Physiotherapy@Home - Quality & Affordable Home-based rehab


CareChamp is endorsing our partner Physiotherapy@Home. We have the same ethos around "quality of care" and the belief that elder heal and age best in the comfort of their own home.

Physiotherapy@Home provides services also in major city centres just like CareChamp, namely in Cape Town, Johannesburg and most recently Port Elizabeth.

With over two decades of rehabilitation experience, Physiotherapy@Home offers a home based service which allows them to tailor patients rehabilitation needs specific to their home environment. 

Their service ethos is all around a quality home based rehabilitation service by offering thorough assessments, appropriate rehabilitation based on the latest clinical research so that patients can function optimally within their home and the broader context of society.

The services are even very cost effective - namely comparable to a visit in a Physio Practice.

Why clients prefer being treated at home:

  • It is more convenient than sitting in waiting rooms of physio practices.

  • Some clients are not so mobile especially the elderly and patients with neurological deficits.

  • Clients are generally more comfortable in their own home environments.

  • Many conditions are better treated at home as often the problems can be seen firsthand.

  • Exercise programs can be designed around what you have at home.

  • Seeking 1 on 1 therapy services with a Licensed Therapist.

  • Having trouble or not able to transport or travel to an outpatient therapy clinic.

  • Interested in receiving therapy in the comfort of your own home.

See here some home exercise videos for inspiration. However please note that as a Physiotherapy@Home Patient you will receive a dedicated, personalised exercise program.

Please contact them here to make a booking.