Find the highest standard in home based services at CareChamp


Bringing caregivers into the lives of disabled or frail care patients is not easy when clients try to do it themselves, which is why CareChamp has developed an innovative system that takes all the hassle out of hiring a caregiver with all the right credentials.

The first thing you need to know about hiring a caregiver through CareChamp is that these caregivers have reached the highest level in their training and qualifications, which includes practical experience in nursing homes, retirement villages or private homes.

In addition to this, all CareChamp caregivers are thoroughly vetted before being added to the portfolio of professional caregivers, with profiles that are easy to check out online.

These highly trained caregivers are equipped with all they need to meet the ethos at CareChamp, aimed at assisting elderly frail people and those who are physically or mentally disabled the ability to stay at home safely in familiar surroundings.

Supported by a professional registered nursing team, caregivers have immediate access to nurses when they need any specific guidance in terms of the care program set up between client and CareChamp.

CareChamp also has a full range of mobility aids for sale or to rent, all of which can be done on their user-friendly website, with the minimum of hassle.

The streamlined service offered by the management team at CareChamp makes every step of the way simple and effective through the use of the latest technological system, providing excellent support for clients based on hands-on experience.

Only the very best caregivers in South Africa are chosen to care for CareChamp clients, and training doesn’t end with the training certificate earned by these caregivers.  There is also ongoing training that opens the way for caregivers to be innovative in their care of elderly frail or disabled people.

CareChamp also provides Dementia care, which requires special training on the part of the caregiver chosen, allowing families the opportunity to have quality assistance under difficult circumstances, and to offer relief for families on a flexible basis.

You can expect the caregiver you choose to be intuitive, compassionate, patient and sensitive in his or her care of your loved one, which offers welcome peace of mind that your loved one is safe and cared for by an individual who has chosen caregiving for the simple reason that providing care for elderly frail or disabled people is a calling.

The culture, belief system and background of the client is respected in every sense, with safety and comfort in the familiarity and security that being in their own home offers is a priority at CareChamp.

Dementia care

Caring for someone with Dementia is a challenge for the best of us, but with the highly trained caregivers from CareChamp and the knowledge they bring to their care for your loved one, the challenge becomes a lot easier to cope with.

Disabled care

Physical disabilities are frustrating for anyone trying to adjust to a life in which many of the simplest tasks become impossible to handle alone.

However, with the level of care a CareChamp caregiver brings, this kind of challenge becomes one that allows clients to retain as much independence and dignity for as long as is possible, whether your loved one is disabled through illness, or during recovery from an operation.

Frail care

As your parent ages many things will change, which means that he or she may need assistance with many of the little things that were once easy to cope with.  This loss of independence can have a profound effect on an aging parent, but with the assistance of a compassionate caregiver, your loved one will have a better quality of life.

This type of care is essential as it helps your loved one to stave off any form of depression and anxiety, which often occurs with major life-changing circumstances.

Contact the CareChamp management team to find out more about the affordable home based care on offer from these professionals.  You’ll find that you’d have to go a long way to find this high level of care for your loved one.