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Alice Ashwell, PHD

Alice Ashwell, PHD

We'd like to introduce you to Alice Ashwell and her "Dementia Connections" Workshop. Alice is a trained Educator and Life Coach and holds a PhD Degree in Education from UCT.

Alice's mission is to inspire and enable people and families affected by Dementia to stay connected to life, love and meaning. 

The sessions are taking place in small groups (5 - 6 participants) and are aimed at Family Members and Carers of Loved Ones suffering from Dementia.


  • Opportunities to share your story with others on the journey; to be heard & encouraged

  • Insights to help demystify dementia – e.g. understanding how changes in the brain affect mood & behaviour

  • Information & practical techniques to help you address family caregiver stress

  • Tips to enhance communication so that your loved one feels safe, calm & loved

  • Advice on sustaining care and avoiding burnout

  • Useful resources & links providing ongoing support

  • A practical reminiscence project to honour your loved one

We offer either an in-person group session in Cape Town OR a nationwide online group workshop via ZOOM with easy instructions how to join from a desktop / laptop or even smart phone. 


WHAT: "DEMENTIA CONNECTIONS" WORKSHOP IN CAPE TOWN taking place fortnightly over 8 weeks / 10 hours in total. 

WHERE: 305 Dolsam Park, 10 Mountain View Road, Wynberg, Cape Town,7800

Upcoming Dates

  • Four Saturdays over 8 weeks starting on Saturday 21 September 2019 and finishing on 02 November 2019, from 14:30pm to 17:00pm

Price: R1900 per person. Maximum of 6 people per class.

WHAT: "DEMENTIA CONNECTIONS" ONLINE WORKSHOP weekly over 6 weeks / 6 hours in total.

WHERE: ONLINE ZOOM invite will be sent with instruction. You can join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.

Upcoming Dates

  • Six Wednesdays over 6 weeks starting on Wednesday 21 August 2019 and finishing on 25 September 2019,  from 18:00pm to 19:00pm

Price: R1800 per person. Maximum of 4 people per class. 


Alice is a trained Educator and Life Coach and holds a PhD Degree in Education from UCT. She established Dementia Connections in memory of her mother Elizabeth who lived with dementia for about 15 years. 

There are many forms of dementia, with Alzheimer’s disease being the most common. When connections between braincells are damaged, we lose more than our memories and abilities. We very often lose connections to friends, family members, our communities and nature. And when that happens, it’s even harder to remember who we are.

Alice works with those who love and care for people living with dementia, including family members, friends and professional caregivers, helping them to keep their loved ones and clients connected to life, love and meaning.

In her presentations, coaching sessions, workshops and articles, Alice draws attention to the many ways in which care partners can help people living with dementia to stay connected.

Alice states the following "Recent research in the UK revealed that about 40% of family members caring for a person with dementia developed anxiety or depression, which often led to burnout, ill health, and a breakdown in care for that person. My mother lived with dementia for 15 years. I know how that feels.

And I also know that some very simple calming practices, insights and skills can transform the dementia journey for you as they did for me.

You are invited to be part of a course with a small group of people (maximum of 5-7) who are caring for loved ones living with dementia."