With home-based childcare, you have the option of an Au Pair, or a Nanny. 

Au Pairs tend to be young ladies who are often still studying or recently completed their studies and are looking for a part-time job. An Au Pair will have a car and driver’s license, and are well suited to position where children can be taken to and from activities, and can help with home-work. Au Pairs are well suited to caring for infants and small children, but definitely a lot of value in Au Pairs is found when they are assisting older, more active toddlers and children going to school. 

Nannies are generally ladies that have a more basic education, and are very well suited to infant and child care. Our Nanny Champs are maternal, and often have children of their own. A well trained nanny will be able to do all day to day care of the baby, such as nappies, bottles, sleep routines, bathing, feeding etc. A nanny should also understand the importance of play, and will mentally stimulate a child as well as taking care of the physical needs of the child. Most nannies are also prepared to have an element of domestic work as part of their day-to-day duties; however, it is crucial that the nanny and parent both acknowledge that the care and well-being of the baby or child will come first. Nannies can either reside at the premises of the employer (generally Monday to Friday), or can travel to work daily.