Guy Hamilton.jpg

I am orignianlly from High Wycombe, United Kingdom and was born in 1991.

I currently stay in Newlands, Cape Town.

I speak English.

I see myself as a loyal, easygoing person who shows a lot of empathy towards others.

I am currently enrolled in a professional post-graduate programmer to become a registered Psychological Counselor. In 2011 I traveled to Thailand to teach English as a volunteer to island school children. I also completed an online leadership training in May 2018.

I wanted to get involved with CareChamp as a Companion to apply my skills and empathy in a meaningful way. 

In my spare time I love to catch up on reading, learning, spending time in nature, playing with my two dogs, connecting with loved ones, travelling, writing, reflecting on the deeper questions in life, meditating, exercising and cooking delicious food.