The best caregivers, registered nurses & caring companions are all proud members of the CareChamp family!

The founding principles that drive the team at CareChamp centre completely on offering top quality homecare along with absolute safety and security for every client who requires an exceptional caregiver or companion in order to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home as they age, or deal with physical and mental disabilities, whether brought about through aging or illness!

CareChamp has achieved this admirably and successfully, earning an exceptional reputation for being a team that can be relied on to provide solutions to suit the care requirements of each client perfectly via an online platform that streamlines the entire process of finding highly trained caregivers, companions and professional registered nurses to suit the individual needs of diverse clients.

The management team at CareChamp works with each client to provide affordable, tailor-made solutions designed to suit client care requirements on many levels, from post-operative care to frail care, dementia care, disabled care or companionship, as well as the highest level in trained childcare nannies available in South Africa.

CareChamp caregivers are able to carry out a full range of services in order to lend a helping hand to those in need of homecare, whether it is on a part-time or full-time basis, offering care that can be relied on at all times; when you book a caregiver through CareChamp, you can have absolute confidence in the fact that your caregiver will be there, on time, every time!

CareChamp understands the stress that caring for an elderly frail loved one can cause, especially when you are worried about their safety while you are at work or out running errands necessary to keep the home going, which is why they have made their caregiving services affordable and flexible.

A caregiver from CareChamp is trained to provide bathroom assistance for bathing, as well as being able to manage bed baths, depending on the requirements of individual clients.  CareChamp caregivers also assist clients in their care to maintain their personal appearance and grooming in order to help them to retain their dignity.

For anyone living with dementia, disability, chronic illness or struggling with the loss of independence due to frailty as they age, having a caregiver to assist with simple things that have become challenging, like haircare, shaving and nail care, is of great value to remaining positive in situations that could easily lead to depression.

CareChamp caregivers assist with keeping clients engaged in doing prescribed exercises, helping clients to use any aids for mobility as well as assisting them to remain involved with any recreational activities that allow them to retain a sense of engagement with life.

The duties that can be carried out by CareChamp caregivers in Cape Town, and in other major centres throughout South Africa, are fully comprehensive, allowing them to fulfil many roles which include everything from light housekeeping to ensure the hygiene in critical areas to meal preparation and taking the client out to do shopping or remain involved in uplifting group activities.

If you would like to find out more about caregivers, companions or registered nurses from CareChamp and their offering of the highest standard of homecare in South Africa, please do not hesitate to call on this dynamic team for their warm and professional guidance.