Choose a caring companion to assist your loved one struggling with the loss of independence.

CareChamp not only provides the highest quality in professional and compassionate caregivers, they also offer CareChamp Companions who are either retired from a professional career, most often linked to the health care sector, or currently working part-time and enjoy adding value to the lives of others by spending their free time in a meaningful way.

Caring for the elderly, disabled and those living with dementia is definitely a calling, and the special individuals who respond to this higher calling are the type of compassionate and caring people that are highly valued by the management team at CareChamp, providing clients with companions who bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of many elderly and disabled CareChamp clients.

CareChamp companions are generally available to spend as many hours per week with your elderly loved one in the comfort of your own home as you require, motivating and mentally stimulating your loved one while at the same time managing the household when it is required.

When a loved one is still living at home but struggling with the effects of getting older and losing much of their independence, bringing in a caring companion who has the requisite experience will bring relief in the form of providing seniors with physical assistance, as well as help with the emotional impact and routine aspects of daily life as they change.

Your CareChamp companion will support your loved one by being a friend and engaging them in intellectually stimulating conversation, motivating them by taking a creative approach to the circumstances, interests and individuality of the client. 

CareChamp companions have been carefully selected by the management team to ensure a high quality contribution to the maintenance of health and safety in the care environment, being aware of and contributing to the limitation of hazards in the environment in order to prevent and manage any incidents or accidents that may arise.

Through the CareChamp professional approach, you can be certain that your loved one’s basic values, beliefs and customs will be fully respected along with the maintenance of complete confidentiality.

Please contact CareChamp to assist you in finding the perfect companion to care for your elderly loved one in the comfort of your own home.