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Unless you have a large family around you willing to step in to assist with caring for your loved one while you attend to your responsibilities outside of the home, whether it is in caring for your toddler or elderly frail loved one at home, you will need to find a trusted professional in order to function out in the world, without constantly worrying about what is happening at home!

Where it comes to placing the safety and care of our children into the hands of what will always initially be a virtual stranger, CareChamp has done all the homework for clients by carrying out thorough background checks, which include health and police clearance certificates, to give you absolute peace of mind that your child is in the care of an experienced, highly trained nanny!

CareChamp offers high level, exceptional au pair, nanny and babysitting services in Cape Town, each available to fulfil duties according to the requirements of individual clients.  CareChamp takes care of all the nitty-gritty administrative tasks that are required when families hire an au pair or nanny. Whether assistance is required long-term, part-time or full-time, CareChamp will have a caregiver to suit your needs perfectly!

There are obviously differences in the qualifications of CareChamp Au Pair services in Cape Town and their Nanny services in Cape Town, the main ones being that:

CareChamp Nannies are better suited to infant and child care as, although they have a more basic level of education, they often have children of their own and bring with them the maternal instinct every infant and toddler really needs while Mom and Dad are away from home.  Most CareChamp Nannies in Cape Town are willing to assist with household tasks during their time with your little one, however, it is important for parents to understand that the care and well-being of each infant or child will always come first!

CareChamp Au Pairs in Cape Town are usually in the process of continuing higher education or have just completed their studies, interested in childcare and looking for part-time opportunities to suit this interest. CareChamp will assist you in finding the perfect infant care expert, toddler or pre-school expert, as well as qualified home-school teachers or tutors, all of which fall under the services available from CareChamp Au Pairs.

CareChamp has taken all the hassle out of finding the right nanny or au pair for your infants, toddlers and older children, allowing you to take a deep breath and relax, knowing that your little ones are in the safest, most capable hands possible.

In addition to these services, should you need a qualified, professional caregiver to assist your family with frail care, disabled care, dementia care, post-operative care, as well as companionship for an aged member of the family who may be feeling isolated, please do not hesitate to contact CareChamp, they are always available to lend a flexible, affordable hand when you need it most!

Visit the user-friendly CareChamp website today to find out more about how this exceptional team can assist you in selecting the perfect style of caregiver for your family, or contact the management team for a free, no obligation quote that will make keeping your child or elderly loved ones safe an absolute pleasure!