Before you become a burned-out caregiver, contact CareChamp for respite!

Don’t wait until you’re literally crawling on your knees out of exhaustion from caring for an elderly frail parent or relative before you call for support from others in a similar situation!

You will not be the first, nor will you be the first!

Regular respite with the help of CareChamp Caregivers and Companions will make a major difference to you when you start feeling utterly exhausted and overwhelmed.

Being a caregiver to a loved one is demanding on your time, energy and emotions, and even if the breaks you get aren’t long, they will have a positive influence on your ability to successfully care for an aging relative who is frail, or living with Alzheimer’s.

Being the family caregiver is a job for the bravest of brave, but even champions need to rest in order to gather their strength before the next big challenge!

The last thing you should do is guilt yourself out of asking for help!  A loving circle of friends and family will also contribute greatly to keeping your strength up, physically and emotionally!

In the absence of this kind of support, CareChamp offers fully vetted, highly trained and compassionate Caregivers and Companions who are able to take over for a while, to give you a chance to stop and smell the roses.

It’s going to mean more than just a bit of an adjustment for the person receiving care to accept the presence of a stranger in the home, however, the management team at CareChamp applies many years of experience to making sure that you and your loved one will be matched with the perfect Caregiver.

Welcoming respite is going to be easier on you than your loved one, and you may face objections such as:

·       I don’t need a babysitter, I’ll be fine on my own.

·       I don’t want a stranger with me, you’re the only one I trust.

It’s going to be a lot like it is when trying to convince a child that they’ll enjoy playschool and all the friends they’ll make, when all they want is to stay with you, but with the deep understanding of these issues, the team at CareChamp has, the transition can be made less stressful.

Once you’ve worked out a flexible, affordable care schedule with CareChamp, make sure that you plan well for your break.  Make it a time to nurture and care for yourself to shore up your strength for the next leg of the journey.  Don’t push it and try to fit too much into too little time.  This’ll just be self-defeating!

And don’t let guilt eat at you, because it will try to lower your resolve to keep up your own strength and health! 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing a bit of time away, and if you’re having trouble convincing yourself of this, speak to someone who has used respite caregivers, they’ll make it a lot easier for you to let go a little!

If you retain your health, physically and mentally, you will have far more to give your elderly frail parent!

If you’re already experiencing symptoms of burnout like impatience, exhaustion, frustration and difficulty in dealing with the demands of caregiving, you’ll know it’s time to do something positive about it, for you and for your loved one!

Work with the management team at CareChamp to plan a respite schedule that suits you so that you can start getting excited about what this type of trusted help will do to give you a boost in strength you really do deserve!

CareChamp offers the highest standard in homecare, caregivers, in-home nursing and companions in Cape Town, which is where they are headquartered. 

Their caregiving services are also available in all major centres in South Africa, providing caregivers who have received the highest level in training and certification!

Find out more about what CareChamp can do to offer you respite from a trusted team of caregivers who have all had police and health clearance, fill in their online contact form, or give the team a call!

Go on, take the plunge! You and your family deserve to have you happy and healthy even in challenging circumstances.

How Hiring A Carechamp Can Relieve You of Some Stress

Are you caring for a loved one but starting to feel stretched and stressed out from it? There’s no need to panic as there are numerous ways in which you can get assistance, one of which is to hire a caregiver. The biggest advantage of this is the ability to relieve you of some stress of having to care for someone and give you the opportunity to get to the things you've been able to attend to.

For some, introducing this into a family to assist with the caring process can prove to be challenging as the person requiring the care might not be comfortable with someone they don't know into their home and their private space. If you’re in the process of looking for a carer, here are some ways in which they can relieve some stress for yourself.

Ability To Do More Than Just Being A Carer

Depending on the severity of the situation and care required, by getting a carer in, it’ll free up some of your time to get back to doing the activities you used to do. If it isn’t activity, it can give you the freedom to visit the shops or take some time out to gather yourself and unwind.

Build Up Confidence In The Person Receiving The Care

Often when looking after a family member, because they know its family, the person may tend to lash out quicker than if it was someone new. By hiring a carer, they can assist the patient in building up their confidence and enable them rather than the person becoming completely reliant on getting assistance.

Getting A Qualified Person In To Assist

Often people don’t know what the person requiring assistance is going through. By getting a carer in, you can get someone who is more qualified to assist you in the caring process. As they've more likely to have experience in dealing with people in that particular condition, they’ll support the person from an emotional as well as physical perspective.

Putting Together A Care Plan

It might sound silly but by getting a carer in, you've more chance of the person buying into participating in a care plan. This care plan can serve the purpose of encouraging the recovery process or it can be simply to ensure the carer is completing the necessary tasks you've asked them to.

These are just some ways in which hiring a carer can assist in reducing your stress. If you’re considering getting assistance for a loved one, be sure to consider the team at Carechamp. With their combined years of experience, they've built up a network of qualified carers covering numerous medical conditions.


Tips To Assist You Hire The Right CareChamp

Having to care for a loved one doesn’t have to be as stressful as people make it out to be. Sometimes, getting assistance from a professional company for a short period of time might be all you need just to get on your feet when it comes to caring for a loved one. If you’re looking for assistance and not sure where to start, here are some tips to assist you in finding and employing the right caregiver.

Reach Out To A Professional Company Such As Carechamps

With their combined years of experience, they’ve put together a network of carers who have the ability to assist across a wide variety of medical conditions. By making use of their services, you can be sure your loved one will be cared for by a professional carer. Be sure to contact the team to discuss your requirements and allow them to match you up with the right carer.

