When you need the best in home care services in Cape Town, only CareChamp will fit the bill!

Affordable, fully tailored home care service plans and the highest level in caregiving is the philosophy that drives the team at CareChamp to keep pushing the boundaries in terms of offering disabled care, frail care, dementia care, child care, hospital-to-home care and home nursing services that stand head above shoulders of the rest.

Each caregiver, companion, nanny or registered nurse who is a member of the portfolio at CareChamp reflects the commitment of the management team to deliver affordable yet high quality home care services that enable clients to age peacefully and comfortably in the familiarity of their own homes.

The loss of independence experienced by many of our seniors is one of the most difficult things to come to terms with, but, with the right person taking the right approach, bringing a caregiver into your family, whether it is on a full or part-time basis, is going to make a major difference to the frustration that comes with having to deal with these changes brought about by disability, frailty or chronic illness.

CareChamp has registered nurses as part of their portfolio who are able to manage the medical side of home care services in terms of initially assessing your loved one, and then creating a workable care plan that will make life a lot easier for all concerned.

The CareChamp registered nurses provide home nursing services such as wound care, administration of medication, oxygen therapy, catheter care and nasogastric tube feeding.  It is also important to know that every CareChamp caregiver has instant access to a registered nurse or sister should any questions arise regarding the care of your loved one.

CareChamp keeps an open line of communication with clients, ensuring that you have weekly updates through the submission of care reports, and the management team at CareChamp love to have their caregivers and companions rated regularly in order to maintain the high standards this team holds itself accountable to.

The CareChamp team have made reserving a caregiver or companion really easy, it is a simple process that can be done online by filling in a form that gives CareChamp your contact details, a bit of background to the situation, what your care requirements will be, and one or two other bits of information to get everything in motion, or, you can simply give CareChamp a call, they will be more than happy to guide you to the best solution for the situation you or your family are facing.

Your CareChamp caregiver or companion will not come to you sight unseen, based on the information you have provided the team with, they will send you the profiles of up to three Champs suitable for the role they need to play in caring for your loved one, and you pick the one that most suits your loved one – which also gives you an idea of who it is that you will be allowing into your home.

Allow the team at CareChamp to introduce you to exceptional caregivers, companions and nannies who will care for your loved ones in such a way that they will contribute to a happier, healthier lifestyle for your loved one when they need the help most!