How to go about booking a CareChamp caregiver or companion online for an elderly frail or disabled loved one.

CareChamp could not have made it easier for clients to communicate their care requirements online in order to start the process of finding the very best in home nursing services, caregivers and companions than with their very simple, straightforward system of communication, whether online or telephonically!  In fact, you are also able to chat with a member of the fantastic support team online to get the ball going!

Whether you contact CareChamp via the online form on their website or discuss it on the phone, they are going to need to get a good idea of what your needs will be in terms of the care requirements that will be necessary to take the best care of your loved one at home.

Some of the information that will be required includes:

·        Your contact details (naturally!)

·        A synopsis of what the background to the situation with your loved one is, such as whether they need frail care, dementia care, post-operative care or companionship – which is something that can bring much needed company and intellectual stimulation to an elderly loved one who is feeling isolated!

·        What you would require in terms of care for your loved one.

·        When you are planning on starting with the care and the times that would suit the circumstances and care requirements best.

·        Whether you will be needing hourly, daily or full-time assistance, and whether the care will be a once-off or recurring service that is required.

·        And finally, to choose the payment method that would make it easiest for you!

Once the CareChamp management team has ironed out all these details with you, they do something really unusual; you get to pick a Champ (which is what caregivers at CareChamp are called, for good reason!) yourself!  This team understands fully that this is an intensely personal decision for you and you have an inalienable right to decide on who you will allow into your home!

To make this choice as easy as possible for you and your family, CareChamp will send you the profiles of up to three suitable Champs to choose from, based on all the background information you have provided, giving insight into the person who will become part of your loved one’s life so that they will feel a lot more comfortable in a difficult situation.

It may be necessary, depending on the care requirements discussed with the CareChamp management team, to schedule an initial home assessment which will be carried out by a registered sister trained to create a care plan that will assist the patient perfectly and also provide a full plan to orientate the caregiver chosen by you.

Once this is all in the bag, and you know that your loved one will be receiving the highest standard of home care in South Africa, CareChamp will whip all the pesky admin tasks out from under you by managing all scheduling, payments, manage check-in and check-out times via automated time tracking through GPS – you don’t have to worry about a thing, just relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loved one is in good hands!

Of course, communication is completely transparent between you, the CareChamp management team and caregivers or companions, which means that you will receive regular care reports and will also be encouraged to let the team know how things are going on your side!

Find out more about the comprehensive range of home care services offered by CareChamp by contacting the team or visiting their user friendly website which is chock-a-block full of information that will make the decision to call in this team of exceptional people to make life easier for your whole family a cinch!