Would you like quality assistance in caring for your disabled or elderly loved one at home?

Many family caregivers get to the point where they realise that they really do need help at home.  Some of the telltale signs will include the recognition that your loved one requires almost constant supervision and assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing and mealtimes.  Pressure also grows for the caregiver as they find that a lot of their housekeeping routines and regular errands are only managed with great difficulty, and in a lot of cases simply end up being left undone.

It is also an emotionally stressful situation for even the strongest of us, and no matter how much we love the family member or friend we are taking care of, it may be time to accept that more than just one caregiver is needed so that you are able to take care of any business outside of the home.

Employing a caregiver on your own is very challenging on many levels, you will need to do your own investigation into the background and credentials of the caregiver, ensure that police clearance and health clearance is up to date as well as handle all the administrative duties that go along with employing outside help. 

Insurance, UIF, workmen’s compensation and other legalities are essential when employing anyone, all of which is time consuming and stressful, which is the last thing you need under the circumstances, especially if you are already feeling fragile and burned out.

The CareChamp management team of professionals have created a service that brings you a new and improved experience of home nursing and caregiving services designed to give you absolute peace of mind, managing all the administrative requirements on your behalf, as well as ensuring that all caregivers in their portfolio are highly trained, completely trustworthy and fully vetted on every level.

Based on your care requirements, CareChamp will put together a tailor made, flexible and affordable home care service that will address the various issues that caring for your loved one involves.  Activities and tasks such as assistance with the maintenance of personal hygiene, grooming and appearance and meal preparation are all catered for by the quality service offered by caregivers in the CareChamp portfolio.

For more in-depth information regarding the comprehensive range of home based services offered by CareChamp, please visit www.carechamp.co.za, or contact the friendly team for assistance in obtaining the best care for your loved one at home.