Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED Course

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Welcome to the Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED course offer by Sr Lesley, one of our team members and registered nurses. The course is Intended primarily for those who are expected to provide CPR and First Aid in their workplace. The course targets all lay responders such as family members/carers of patients at high risk of sudden death as well as other lay persons wanting to learn First Aid for adults.

COURSE CONTENT: Provides hands on practice in the skills of first aid for adults in the workplace, including medical emergencies, CPR and choking for adults, children and infants, and the use of automated external defibrillators. A126-page Heartsaver First Aid with CPR and AEDStudent Workbook is provided to each participant for review before, during and after the course.

Two "credit card sized" Reminder Cards are included with the workbook displaying the simple steps for adult, child and infant CPR and providing information on recognising heart attack and stroke.

A First Aid Quick Reference Guide is also included with the Workbook, covering checking the victim, choking, bad allergic reactions, heart attack, stroke, seizures, shock and bleeding.

DURATION:  7 hours / AED module / First Aid Module /Text book 126 pages / skills test / written test / worth 7 CPD points.

Cost per person R 750.00 (max 6 people)

Facilitator: Sr Lesley

Venue: Central Library / Drill Hall / Parade Street / Cape Town