Home-based caregivers VS frail-care facilities for seniors – where do you stand?

Quality yet affordable elderly and frail care facilities are becoming harder and harder to come by, making home-based caregivers an affordable option that offers a level of safety, security and personal comfort for anyone struggling with issues related to ageing at home.

Familiarity with our surroundings makes it a little easier to deal with the loss of any independence that can result from ageing and the attending challenges we are no longer able to cope with on our own, making a team like CareChamp and their qualified caregivers a perfect alternative to being uprooted and placed in a frail care facility!

CareChamp works with clients to assess client care needs through their registered nurses, working with the family create an appropriate care plan to offer flexible, affordable solutions for access to professional home-based caregivers of the highest standard possible in South Africa.

It only takes one call, or the filling in of an online contact form to start the process of finding a caregiver who not only matches your personal choice, but is also highly qualified and receives ongoing training via the management team at CareChamp.

Once a client or family member contacts CareChamp, the team tailors home-care services to the specific needs of each client, for instance, if a client only needs a caregiver for a few hours of help a day to assist with meal preparation, personal hygiene or getting to a doctor's appointment, CareChamp is able to offer affordable assistance that could save a small fortune compared to nursing home costs.

Ageing at home increases our feelings of dignity, affects our level of mental health and offers a quality of life that cannot be replicated in an aged care facility; the sense of retaining some semblance of independence while still feeling safe at home is of incalculable value for seniors.

Let CareChamp assist you with maintaining a good quality of life as you age at home, or give your ageing parent living with dementia or any other disability the security of being cared for by a carefully vetted caregiver who has chosen caring for others as their life's vocation!