Quality home care by CareChamp raises the bar on all care requirements from Frail Care to Child Care.



The CareChamp team has made sure that all bases are covered in terms of home care assistants, considered the true champions of home care in South Africa, which is exactly why they are called Champs!  There is a Champ in the CareChamp portfolio to suit every care requirement, from Elderly Frail Care to Postoperative Care and Nanny Care.

By visiting the CareChamp website, which is very user friendly, you will be able to see for yourself just how carefully each Champ is researched and vetted before joining the portfolio of caregivers, while you can also read a little about the professional background that inspired the birth of CareChamp.  There is a wealth of information on their website which will inspire confidence in anyone planning on bringing a caregiver into the privacy of their own home.

The impressive administrative processes that relieve you of any stress in terms of paperwork, which can be overwhelming when bringing in a freelance caregiver, as well as the close contact that is maintained between the management team and caregivers at CareChamp, makes dealing with this team under challenging circumstances a stress-free experience.

The Caregiver Champs who manage Elderly Frail Care, Dementia Care, Disabled Care and Postoperative care clients are all certified health care assistants, in addition to which CareChamp has registered nurses in their portfolio who are able to perform a number of medical functions for clients.

CareChamp Companions are for the most part those who have had experience in the health care sector and will spend as many hours per week as you would like with elderly loved ones to motivate and intellectually stimulate them, while at the same time managing the household should it be required.  Last but definitely not least are the CareChamp Nanny Champs, experienced in childcare and with a certificate in childcare as well as a first aid training course behind them, your child could not be in better hands.

Whether it is full-time, part-time or a couple of hours a week, CareChamp will always have a Champ available to suit your care requirements, delivered with the minimum of fuss and an outstanding level of caring professionalism.