Professional and sensitive home care provided by CareChamp through champion caregivers.


The philosophy that forms the basis of the highest standard in home care from CareChamp stems from a management team who are in continual communication with the Champs (as we like to call our champion caregivers) as well as ongoing training that continuously raises the bar in home care services in South Africa.

Our team is openly available to all our clients in managing our of Champs, in addition to which we ask all our clients to rate their Champs in order to ensure that only top rated Champs stay listed on our platform. CareChamp assists our Champs to be attentive and to submit a detailed care report before clocking out of their shift, which allows us to train our Champs to be truly mindful of the environment in the home of their client in order to be able to encourage the elderly to make decisions on their own and to always be respectful of their wishes.

CareChamp does not just ensure a pioneering use of technology to provide world class service delivery, but also encourage our Champs to be innovative in their approach to clients to make care giving in your home a pleasure based on a level of trust that is created between care giver and client.

Our Champs are fully qualified with strict background checks in place in addition to being given medical and police clearance in order to start a relationship with our clients from a position of trust based on open communication that is transparent and available to all our clients.

Our team at CareChamp is fully aware of how sensitive the decision is to engage a professional caregiver who will become part of your daily life in your own home, and with respect to this our entire team is committed to making this decision as stress-free as possible under challenging circumstances, whether it is for you or for a loved one.

Our specialised home care services are currently available in Cape Town and the surrounding suburbs; however it is our intention to expand throughout South Africa to offer the same commitment to provide the highest possible standard of home care nationally.

Contact our team at CareChamp for peace of mind at affordable rates; we will always be on hand to provide you with every home care requirement, tailored to meet your personal needs.