still very independent, but are happy about the company and some helping hands here and there. 

Here more details what the Companionship duties entail:

  • Being a "confidant and friend" to the client.
  • Involving the client in interesting and intellectually stimulating conversations.
  • Motivating the client and being creative in their approach.
  • Engaging the client in walks and social meet-ups where desired.
  • Driving the client (all our Companions have their own cars) to outings or simple daily routine activities or doctor's visits.
  • Ensuring the household is properly run and potentially managing staff.
  • Preparing Meals where required.
  • Contributing to the health and safety of the care environment / Contributing to the prevention and management of incidents or accidents.
  • Respecting a client, their possessions and the customer's rights to make their own choices, and to have their own beliefs and customs; as well as confidentiality.