Raising the standard of caregivers is the basis of all homecare services offered by CareChamp.

Watching someone you love losing their independence in the latter years of their life is a painful experience to say the least.  You see a once vital and active life getting smaller every day, and if there are medical complications such as illness, frailty or dementia setting in it can leave you and your family feeling helpless, especially if you have decided that you will not be putting your loved one into a frail care facility.

When we are ill all we want is to be safely tucked up in our own beds, which is exactly how it feels for our elderly or frail loved ones.  The acceptance that their independence has already been lost in many ways is tough enough, but having to give up their home or the security of the familiar surroundings of your home, is a crushing blow that is hard to recover from.

This is when the helping hand that CareChamp is able to reach out to you becomes a truly valuable resource that will allow your loved one to remain safely at home, surrounded by all that is familiar, making the acceptance of other limitations on a physical level a little easier to accept and adapt to.

While it is never easy letting a stranger into your family life, CareChamp has taken every precaution to ensure that any caregiver or companion that is a member of their portfolio is fully equipped to offer the best care in terms of training, thoroughly vetted backgrounds and in their natural compassion that makes them choose to be of assistance to others.

CareChamp makes it even easier for you to use their affordable, flexible homecare services by sending you the profiles of five different Champs, as their caregivers are called, giving you the opportunity to personally choose the perfect champ to suit your elderly, frail or disabled loved one.

With registered nurses also forming part of the CareChamp portfolio to assist with initial assessment and care plan creation as well as with wound management, there is always a nurse available to assist any caregiver with queries that may require urgent attention, adding yet another layer of security to the protection of your loved one.

Please visit the CareChamp website for in-depth information regarding the full range of services offered by this team committed to raising the standard of home care services to a new level of excellence.