Who would you trust to care for an elderly frail loved one at home?


If you’ve had or do have children, you’ll know just how much it means to you to feel that your child is in good hands with the person who stands in for you when you’re not able to be there.

Working mothers and fathers know all about just how difficult it is to find someone they can trust to take care of their little ones, and it’s no less difficult when you need help to care for an elderly frail or disabled loved one at home.

There is often cause to hire a caregiver just to help out a few hours or days a week, which means that you need someone you can rely on to be consistently available and reliable.

If your parent is recovering from an illness or in need of frail care, living with a degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease, you may need to consider hiring a caregiver full time, especially if you’re unable to be full time caregiver yourself.

CareChamp was established to meet the vision of helping our elders to age in the comfort of their home or that of a family member. Many families are simply not willing to put parents into care facilities, and are opting for home care.

Hiring top trained caregivers in South Africa has never been easier

The management team at CareChamp is passionate about improving the quality of life for any aging person living at home, and their whole philosophy is one of providing quality home care at affordable rates, to make it easier for families to reach out for a helping hand.

Both Sylvia Klopper and Gizelle van der Merwe have an extensive background in private hospitals and home nursing placements, as well as having gained their own training through top CareGiver training college, Nido Pty Ltd.

CareChamp takes care of administration for clients

In addition to this, they have applied their experience in Technology Business and Operational Management, designed to use technology in order to make hiring caregivers, registered home nurses and companions as simple as possible.

What is also invaluable is that CareChamp takes care of all the administration on behalf of each client, leaving the client free to focus on other issues of daily life and allowing them peace of mind about the care of a loved one at home.

CareGivers of an international standard are fully vetted

This is really where peace of mind for the family of any elder living at home comes. Every CareChamp caregiver is fully vetted.  In depth background checks are carried out by management, on top of which these caregivers all have police clearance certificates and health clearance certificates which are available on request from the client.

The safety and security of all clients is of paramount importance to CareChamp, so that their position as the best private home based care nursing agency in South Africa remains at an unwavering standard.

Hiring the best caregiver for your loved one at home

There is always a caregiver from CareChamp available to care for your elderly frail or disabled loved one at home, all it takes to hire the best caregiver is to contact the management team and a flexible, tailored care plan will be put in place for you and your loved one.