How to go about finding the right caregiver for your parent living at home


As your parent ages, the roles in the relationship will also begin to change, so that where you were once cared for by your parent, your new role will be to assist your parent in many ways that will be difficult for you to accept initially.

It’s hard for any adult child to accept that a parent isn’t able to take care of themselves to the extent that they used to be able to do without effort.

What’s even harder for you to accept as your parent ages, is that your their needs are going to be even greater, especially if they become frail or have to deal with physical disabilities due to illness.

If you’re really lucky and able to pop in for a visit, bring food, assist with laundry and other little things your parent may be struggling with, the situation will be easier to manage.

As frailty or illness increases, so will the needs of your parent, leaving you with the harsh reality that you may no longer be able to care for your parent on your own.

This counts for whether your parent is still living in his or her own home, or moving into your family home; the challenges will continue to grow.

Depending on the growing needs of your parent, there’s no reason to go for the knee-jerk response of putting him or her into a nursing home.  In fact, the longer your parent can remain in familiar surroundings, the better.

Finding the right caregiver is more than finding someone who can assist your parent, it’s also very much about finding a caregiver your parent will feel comfortable with.

This is where a Trusted Private Home Based Care Nursing Agency such as CareChamp step up to the plate to make sure that you will have the right caregiver, in every sense of the word, so that your parent can stay at home and out of the ‘system’.

How CareChamp helps to find the right caregiver to help your aging parent remain in his or her own home:

Assessing the type of care needed

There are four basic types of care will be looked at when deciding to appoint in-home care for your parent, and they are;

Household assistance: this would encompass things like cooking, cleaning, shopping and other general chores that need to be done around the home.

Personal assistance: this would encompass anything from assistance with personal hygiene, bathing and dressing to assistance with eating

Health & medical care: typically this is the role that a registered nurse would play in terms of wound care as well as the administration of meds.  In-home physical therapy can be arranged, as it can also play an important role in keeping your parent mobile for as long as possible.

Emotional support: As the world your parent lives in becomes smaller through the loss of independence, companionship plays an important role in encouraging activities that can still be enjoyed by your parent. Companionship also gives your parent the opportunity to remain mentally stimulated through conversation, and emotionally supported through challenging circumstances.

Creating a care plan

The registered nurses who form part of the CareChamp team will work with you to set out a care plan that will suit the needs of your parent perfectly.

Finding the right caregiver

Once the management team at CareChamp have all the information you’ve provided them with in order to know as much about your parent and his or her personality as possible, the profiles of the most suitable caregivers will be forwarded to you.

This is a great way to play a major role in the choice of caregiver for your parent, since you know them best!

Finding the right companion

CareChamp companions are committed to enriching the life of your parent, and you’ll have the same say in which of the companions at CareChamp would best suit your parent’s temperament.

Work as a team to offer your parent a better quality of life at home!

CareChamp was established with a vision that would make it easier for aging, frail or disabled people to remain at home as long as possible.

With this in mind, you could not have a better partnership than with CareChamp to would assist you and your family in finding the right caregiver to suit your loved one.