CareChamp home care assistants will help you to maintain the quality of life you deserve.


The CHAMP in CareChamp stands for Capable, Honest, Attentive, Mindful and Pioneering, which is the core value system that embodies everything each Champ Caregiver, Champ Companion, Champ Nanny and Trainee Caregiver Champ brings to the role they play in the lives of their clients.  These Champs are highly trained in what they do and bring a level of commitment to their care of clients which takes home care to a completely new level in South Africa.

CareChamp takes care of vetting each member of their team, their credentials and background, as well as ensuring that each caregiver is in possession of a valid health clearance certificate and police clearance certificate in order to make it easier for clients to bring a specific CareChamp assistant into their home.

Anyone who has reached an age where certain things have become too much of a challenge to do alone, or have had operations or treatments that make life alone no longer possible, will want to remain in the comfort and security of their own home, surrounded by the familiar, for as long as possible, which is when the decision to allow an unknown caregiver into the home becomes a highly emotionally charged decision.

CareChamp has taken all of this into consideration by providing a portfolio of exceptional caregivers who are chosen carefully with all of these concerns in mind, putting forward the profiles of five Champs for each client, providing clients with the opportunity to find a Champ who would make them feel comfortable in their own home and be able to meet the care requirements perfectly.

Let CareChamp take all the administrative processes off your hands while they provide you with an inspired Champ to assist with meeting the daily challenges that are caused by many changes that occur as we grow older, helping you to maintain a quality of life that we all deserve.