The role that caregivers play in assisting elders to age at home

There are many roles that professional caregivers play in assisting elders to age in safety at home, or with their family. Aside from the physical aspect of what a caregiver is able to do to help elderly, frail or disabled people, there’s also the human aspect of having someone around at this stage of life.

When frailty or disabilities make it difficult to get around at home or out and about as may have been the case, the world keeps getting smaller in direct proportion to the loss of mobility.

Qualified, experienced caregivers available in South Africa

Although based in Cape Town, CareChamp is able to offer quality, professional home based assistance to elderly, frail and disabled people throughout South Africa.

This nationwide reach is made possible through the partnership between CareChamp and NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, which is also where the caregivers are given world class health care worker training, putting caregivers from CareChamp in the top echelon of their industry.

CareChamp offers high quality, professional disabled care in South Africa

The word ‘disability’ covers many different impairments in elderly or frail people, and it’s a term used whenever there’s a problem in the way the body functions, such as those that limit activity.

These physical impairments make trying to carry out daily tasks more and more difficult as time progresses, which is when decisions need to be made about finding professional in-home help in the form of disabled care, carried out by a registered caregiver.

6 Tips for maintaining a good relationship with an elderly parent you’re caring for at home

If you and your family have decided to care for your elderly, frail or disabled parent at home you already know that it’s going to be a major challenge and complete change of life, for you and your parent.

You’ll experience a lot of ups and downs as you enter these uncharted waters, since none of us are ever fully prepared for this role of caretaker to our parents, and at some point you’re going to have to reach for practical assistance to ease the pressure on your parent and the family.

Overcome the Challenges of Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging at best. Patients with dementia related to Alzheimer's and other diseases have a lost connection between brain cells making it more difficult to remember things, communicate, think clearly and take care of themselves. Dementia can even cause changes in a person's behaviour and personality.

How To Help Elderly Parents Deal With Loneliness When Living Far Away

Not all families remain in close proximity of each other their entire lives. In fact, more often than not, families are scattered across the country. And while the advancements in technology make it possible to "see" each other via Skype or video calls, life can still get lonely. Especially, if you are older and less mobile.

Finding The Right Care Option For A Loved One With Disability

We often place people with disabilities in one category but the truth is that every disabled person is different. Not only do they face different challenges, but they also require different care. And since the care they need varies considerably, finding the best solution for every individual will require a thorough assessment and evaluation of available resources.

The challenge of caring for a parent at home with Parkinson’s disease

At some point your parent living with Parkinson’s disease is going to need assistance with some of the basics of daily life, but, if he or she is still living in their own home, a little help in the form of a caregiver trained in disabled care will make a great difference. Whether for a few hours a day or a few days a week, this may be all they need to continue living alone.

When you hire a caregiver or companion for an aging parent, make sure you choose only the best

As one of the most highly rated and trusted caregivers and home based nursing agency in Cape Town, CareChamp has created and tailored home based services that are designed to make it easier for elderly frail and disabled people to stay in their own homes, if possible, or to live with their families.