How to ensure that our frail aged loved ones live as well as possible in the comfort of their own home!

To say the very least, it is heart-rending to watch the difficulties our loved ones are facing as they age, that feeling of helplessness is one of the hardest things to deal with.  Watching someone we once knew as being full of life and fiercely independent slowly lose that independence and spring in their step is highly stressful, for you, your family and your aging loved one, and the last thing you would consider is putting them in a frail care facility – home is always going to be the best option, but, it can also place a tremendous amount of pressure on you and your family, especially if there is illness or lack of mobility involved in the situation.

We watch as they may begin to experience memory loss, which leaves us feeling lost as well, or frailty and a chronic disease limits their ability to do even the simplest of things, leading to further loss of independence, and if there is one thing most of us fear, elderly or not, it is losing the independence not only to take care of what used to be simple, everyday tasks, but to get out and about in the world to remain connected to friends and outside interests.

Even tasks like bathing or cooking can become difficult to manage, and, in each of us there is that spark that simply does not want to acknowledge these limitations that memory loss, chronic illness, disability or frailty bring, which makes bringing a stranger in as a caregiver more an emotional decision than a practical one.

However, provided that the subject is approached with sensitivity, there is a helping hand available from the compassionate team of caregivers and companions at CareChamp.  This is a team that has been highly trained to respect the privacy and rights of every client, to maintain as much of their independence as possible, born of a natural compassion that has its outlet in helping elderly frail seniors, or those with disabilities, to navigate the new stage of life they have entered, with grace.

A CareChamp caregiver really is there to help wherever it is needed, from assisting with bathing or bed baths to giving a gentle helping hand to assist clients to retain their dignity through maintaining personal hygiene, grooming and appearance.

These may seem like simple, routine aspects of life, but for an elderly frail or chronically ill aged loved one, dealing with depression can become very real, and these simple acts have a positive impact in raising the spirits of your loved one under difficult circumstances.

Another very important aspect to helping your aging loved one to manage the anxiety, frustration and depression that often affects us as we lose our independence, is in knowing that the CareChamp caregiver you have chosen to take care of your loved one will also be able to assist in exercise activities, as well as the safe use of appliances and aids for mobility – these aids for mobility, if it is possible to use them, retain some form of independence for your loved one despite the circumstances.

Keeping aging family members actively involved in recreational activities is essential if it is possible, and it is here that you and your loved one will find the assistance of a caregiver invaluable! CareChamp has used their combination of high level caregiving and technology to also provide clients the opportunity to use their UBER business profile, which is strictly controlled according to the UBER credits you may purchase – this is a wonderful way to ensure that if it is possible, your loved one will still be able to get out and about despite the challenges they are facing.

Let the team at CareChamp understand your family’s care requirements, create a tailored care plan and then offer you the highest level of home care services in South Africa to ensure that our aged loved ones live as well as possible in the comfort of their own home!