How To Help Elderly Parents Deal With Loneliness When Living Far Away

Not all families remain in close proximity of each other their entire lives. In fact, more often than not, families are scattered across the country. And while the advancements in technology make it possible to "see" each other via Skype or video calls, life can still get lonely. Especially, if you are older and less mobile.


Moving back "home" to look after your ageing parents isn't always an option and sometimes you need a helping hand to keep your loved one company on the other side of the country.


Hire a Companion Champ for Company and Intellectual Stimulation


CareChamps offers a companion service. This is where someone that's often retired from a professional career - also known as a companion champ - spend quality time with your elderly loved ones for a couple of hours per week. They can have meaningful conversations and even help them with light household tasks.


Duties of a companion champ:


●       Being a friend and confidant to your loved one

●       Having interesting and mentally stimulation conversations

●       Finding creative ways to motivate your loved one

●       Encouraging social meet-ups and walks by joining them

●       Driving your loved ones to doctor's visits and other outings - all companions own cars

●       Managing light household tasks

●       Meal preparation if needed

●       Ensuring a safe environment to reduce the risk of accidents


It's never easy to be far away from the people you love, especially if they aren't in good health either physically or mentally. Hiring a companion to spend time with them on a regular basis and helping them with household duties can make it easier for them to stay home for longer.


If you're in need of a companion for your elderly relative or parent to combat their loneliness, get in touch with the team at CareChamp today! Our champs are carefully selected since only the best will do for our clients. Call us today!