Flexible, reliable and affordable home care brought to you by the specialists at CareChamp.


With home care assistants who have a Health Care Assistant Certificate from NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, which is the most highly regarded home care assistant’s training facility in South Africa, CareChamp has taken homecare to the next level in professionalism.

The CareChamp management team has put together an impressive portfolio of caregivers, companions and nannies that have been carefully vetted and insured, as well as having gone through an extensive background check into their qualifications, health clearance and police clearance certificates in order to bring peace of mind to all CareChamp clients.

Much care is taken in matching the most suitable Champ to individual families in need of elderly frail care assistance, compassionate dementia care, postoperative care, experienced disabled care, companionship and child care.  More than this, CareChamp has simplified the entire process of engaging the services of their Champs, providing a consistently transparent line of communication open with clients in order to assess and adjust care programs where necessary, keeping the family completely involved in the entire process.

With the flexibility and affordability of these top notch services, you can rely on the fact that there will always be a Champ available to you and that your Champ will always arrive as expected.

Once you have contacted CareChamp and provided the team with your details, care requirements, starting dates and times, as well as whether you are requiring hourly or daily assistance as a once-off or recurring service, CareChamp will begin the process of planning the appropriate care required.

The CareChamp management team will send you the profiles of up to five suitable Champs to choose from based on the information provided, empowering you to make an informed decision about who would best suit being brought into your home.

We all want the very best care for our loved ones, whether it is for a frail parent or for a child, and if that is the case for you and your family then the exceptional team at CareChamp will step in to make the transition as easy and reliable as possible!