We provide baby care services, Au pair and Nanny services in Cape Town. Appropriately analysed applicants, as well as, certification checks, interviews and personal reference verifying of candidates who fulfil our minimum requirements. Complete service which includes a provision of full profiles, reference checks, interview arrange, employment agreements, necessary paperwork and continuing career guidance. Long-term, part-time to full-time placement for clients demanding the assistance of candidates for 15 hours a week or longer. Our staff members have 1 to 10, or more years of childcare practical experience and vary from 18 to 60 years old. Under our Au pair Services, you can obtain the assistance of an infant care expert, a toddler/preschooler expert, qualified nanny/ au pair/ homeschool teacher or tutor.

The main difference between an au pair cape town and a nanny cape town northern suburbs is that a nanny is a lady with a more basic education and is very well suited to infant and child care. Our nannies in Cape Town are maternal, and often have children of their own. Au pairs are usually between 18 - 26 years old, who are often still studying or recently concluded studies and are searching for a part-time job.

You will discover pros and cons to every style of caregiver. Below are great tips for selecting which is appropriate for your family.




Although employing an au pair from au pair agencies in Cape Town does not imply that you will get an around-the-clock caregiver, they are often far more accommodating with their time.

Driver's Licence

Au Pair will typically have a car and driver’s license and are well suited to a setting where kids can be taken to and from activities and can help with homework.


Since au pairs are not primarily seeking a profession in child care, they may not have lots of experience taking care of kids. They are a fantastic solution should your children be a little older, but might not be your best option for infants or toddlers who require a lot of specialized care.

Duties for Au pairs with bigger children

  • Grocery shopping

  • Running errands

  • Purchasing children's clothing

  • Organizing closets

  • Arranging and supervising home maintenance and repair services

  • Packing and unpacking for family vacations

  • House sitting while family is on holiday

  • Watering household plants

  • Caring for and feeding pets, walking dogs



Life apart from your family.

Although nannies from nanny agencies in Cape Town, develop a strong personal connection with their employers/families, they are not involved in family activities outside of working hours.

Domestic duties

Nearly all nannies are also willing to have an aspect of household labour within their day-to-day tasks; nevertheless, it is essential that the nanny and parent both understand that the care and well-being of the infant or child should come first.



The majority of families usually compensate live-in nannies with a weekly wage, room and advantages like insurance and taxes. Every one of the little things can begin to add up.


Even though live-in nannies for hire Cape Town do live in your home, they are not available 24/7. You have to be considerate of their private lives and follow a schedule that you all agree on.

As a Nanny you will have the following duties:

  • Watching the children and minding them

  • Going outside and playing with them

  • Mentally stimulate children with games and activities

  • Washing and ironing

  • Preparing breakfast and light meals for them

  • Organizing and cleaning children's play area

  • Cleaning up in the kitchen

  • Loading, running and emptying the dishwasher

  • Cleaning the house and keeping it tidy

  • Watching the house

  • Taking care of the pets