CareChamp offers high quality, professional disabled care in South Africa

The word ‘disability’ covers many different impairments in elderly or frail people, and it’s a term used whenever there’s a problem in the way the body functions, such as those that limit activity.

These physical impairments make trying to carry out daily tasks more and more difficult as time progresses, which is when decisions need to be made about finding professional in-home help in the form of disabled care, carried out by a registered caregiver.

Activities that can be affected include personal care routines such as bathing, dressing, eating or using the toilet.  Nobody wants to have to rely on someone else to assist with these daily life activities, however, the issue is really about safety at home for anyone living with a disability.

Other basic activities of life are also impacted when physical impairment stands in the way, making tasks such as household chores, climbing stairs or walking very challenging, to the extent that help becomes imperative.

Cognitive impairment is as debilitating as physical disability. With a cognitive disease such as Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia it becomes virtually impossible for the person living with the disease to remain at home safely.

These are among the reasons that CareChamp offers disabled care that is holistic, assisting with the physical aspects of disability as well as with issues such as loneliness, which begins to have a profound impact on someone used to looking after themselves.

The less contact elderly, disabled and frail people have with the outside world, the smaller their own world becomes as a result of the disabilities that make mobility difficult, which can often lead to depression and an even greater loss of quality of life.

The motto at CareChamp is to offer homecare services to frail, elderly people living at home, or those who are being looked after by their family, so that entering a care facility isn’t the only answer when daily activities become difficult, and in some instances, impossible.

To this end, the management at CareChamp has put together a portfolio of professional caregivers, trained in all aspects of disabled care, supported by registered nurses from a medical point of view.

Caregiver services for the handicapped include supporting and caring for children as well as adults, ensuring that in every case the client can rely on caring, compassionate professionals who are dedicated to their field.

CareChamp caregivers are also highly trained in being able to support quadriplegic and tetraplegic patients, giving families the assistance they need to care for children or aging parents at home.

As South Africa’s best private home based care nursing agency, CareChamp provides caregivers on a full time or part time basis at affordable rates, according to your requirements.

Contact the management team at CareChamp to find the best homecare for your loved one, whether for disabled care, dementia care or frail care, you’ll find all the support you need to give your loved one at home quality care that you can trust.