Quality care at home means increased quality of life for the elderly.


It’s an inescapable fact that as we age, many of the activities in and outside of the home become more than just challenging, they become a battle for retaining any independence, no matter how hard it may be.

Even the healthiest aging person is going to experience a slowing down and loss of physical strength, which differs from person to person. 

With this comes an immense amount of frustration, and a sense of losing many of the things once taken for granted.

If a mom or grandmother has always been known for her baking, when physical illness such as arthritis for instance, begins to rob her of this joy, the emotional and physical loss can become overwhelming.

Take a grandfather who loves to tinker in his workshop, creating beautiful functional items out of wood, or digging around in the engine of vehicles.

When he’s no longer able to enjoy the peace and sense of accomplishment that comes with this work, the effect is often devastating, and can lead to severe depression.

If the family is involved, while the parent is able to do enjoy these things, even on a smaller scale, the help of a son, daughter or grandchild can help to prolong the pleasure these activities bring to both gran and grandpa.

The fact is that not many families can give up working to become a caregiver to an aging parent struggling with physical illnesses that weaken the body, but there are fantastic options available when a professional caregiver is considered.

This takes pressure off the main breadwinners in the family, who are then able to focus on the stress of negotiating a highly pressurised business world, in which everything seems to move at the speed of light these days.

Sitting in the office worrying about your parent at home alone, is definitely not going to work, long term or short term.

This is when engaging a highly trained, professional caregiver is the ultimate solution.  Not only will breadwinners experience peace of mind while at work, it also gives adult children of aging, ill or frail elderly parents and opportunity to take a breath from being caregivers themselves.

Quality of life is already severely impacted for any parent having to lose control of their life. The independence of being able to get out and about in a car is crushed when driving is no longer an option, or when its time, due to health issues, to move out of beloved home.

These are all factors that can lead to anger, depression, anxiety, frustration and complete disorientation, before any major changes are finally accepted.

If elderly parents are still able to live in their home but need assistance to do tasks that were once easy, a part time caregiver is the ideal solution.

Unless as a caregiver you are a saint, the same frustration and anger at these immense changes your parent feels, as well as the possible descent into depression and anxiety, can also begin to affect you negatively in your role as main caregiver.

It requires a tremendous amount of patience and emotional energy to be able to retain a healthy relationship with a parent under these challenging circumstances, and you will need help.

It’s important to know when it’s time to take time out, to renew mind, body and soul, so that the caregiver is able to take up their role with new strength.

CareChamp offers this type of timeout for anyone taking on the role of caregiver. This is the best possible way for both parent and family caregiver to maintain as healthy a relationship as possible under the circumstances.

A temporary break or help on a permanent basis will improve the quality of life for aging people living at home or with family, and nothing keeps the mind, spirit and body as healthy as an increased quality of life does.

CareChamp provides home based care through a team of highly trained professional caregivers in Cape Town, South Africa, holding all caregivers and companions to the highest standards possible in the profession.

Why not call the friendly team at CareChamp to discuss a tailored home care plan to suit your loved one, your schedule and your budget? 

At the very least, you will have made contact with the top caregivers and home based nursing agency in Cape Town, in preparation for the day you may need part time or full time assistance to improve the quality of life for all.