Short-term & long-term quality home services for elderly frail people in Cape Town.


As more and more elderly people and their families opt for home-based care, the quality of home-based services has had to improve to meet the demand.

These improvements include higher levels of qualification and experience earned by caregivers, as well as trustworthiness.

Why choose a trusted Caregivers and Home Based Nursing Services Agency instead of hiring an individual?

There are many reasons that anyone would prefer to deal with a trusted agency providing caregivers, companions and registered nurses to enhance the quality of life for elderly frail and disabled people. 

Among these reasons are:

·       Not having to deal with the legal implications of employing an individual.

·       Knowing that thorough background checks are done, as well as having police and health clearance provided by an Agency that is trusted.

·       A guarantee that credentials are of a sufficiently high standard and that ongoing training is the rule rather than the exception.

·       Not having to deal with paperwork, check in and check out times.

·       Having a choice of caregivers available to suit the client.

·       Having someone who can be relied on to be available when needed.

·       Knowing that there’re control measures in place to maintain a high standard of care and adherence to care plans.

·       Assessments based on realistic care requirements for individual clients.

These are all essential elements when dealing with the management team at CareChamp, a trusted Caregivers and Home Based Nursing Services Agency in Cape Town.

Transparent communication:

CareChamp also maintains an open channel of communication with clients on all issues, providing weekly care reports, maintaining control of check-in and check-out times of caregivers.

Part-time or full-time caregivers:

In addition to providing the highest standard of home care in South Africa, CareChamp goes to great lengths to ensure that families and elderly or disabled people are offered affordable, flexible, transparent short or long-term home care solutions.

An innovative approach to caregiving:

CareChamp not only uses business technology to streamline their services, they also encourage caregivers to take an innovative approach to caregiving.

This approach is designed to make clients feel comfortable and safe with a caregiver who practices mindfulness in the home environment.

Safety and security:

The safety and security of clients are paramount for CareChamp caregivers.  This applies to the prevention of accidents or incidents in the home, as well as keeping valuables safe for clients.

Confidentiality is also highly valued by caregivers, companions and home-based nurses who represent the trust earned by CareChamp from satisfied clients.

Although CareChamp currently focuses on providing caregivers in Cape Town, they are already in a position to offer these services in most main centres in South Africa, in partnership with NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd.

Find out more:

To find out more about the flexible, tailored caregiver and home-based nursing services on offer at CareChamp, please visit their interactive, user-friendly website, or contact the management team for further assistance.

On a final note:

CareChamp is also able to provide a wide range of mobility aids home care furniture.

Whether you need assistance with frail care, dementia care, disabled care, or even hospital to home care, CareChamp is always available to lend a helping hand!