Do you need the assistance of a trusted, fully qualified home based caregiver?

CareChamp has structured their caregiver and home based nursing services so well that there is a tailored solution to suit every care requirement, schedule and budget, to bring relief to families who are caring for an elderly frail loved one at home, or one who is living with dementia and any other age-related illness or disability.

Many elderly people are still able to remain in their own homes, which is, more than anything else, the one thing that can make the difficulties faced with aging, health and spirit so much easier to accept, surrounded by all that is familiar, however, when parts of their daily routine are upset by an inability to carry out the usual tasks alone, a compassionate, caring and well-trained caregiver can make all the difference in the world.

The philosophy at CareChamp is simple and has been the founding basis for the success they have achieved in making the lives of elderly or disabled people so much easier and companionable.  All caregivers at CareChamp are known as ‘Champs’, and they all reflect this basic philosophy in all they do to ensure the best care for all clients.

This CareChamp policy is based on being capable, honest, attentive, and mindful, and pioneering in all that is done, from the open and honest communication each client has with the management team, to the exceptional care that can be expected of any home based caregiver in their portfolio.

Where it comes to capability, CareChamp management is in constant communication with their Champs, and, as part of this, all caregivers receive training on an ongoing basis, despite their high qualifications and experience – CareChamp believes that if there is a better way to care for any client, it will be used!

The honesty and communication apparent between clients and the management team at CareChamp is extended to their commitment to encouraging all caregivers to maintain a transparency in all their dealings, which are also reflected in the ratings clients submit during the care period.

Attentiveness is a given with any Champ, each is responsible for submitting a detailed care report before they clock out of their shift, which maintains consistency to the care plan as drawn up according each client’s requirements.

Mindfulness is essential when a caregiver is spending time in the home and environment of their client, ensuring that their safety and security is a top priority, and that the client’s privacy will be respected at all times – a Champ is there to assist, not to rearrange any client’s life and home!

The pioneering spirit that drives the management team at CareChamp is filtered through to every caregiver or home based nurse, challenging each team member out in the field to be innovative in their approach towards making every client feel comfortable. 

CareChamp also uses innovative technology in order to ensure that not only do they deliver a streamlined, easy-to-use system, but that they are able to deliver world class home based care services.

It is well worth your time to visit the CareChamp website to find out more about the extensive home based care services offered by this team of professionals who dedicate themselves to the best in care for every client, irrespective of individual care needs and circumstances.

If you have chosen to stay in your own home and need assistance with various day to day tasks, or you have a family member who needs assistance in your home, whether on a full time or part time basis, CareChamp will guide you to a solution that suits every aspect of caregiving!