Qualified and trusted caregivers provide the highest standard in home care at CareChamp.


CareChamp provides an outstanding quality of qualified and trusted caregivers based on your personal information and treatment requirements, to make the choice of the best caregiver to take care of you or your loved ones in the familiarity, comfort and safety of your own home as easy as possible.  It is difficult enough making the decision to bring someone else into your home, and CareChamp is dedicated to making your choice so much easier with our carefully screened caregivers that we call our Champs.

Our Elderly and Frail Care Services are aimed at providing caring companionship for the elderly in their own homes, as well as Champs who specialise in assisting patients living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Our team at CareChamp treat each individual situation with sensitivity as well as with a well documented professional background that has provided each Champ with the exceptional skills required in these human challenges.

The management team at CareChamp use their education and background in private hospitals and home nursing placements sectors as well as Care Giver training through NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, in addition to the latest in technology business and operational management to assure our clients of the highest standard in home care in South Africa.

CareChamp operates from a basis of choosing the best of the best to become our care giving Champs, instituting and adhering to a strict vetting procedure that includes ensuring that qualifications are of the highest standard and thorough background checks and police clearance is carried out before a Champ may join our team.

Renewal of documents relating to the submission of Hepatitis B Vaccinations and Tuberculosis tests are constantly kept up to date, all of which are available to you at your request.

CareChamp offers affordable rates that are outstanding for the provision of home care, dementia care and disabled care.  We have Champs who are available for ‘Hospital to Home’ care as well as post-operation care. Contact our team to find the perfect companion to assist on the weekend, for just a few hours or to become a choice permanent caregiver and we will provide you with the most trusted home care service in South Africa.