CareChamp raises the standard of home care nursing for families in need of frail care assistance at home.


With the costs of caring for the aged and frail constantly on the increase at care facilities, more and more families are turning to trusted professional caregivers, either to assist full time or to fill in the gaps for members of a family looking after a frail parent or loved one.

CareChamp has put together a highly trained team of professional caregivers who have had the highest standard of training in South Africa, each of whom are in possession of a valid Care Assistant Certificate from NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd.

The management team at CareChamp have combined home care experience with that of technology in order to provide a streamlined system designed to make accessing a home care assistant as simple and uncomplicated as possible. 

Having a caregiver that you can trust and rely on to make you feel comfortable about the care of your loved one in the comfort and security of your own home is ideal, especially if you are dealing with busy work and family schedules.  CareChamp makes this level of comfort and trust the bottom line by carefully vetting each caregiver who joins their team of ‘Champs’, ensuring that thorough background checks are done as well as health and police clearances.

The team at CareChamp has done everything possible to ensure that you will have complete peace of mind leaving your elderly or frail loved one safely at home in familiar surroundings, protected by caring and highly trained CareChamp home care assistants.

CareChamp will assist in presenting the best possible care giving solution depending on your individual care requirements in order to draw up the most suitable schedule to suit you and your family, whether it is on a long-term or short-term basis. The transparency and flexibility of the home care solutions offered by this team of experienced professionals is outstanding. 

Once you have contacted CareChamp with your care requirements the team will send you the profiles of five Champs who would most suit your needs, making it easy to participate actively in deciding who your ideal Champ will be.

Please contact CareChamp to find out more about the range of home care services this team is able to provide in the comfort of your own home at affordable rates.