Looking for the best caregiver & home based nursing agency in Cape Town?

Finding the best caregiver or home based nurse to offer elderly frail care, disabled care or dementia care in your home is not easy when you go it alone.  Unfortunately one cannot just go on references and the strength of a CV when it comes to bringing a stranger into your home to care for a loved one, there are just too many things that will be difficult to follow up on as an individual.

You will need to feel that you can trust the person to carry out their duties responsibly and to care for your loved one compassionately and professionally, and, on top of all of that, you will need to take care of all the details that go with employing someone, including issues such as PAYE, UIF and other administrative issues that are enforced by the labour laws in South Africa.

If this makes you feel completely out of your depth, then CareChamp is the best caregiver and home based nursing agency in Cape Town to call on to take all of these issues off your hands!

CareChamp is run by an organised management team that has many years’ worth of invaluable experience in private hospitals and home nursing placements, along with their own Care Giver training certification from NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd.

This alone gives the management team at CareChamp the vital experience required to successfully place caregivers and home nurses with families and individuals in need of home based care.  In addition to this, the team also has extensive experience in Technology Businesses and Operational Management, which is what streamlines the administrative role this team plays in making life as easy as possible for their clients.

CareChamp is made up of the management team, Sylvia and Gizelle, as well as a case manager and general/marketing assistant, all of whom work hand in hand with a team of Home Nursing Assessors and Professional Nursing Executives in order to offer their services nationally, despite being based in Cape Town.

The vision at CareChamp is to offer clients the highest standard in home nursing services in South Africa and to have their collective hands open to assist wherever possible in making life more comfortable for the elderly, who may be frail or living with dementia and other age-related disabilities.

CareChamp Caregivers are all certified caregivers, having completed their own Care Giver courses at NIDO Nursing, which is the highest standard in caregiver training in South Africa.  They also have hands-on experience gained in private nursing homes, private hospitals and private homes, giving them each the ability to adapt to the individual care requirements of all clients with ease.

Trust is implicit in the fact that CareChamp screens each caregiver in depth in terms of their background, training and experience, backed up by a Police Clearance, which gives clients peace of mind, knowing that they can safely leave their loved ones in the hands of a compassionate, trusted professional.

The management team also furnishes clients with Health Clearance certificates for all caregivers, and, ongoing training is also an important part of the quality of home based care any client can expect from a CareChamp caregiver.

Contact CareChamp via their online contact form, or call the team direct to discuss care requirements, you will find that their tailored, affordable home based services are designed not only to suit the personality of individual clients but to suit your schedule and budget!