Raising the standard of home care for the elderly and frail is the top priority at CareChamp.

In order to remain true to their commitment to raising the standard of home nursing services and caregivers in South Africa, the management team at CareChamp is fully committed to setting high standards for any caregiver or companion joining their team, and becoming a member of the CareChamp  portfolio that represents the best available in the profession.

As professionals with many years’ worth of experience themselves, the management team at CareChamp know exactly what they are looking for each time they add a new member to the team, and just like management, all caregivers at CareChamp have undergone the finest in Care Giver training through NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, which is the top educational institute for caregivers in South Africa.

Police clearance certificates and health clearance certificates, which include Hepatitis B Vaccinations and Tuberculosis tests (updated on a regular basis for the protection of all clients), ensure that not only will all clients be in the most capable hands possible, but that their immune systems will not be put at further risk.

CareChamp caregivers are fully trained in elderly frail care, disabled care and dementia care in order to offer a better quality of life at home for elderly frail, disabled clients or those living with dementia – in the security and familiarity of their home, which is one thing that many elderly frail people have in common.

It’s hard enough to accept the challenges that come with aging, especially when there is illness, frailty or dementia to deal with, without having to be completely uprooted and put into a frail care facility on top of it all! 

What CareChamp does is to do all in their power to enable elderly, frail or disabled people to stay in their home and still receive the best in care based on the tools provided to CareChamp caregivers, as well as maintaining a consistent approach to ongoing training for this team.

CareChamp fully understands the difficulty attached to bringing someone strange into your home to take care of your loved one, but, they involve you in the decision making process about the right caregiver to suit your loved one – once you have given CareChamp the go-ahead, the management team will send through up to four or five profiles of caregivers who would be ideal for your loved one.

The versatility of the home based nursing services and caregiver services at CareChamp is aimed at making life a lot easier for elderly frail clients who are struggling to carry out normal day to day activities and battling with accepting their limitations, however, each caregiver at CareChamp is trained to make accepting assistance as easy as possible for every client.

CareChamp also extends their services to providing qualified, experienced child care professionals with first aid qualifications, which, when combined, makes for a nanny that brings peace of mind to any parent!

Registered nurses work with the team at CareChamp to create care plans for individual clients based on their care requirements, as well as to offer medical assistance with wound care and to act as support to all caregivers should any queries arise out of caring for a client.

Post-operative care is another speciality offered by CareChamp, assisting clients with daily care during recovery from illness or surgery, including collecting patients from the hospital and getting them home, or taking patients back to the hospital for check-ups or other appointments associated with their recovery.

All services offered by CareChamp, whether caregiving, home based nursing services, companions for the elderly or nannies for children, are offered on a flexible basis designed to suit your schedule and budget, so that whether you require assistance on a part-time or full-time basis, there will always be a helping hand you can rely on at CareChamp.

Contact CareChamp to find out more about how they can assist you, your family or loved one to enjoy quality care for a better quality of life!