What is required to become a Champ? How do you recruit care providers?

We are partnering with NIDO Nursing academy who recommends the best caregivers, who completed the one year NIDO Health Care Assistant course, to CareChamp.

All Champs must have a smartphone in a good working order and understand the use of technology.

Furthermore we ask each Champ to complete a personal information form and do a video interview.

Each Champ attends our orientation session to understand the use of the technology we provide.


Each Champ needs to submit

- Health Clearance documentation (TB, Hepatitis B)

- Police Clearance

- Certified copy of ID

- Proof of residence

- Proof of banking details

How does payment work? Are all fees covered?

All fees are covered. No additional transport money for example should be paid.

The last step of your reservation process will ask you to choose your payment method. See a picture of this here.


If you choose to pay via cheque / credit card, NO charge will come off your card - your card is merely being stored (SSL encrypted payment) to secure your booking and is only being charged on the day of your booking. 

In case of cancellation within 72 hours of your reservation a cancellation fee of R300 is charged to your card.


You also have the option to pay via EFT (then your card will not be charged). 

Our banking details are provided to you in your reservation email - and also here: 

Banking details are:

FNB Cheque Account


Account Number: 62323120551

Branch Code: 250655


We need to receive your EFT (or proof of payment) 72 hours (3 days) before your booking.

CareChamp manages all the money flow - Champs are being paid weekly on a Friday by us. There is no need to pay a Champ anything additional such as transport money - we manage the payment process for you.

What sort of training do you provide your caregivers / companions?

CareChamp conducts a rigorous screening process and only selects top performers who have already completed a 1 year care giving course with reputable South African agencies. 

In addition to this we offer ongoing online training courses guided by our in-house Healthcare Manager to ensure that all our Champs offer a standard approach that is unique to our company values and stay up to date with latest findings and recommendations for care giving. Theses courses are completed with an online test.

We also conduct regular quality assurance spot checks to ensure that our Champs are honoring their commitment to the elderly and their families.

Who do you care for / what services do you offer?

Anyone in need of care, companionship and support or nursing in their own homes, with a focus on elderly.

We provide long and short term care, companionship or nursing.

We provide nanny/ babysitting services.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Home Care with a focus on the elderly: short and long term
  • Alzheimer / Dementia Care
  • Disabled Care
  • Post-Hospital Care
  • Kids and Babies

What are your rates and minimum hours of service?

Our rates are very transparent and no additional fees (such as transport) are added

You can opt for a few hours a day, 24 hours, seven days a week, (including weekends) and even holidays. 

You are free to alter your plan according to your care requirements and opt-out any time, opt back in. No fees will be charged.

You are also free to change your Champ at any time - no questions asked.

We use technology to increase efficiency such as

  • improved matchmaking of the right caregiver to the person in need of care
  • an online mobile app for Champs to GPS check in and out to their shift in order to create immediate correct time sheets
  • built in reporting functionality to keep you up to date on the care progress
  • efficient payment methods, both to receive your payments as well as weekly direct deposits to Champs


Which services can I expect from a Champ?

Please see here a listing of our SERVICES from CareChamps and Companion Champs. 

Can I use my medical aid for CareChamp costs?

We are working on getting a practice number. However for now we cannot work with medical aid until we have the practice number, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and we hope to work with you soon.

Is this a fixed contract or can I opt out anytime?

This is not a fixed contract and you can opt out anytime.

You can opt for a minimum of 4 hours a day up to 24 hours, seven days a week, (including weekends) and even holidays.

You are also free to alter your plan according to your care requirements at a specific time and opt-out any time or change your Champ at no additional cost.

Whether you require a permanent caregiver; a companion or nanny who helps out on the weekends or even for a few hours, a Champ will always be available for you. 

What is the advantage of working with CareChamp to book a care provider?

CareChamp provides superior home nursing services with an efficient, easy-to-use system that keeps you updated on care progress and daily activities completed to ensure the best possible experience for the elderly and their families alike.

CareChamp brings you the following services:


We ensure the caregiver is certified, has health clearance and police clearance in check and is a high quality care provider. Additionally we ensure that all required documents are updated when they expire.


We facilitate the payment process through easy online payment with Credit Card, EFT or Debit order. You can also set your Credit Card payment to be recurring if you like. We manage all payouts to Champs.

The champs use the online app we load for them in order to do online check in and checkout (GPS tracked) - this way time sheets are perfectly correct and you never pay too much or too little.

Online scheduling minimises the risk of confusion. You can also change your booking up to 24 hours in advance through a simple click.


We will ask you to rate your Champ(s). Champs with consecutive bad ratings will be deactivated from the platform after investigation has taken place.   


Our Champs do ongoing online training and tests provided by CareChamp.

How can I rate my Champ and provide feedback?

After your booking you will receive a rating request for the Champ that was allocated to your booking - its a simple one click rating. See a screenshot of the email you'd receive at the bottom here.


Up to when can I book, edit or cancel my booking?

Customers cannot create a booking less than 48 hours before the service time.

Customers can edit / modify their booking up to 48 hours before the service time.

Customers can cancel their booking up to 72 hours before the booking at no charge - less than 72 hours a R300 penalty will be charged.

You can manage your booking through the link provided in the email you received or by clicking here and logging into your account.

What qualification does the care champs have?

All our Champs completed the Nido Nursing Health Care Assistant course of 12 months.

Theoretical training on the following subjects:

  •  Ethics, rights and conduct
  •  Communication
  •  Basic Human Anatomy
  •  Body Care
  •  Personal/ Environmental Hygiene
  •  Cross Infection
  •  Intake and Output
  •  Safety of patients
  •  Recreational needs
  •  Medical terminology
  •  Oxygen Therapy
  •  Total patient care
  •  Death and Dying
  •  Stress Management
  •  Care of the Elderly
  •  Common Illnesses
  •  Baby and Child care
  •  CPR & First Aid
  •  Nutrition

Months 2-12 are spend in hospitals, old age homes and retirement villages getting practical experience.