Anger and Aggression Tips - Alzheimer's


5 Tips for Managing Anger or Aggression - Alzheimer's

With a little understanding, a lot of patience, and a few new strategies, you can make a big difference in the quality of life for you and your loved one.

Alzheimers's patients brains commonly contain cell abnormalities referred to as plaques or tangles. Plaques hinder brain cell communication, and tangles prevent nutrients from reaching the brain cells

Alzheimer’s progresses and aggression can flare up without warning. There may not be an obvious cause but many a times there are triggers you can spot before or during a problem. Common clues are discomfort, environment around them or confusion.

1. Think ahead of time if the situation might be overstimulation, uncomfortable or confusing

2. Don't give instructions that are to complex or ask too many questions at once. That way you will not irritate, upset or confuse the person you caring for.

3. People with Alzheimer's see a different reality than you. Rather than trying to challenge them about it sit calmly and listen.

4.Focusing on the past makes it easier(Alzheimer's affects short term memory)so its sometimes easier for someone to connect in past tense

5.Focus to a relaxing, familiar activity such as walks on the beach, art(drawing) and reading Reminder notes around the house can help with frustration, remembering when and how to do daily tasks use memory cues as the your loved one gets worse . 

Keep it cool calm and collective and stay passive!