Did you know that you can find the highest standard of home care online at CareChamp?

When you need frail care, disabled care, dementia care or even companionship for an elderly loved one, finding the assistance you need on your own can be a real challenge.  You may only need help a few days a week, or require full-time assistance with a loved one, but finding someone with the necessary qualifications, experience and background is not that easy.

You will have to do interviews and background checks, especially since you will be bringing the person you hire into your own home or into the home of your loved one, which means that you will be looking for a lot of assurance about the safety and security of the family, as well as whether the caregiver you are looking for will suit an elderly frail or disabled loved one.

This is a tall order for anyone, which is why CareChamp has taken charge of all these details and only bring the best caregivers onto their team and into their online portfolio.  CareChamp is proud of their reputation for providing trusted services that include caregivers, registered nurses and nannies, in order to make sure that they carry their commitment to provide the highest calibre of home care possible in South Africa.

The management team at CareChamp are professionals who have spent many years in private hospitals and in home nursing placements, with a team of professional nursing sisters available in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth on standby to do assessments and draw up treatment plans for each client.

These sisters are also involved in carrying out initial assessments of clients and then working out a treatment schedule that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, and to assist caregivers or companions with any guidance that may be needed while caring for a client.

CareChamp caregivers are fully qualified, having received their training and Care Giver Certificates from NIDO Nursing Pty Ltd, in addition to which they are carefully vetted and, as mentioned, always have the support of the CareChamp nursing team.

All non-medical services are carried out by certified caregivers, however, should you require assistance with wound care or the management of medication, along with other services that can be discussed as a care plan is set in place, CareChamp registered nurses step in to carry out medical assistance.

To start this far simpler process of finding a trusted caregiver or companion for your elderly frail, mentally or physically disabled loved one is really as easy as filling in the online form at CareChamp, giving the team your contact details and a bit of background to the type of care your loved one may need, and a member of the team will get back to you very quickly to take it from there.

It is hard enough to have to watch your aging loved one struggling without still having to jump through hoops to find the type of care that will keep your loved one safe and give you peace of mind that they are in good hands, which is exactly why CareChamp has tried to make the whole process as simple as possible.

The management team at CareChamp take all the administrative work off your shoulders, making sure that all scheduling is well-planned, carrying out GPS assisted check-in and check-out times and making sure that you are provided with daily care reports.  Of course, they also like to know how things are going from your point of view so that the communication channel is always open between caregiver, client and the management team.

CareChamp is committed to offering flexible, affordable home care that will suit your care requirements and schedule perfectly, making every effort to ensure that your elderly frail or disabled loved one is given the high standard of care they deserve.

Contact CareChamp today to find out more about how they can help to make life a little easier for your family in caring for your loved one!