Which is best - frail care facilities or in-home care from professionals?


More and more families are opting for home care for disabled, frail and aging parents as a result of escalating costs of frail care facilities.

Another reason for this is that the family can never be sure of the level of care that a loved one is receiving in the frail care facility. 

Are they really receiving the care and assistance they need, a healthy diet or mental and physical stimulation?

Older frail people want nothing more than to stay in the familiarity of the home in which they have lived all their lives, as well as the safety and security this offers.

It’s never easy to bring a stranger into the home.  This is something the management team at CareChamp understand well based on their own experiences in caring for the elderly in private homes and healthcare facilities.

This is why they have gone to exceptional lengths to ensure that any caregiver, companion or in-home nursing sister in their portfolio of professionals is registered, and has received the highest level of professional qualifications.

And it doesn’t stop with excellent qualifications and experience!  Caregivers from CareChamp are all carefully vetted in terms of their backgrounds and are also all issued police and health clearance certificates.

CareChamp not only wants clients to be comfortable with their caregiver, they also want to ensure that homeowners can trust these caregivers with the care of valuable items in the home, as well as with the safety and security of their loved ones.

When an elderly frail or disabled person has is no longer able to cope with daily living activities such as eating, personal hygiene and moving about without assistance, CareChamp is the answer to supporting them in enjoying a better quality of life, despite challenging circumstances.

At CareChamp, frail care, dementia care and disabled care means more than just attending to the physical needs of clients.

This level of care encompasses psychological and social issues, and not simply addressing the physical needs of a client. A CareChamp caregiver has the sensitivity, patience and training to provide a better quality of life for your loved one.

Whether you require short or long term solutions for caregiving, homecare or nursing care, you can rely on this team to ensure that it is of the highest standard.

CareChamp also provides registered nurses to manage special care interventions, wound care, pressure care, medication and other medical requirements when necessary.

CareChamp is committed to providing caregivers, companions and in-home nursing services to offer dignity, privacy and safety for all clients, extending a level of passion for exceptional homecare to make life a little easier for all!

The CareChamp management team have made it as easy as possible for anyone to access homecare services online, and although based in Cape Town, this team works in conjunction with Nido Pty Ltd to provide assistance in all the main centres in South Africa!

You are welcome to contact CareChamp 24/7, there will always be a Champ available to assist in any way possible when you and your family need it most!