What you need to know about home based care agencies in South Africa


Going it alone to find live-in help or a day care provider for an elderly frail loved one living at home isn’t something to be taken lightly. 

You’d naturally want the best care for your parent, and you’d also want to feel completely at ease leaving him or her with their day care provider while you are out or at work.

Unless you’ve found a caregiver who’s been recommended by someone you know well, you simply can’t take the risk of going by references provided by live-in helpers or caregivers.

It’s unfortunate, but many people will give someone a good reference simply to avoid any discomfort in the process, without giving a second thought to what may happen after that.

Most of us don’t have the necessary resources at hand to do a thorough background check, nor do we know much about things like P.A.Y.E and other administrative issues that surround hiring a caregiver.

When you employ a part-time or full-time caregiver you’re going to be trusting them not only with the comfort of your loved one, but also with the valuables, safety and security in your home.

Bringing in live-in help or a day-care assistant with communicable health issues will serve only to compromise the health of your already frail loved one, however, it is with issues such as these that CareChamp takes the pressure off your shoulders and does it all for you.

This is what you need to know about the private home based care provided by CareChamp

A quick background snapshot:

The management team heading up CareChamp has an extensive background in nursing placements for private hospitals and home nursing. This gives them a high level of experience in selecting exceptional caregivers, registered nurses and companions as part of their team.

The journey to the highest standard in home based nursing services starts with:


The first thing that is done in order to accept an application by any caregiver wanting to become a member of the team is to check their level of qualification and experience.

This means that they need to have completed and excelled through the NIDO Nursing course for caregivers in South Africa.

This is a world class institution that turns out only the best in the field of home care, part of which is to give the student caregivers practical experience as preparation for their entry into the lives of people they will care for.

Background checks

Driven by a passion for transparency and honesty, this team does far more than due diligence on the backgrounds of their caregivers and nurses. The management stakes an excellent reputation on in-depth background checks that leave no stone unturned for the safety of their clients!

Health checks

Health clearance certificates are regularly updated in order to protect elderly frail and disabled clients from any health complications brought in by a caregiver. Hepatitis B Vaccinations and Tuberculosis tests are included in these health checks.

Police clearance

Trust is implicit when you place the care of your loved one into the hands of a CareChamp caregiver. A police clearance certificate is yet another absolute must for any caregiver joining CareChamp.


All caregivers and nurses working as part of the CareChamp team are insured, yet another issue taken care of by the management in order to protect the client.

Ongoing training

There’s always something new to learn in the field of caring for elderly frail or disabled people still able to live in the familiar surroundings of home. This means that ongoing training is a fundamental part of the experience, compassion and versatility that CareChamp caregivers bring to clients.

Let CareChamp give you a helping hand through all the challenges you and your loved ones may be facing as frailty, illness or disability begin to take a toll on all, physically and emotionally.

Offering tailored, flexible and affordable home care in South Africa, CareChamp has made it easier for families to opt for home based care, rather than that of placing a loved one in a nursing home.