Mobility aids & beds for sale or rental in Cape Town, South Africa.


CareChamp offers the highest standard in home care for elder and disabled people, making it easier for them to stay in the comfort and security of their own homes.

In addition to a portfolio of highly trained caregivers, registered nurses and companions for elderly, frail or disabled people, CareChamp introduces a range of mobility aids and furniture to make life far easier at home.

Elderly family and friends need to be comfortable despite any muscular degeneration or disability brought about by illness, which is why CareChamp recommends quality mobility aids and furniture for the home.

If you’ve decided to bring an elderly parent or family member into your home, instead of putting them in an elder frail care facility, there’ll be changes that need to be made according to the level of frailty and disability.

How do mobility aids help to keep elderly or disabled people safe at home?

Our elderly loved ones want to retain a sense of independence, irrespective of frailty or disability. 

This is especially true when an operation or illness has manifested as a disability.

The mobility aids on offer for sale or rental from CareChamp all come highly recommended and are designed to comfortably enable anyone who’s elderly or frail to move about and retain a measure of mobility.

What makes bathroom aids a necessity for the elderly, frail or disabled people?

Again, it’s a measure of independence, as well as being able to retain as much privacy as possible, even under difficult circumstances.

As we age, something as simple as getting out of the bath without handrails can become difficult. Standing in a shower while dealing with frailty or a disability is dangerous. 

Our bones become more fragile as we get older, and, should an elderly person slip in a shower, any injury could become something far worse than a mere broken bone or twisted ankle.

Bathroom aids make it safer for loved ones to maintain their personal cleanliness and grooming, which is a positive way of combating depression and anxiety.

Why are medical beds and mattresses essential for the comfort and health of anyone confined to bed?

When anyone is bedridden as a result of chronic illness, frailty or disability, having the right bed is essential.  Since our elderly, frail or disabled loved one has to lie or sit in the same position day and night, comfort is important.

Bedsores are also a serious issue for anyone who’s bedridden.  Besides the pain associated with bedsores, the wounds can be fatal if they’re not taken care of and treated quickly.

The incidence of bedsores can be reduced by using the right bed and mattress, along with improving the level of comfort.  It’s hard enough being bedridden, but to do so in discomfort makes it virtually unbearable.

CareChamp has a full range of medical beds, anti-bedsore mattresses, bed rails and over-bed tables available, designed to make life comfortable for your bedridden loved one.

Enhance the life of your elderly, frail or disabled loved one with quality mobility aids, bathroom aids and medical beds in Cape Town and other main centres in South Africa.

Contact CareChamp to discuss the purchase or rental options available.

CareChamp is a major contributor to homecare, with qualified caregivers and registered nurses available for tailored care options that’ll keep elderly and disabled people safe at home!