Trust CareChamp to offer you peace of mind that is priceless when choosing a professional caregiver.


Once you have made the decision to hire someone to come into your home, or into the home of a loved one, to provide assistance and companionship, it becomes an emotionally difficult process. Many are caught between the choice of hiring an independent caregiver or to use a licensed home care agency such as CareChamp, and our team would like to point out the most pertinent issues related to choosing between the two.

If you choose to employ a private home caregiver, that person becomes a direct employee, which means that you are will need to do the background check and contact references, as well as ensure that strict labour laws are adhered to.

At CareChamp we take care of all these logistics for you by doing thorough background checks on all our Champs, as well as taking care to ensure that our caregivers are given a clean bill of health by obtaining health clearance, as well as ensuring that each of our Champs have police clearance.

Each member of our team of Champs is in possession of a Health Care Assistant Certificate from NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, assuring you and your family that entrusting home care for yourself or a loved one is in the hands of a fully qualified team of caregivers.

Another important consideration when making the choice between employing an independent caregiver or one of our team at CareChamp is that should the independent caregiver fall ill or be absent for any reason, the burden of finding a replacement falls on you or your family, whereas CareChamp will ensure that this will never happen as we will always have a replacement available to provide continuous home care of the highest standard.

CareChamp is committed to raising the bar of home care services in South Africa and will provide only the best in qualified Champs to provide assistance on the weekend, for a few hours if required or as a permanent caregiver.

For peace of mind that is priceless, contact CareChamp and we will find the perfect Champ to match your personal information and care requirements to make the transition as easy as possible.