CareChamp provides top trained caregivers to care for your loved one in the comfort & safety of their own home


Finding top trained caregivers in South Africa may sound like it’s a simple matter, but it’s not, especially because false CV’s and references are so easy to manufacture in our technological world. 

Having someone strange coming into your home the first time you hire a caregiver is never easy for a few reasons, not the least of which is how safe you feel about leaving your parent in someone else’s hands.

You need to ask yourself questions such as whether you know enough about the caregiver being considered, will the security measures in the home be maintained and respected, or would you need to pack all valuables into the safe?

These are all issues that are taken care of by the management team at CareChamp.

CareChamp protects your loved one and your home

Finding out whether a caregiver has a criminal record is easy, however, requesting the medical record of a potential caregiver is going to be hard, especially since the caregiver has to give permission for the report to be released to you.

A clean bill of health is essential if you’re planning to hire a caregiver to provide elderly frail care, disabled care or dementia care for your loved one. This is because of the fact that your parent’s health would be compromised even further by communicable diseases brought into your home.

CareChamp are providers of top trained caregivers in South Africa, addressing all these issues before any caregiver becomes a member of their team.

In-depth background checks are carried out, and all caregivers provide the management team with criminal and health clearance certificates, which is all part of keeping clients safe.

Exceptional training

CareChamp caregivers receive the best in training from Nido (Pty) Ltd, which offers an international standard of caregiving like no other learning institute could offer.

Here are some of the signs that’ll tell you it may be time to hire a professional caregiver

Increased forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is undoubtedly part of getting older, however, if you begin to notice that the forgetfulness on the part of your parent is becoming serious, get your parent to the family doctor to make sure that there is no health issue at its root, such as early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Problems with balance

If your parent has become unsteady when they walk or is experiencing pain when they sit or have to get up from a chair or bed, you may have to consider how much they are at risk of injuries due to falls.

Confusing or forgetting medication

Whether as a result of depression, anxiety or short-term memory loss, when your parent starts getting confused about medication, or forgets to take it as prescribed, it’s time to bring in a caregiver to assist with the correct administration of medication.

Losing interest in appearance and home

When you notice that you’re parent is wearing the same clothes every day or avoiding showering and other personal hygiene tasks, it’s a warning sign that your parent can’t manage on their own anymore.

The same applies to whether their home, which may once have been meticulously clean, has become an untidy mess. This is simply because your parent is no longer able to manage these things physically.

Loneliness and depression

Almost 50% of aging people feel lonely, even if they’re still able to cope with living on their own, and it’s the kind of loneliness that can have a profound effect on your loved one, leading to depression.

Whatever the signs of depression are in your parent, you may want to consider hiring a companion on a regular basis to assist in keeping their interests alive.

The right companion adds intellectual stimulation, as well as getting your parent out and about to keep them from losing interest in activities they once enjoyed.

Find the answers at CareChamp

CareChamp was started with a vision to allow aging, elderly frail and disabled people to age in comfort at home, or with their family, which is a vision has been unwavering throughout the years.

No doubt you’ll have many questions about hiring a caregiver in South Africa for a loved one, and the management team will be happy to provide the answers you may need.

Please contact CareChamp to find out more about their flexible, tailored and affordable home care.