Trusted Companions ease the loneliness of elderly frail or disabled people living at home.


Remaining at home or with the family for anyone who’s elderly, frail or disabled is always first prize.  As everyday tasks become more of a challenge or no longer possible to manage alone, it’s easy to start feeling isolated.

This is especially difficult for those who’ve led active lives and have had to give up driving and other social activities due to illness or disability brought about by ageing. 

If an elderly parent is capable of taking care of themselves despite frailty or disability, isolation is still going to creep in as they begin to spend more and more time alone.

Loss of friends:

One of the most difficult things to deal with as we age is outliving lifelong friends.

Many elderly people also get to a point where they’re no longer interested in forming new friendships, and with many of the old friendships gone, depression is bound to follow.

The older we get, the faster life around us seems to move, creating a sense of being left behind, and, as with each generation since the beginning of time, with so many changes happening too quickly.

Technology is moving at a fast pace, and changes to the way we live are even more rapid than ever before.

Meeting up with old friends and enjoying the company of people with the same interests at the same stage of life makes a big difference to the isolation that can be experienced as we age.

Who are CareChamp Companions?

CareChamp Companions are very special people who value giving of their time to those who are cut-off from life due to frailty or disability. 

These are mostly retired professionals or people who’re working part-time, who find pleasure in enhancing the quality of life for those they come into contact with.

How does a Companion assist elderly frail people?

At some point, we all need to hand over the keys of our cars, which is a difficult issue to face.  Driving becomes dangerous as we get older, with vision and hearing impacted, as well as dealing with the health issues elderly people may have to adjust to.

This type of adjustment is made so much easier when there’s someone that lends a friendly and caring helping hand.

A companion is able to assist with getting elderly frail or disabled people out, whether it’s to go to the hairdresser’s, the supermarket or to meet with friends.

Intellectual stimulation:

There’s also the important element of spending time with someone who’s intellectually stimulating and more than willing to keep any elderly or disabled person as active as possible, maintaining any social ties that still exist.

A dedicated companion who’s answering a calling to uplift the lives of others is also able to assist with the running of a household, managing staff as well as preparing meals when necessary.

Health and safety for the elderly living at home:

Preventing accidents is high on the priority list for CareChamp Companions. This is an overall commitment to maintaining the health and safety of someone elderly, frail or disabled.

Respect for individuals:

Everyone has a right to make their own choices, and a Companion respects the beliefs and customs of every client, acting with total confidentiality that builds up the kind of trust we should all enjoy in a friendship.

Contact CareChamp:

The management team at CareChamp will make sure that any elderly, frail or disabled client is given the opportunity to enjoy companionship that’ll enhance the quality of life.

To do this, CareChamp provides trusted Companions, Caregivers and Home Based Nursing Services that make life less of a challenge for elderly and disabled people, at affordable rates for tailor-made care plans.