Be Sure To Interview Carers Until You Feel Comfortable

As this person will be within your loved ones home and personal space, it's important to ensure both you and your loved one feel comfortable with the potential carer. Once you’ve reached out to a professional company, put together a list of potential carers and allow your loved one to meet them. By doing this, you’ve a better chance of them buying into the idea of someone coming in to assist with caring for them.

Request Recommendations and References

Once you’ve managed to find a potential carer, request references from previous employers. This will give you a good understanding as to what their work ethic is like and if you should offer them employment. This also gives you the opportunity to find out what other employers thought of them.

Invite Them For A Trial Period

To ensure you’re satisfied with the person, you can request for a trial period to be completed before you bring the person on on a short or long term contract. This gives your loved one the opportunity to first find their rhythm and build up their confidence with the person. Should they not feel comfortable with the person, this gives you the option to try out another carer. You can continue this process until your loved one feels comfortable.

These are just some of the steps in the process of finding and employing a carer that meets your needs and requirements. Following these tips can assist you not only to find someone compatible with your loved ones but also someone you can trust to leave alone. This gives you the freedom to start doing the things you weren’t getting to for yourself and your family. Be sure to contact the team at Carechamp and discuss your needs, they’re more than willing to assist you find the right person.

5 Ways To Manage Stress As A Caregiver

Have to take care of a senior like your parent or grandparent can put significant strain on yourself in terms of your stress levels and your emotional levels. If you’re having a difficult time in managing your stress levels and feel you are not giving your love one the attention and care they require then you should consider of these five ways to manage your stress levels.

Look For Ways To Relieve Your Stress

With being in a demanding position of having to care for a senior, it's crucial to try find ways in which to relieve your stress. This is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with yourself and create the white space you need.  Try some yoga or go for a walk in

Find Something That Inspires You

This can be books, movies, music or any other type of hobby that feeds your soul. The point is to break away, even if you can’t do so physically and spend some time recharging your mind, body and spirit. It doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby or time consuming but invest time in your own spiritual fulfilment.

If Possible, Take Some Time Off

When put in the position of having to care for someone, often the thought of getting away for a weekend or a holiday gets put on the back burner. This is so important not fall into that sort of mentality. The responsibility of having to care for a senior can put significant strain on yourself and it’s crucial to take time to unwind and relax.

Put Together A System Which Works For You

To ensure you’re able to care for your senior family member in the most efficient manner, there are many systems and processes you can put in place for yourself to assist you in keeping yourself level-headed. The kinds of systems you can put in place for yourself can include but is not limited to medication reminders, daily routine schedule, weekly menu planner as well as social activities for them.

Reach Out To A Professional Company

For some, this thought wouldn't have crossed their mind but sometimes the assistance from a professional company can reduce some stress. Whether its for two days of the week or the fully week over a short term period, this will assist you in getting some balance in your life and reduce your stress.

Contact the team at CareChamp today to discuss your caring requirements. Offering clients access to not just caregivers but companions, the team are all qualified in their respective specialisations and have their own support team should they need assistance. They’ll pair up a carer to match your requirements.

How Assisted Living Can Help You Build Your Confidence

As people grow older, some become more depend on assistance than others. Sometimes this is voluntary and in other instances, getting help is not out of choice and knock your confidence. This isn’t a permanent state of being as there are many tactics one can try to boost your confidence and realise getting help isn’t as bad as it seems. Here are some tactics you can try:

Don’t Be Shy When Giving Compliments

As your loved one is probably nervous about having assistance, it's important for carers to ensure they offer their patients compliments where possible. These subtle comments can go a long way in encouraging those around you to follow in that behaviour and compliment one another. For some elderly people, they long for company and appreciation, this is just one way to give them the boost they need.

Encourage Your Patients To Socialise

Often when elderly people move into old age homes or assisted living, there’s this great sense of loneliness or a feeling of not belonging. When a carer comes into play, it forms part of their role to ensure they encouraging socialisation amongst the people living there. Of course this may be overwhelming so be sure to start off with getting your patients to engage with just one or two new people a week.

Be Sure To Show Interest In Their Life and Story

To get your patients to open up to you and for them to get comfortable with you, be sure to show an active interest when they’re speaking. Engage in the stories they tell and ask about their past, things they did for fun, what work they did. Get to know your patients on a deeper level to show them you care and are interested in their well-being.

Ask Your Patients About Current News and Events

Another way in which you can get to know your patients is by asking them about current events or life experiences they went through. As everyone has walked through a different path in life, they may have some valuable insights on current matters.

If you’re looking for a way for them to still be in touch with everything going on around them, spend time reading the newspaper with them or watching the news. This’ll assist in enabling patients to engage with other residents on current affairs.

These are just four ways assisted living can benefit you and your confidence. As these ways can all be worked on in conjunction, by doing a little bit daily, you can be sure your patients will slowly but surely come out of their shell and see an improvement in their confidence.

Contact CareChamp Today

If you’re looking for a reliable carer for your loved one, be sure to contact the team at CareChamp today. All professionals working through the team have been trained up in these various aspects and are considered professionals within the industry. With the combined years of experience within management at CareChamp, you’ll be sure to find a carer who will meet your loved one's requirements.

Signs Of Depression In The Elderly And What You Can Do As A Caregiver?

Has your patient lost interest in favourite activities? Are they suddenly irritable? Are there persistent complaints of pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your elderly patient might be experiencing depression.

It is fairly common for the elderly to struggle with depression but they can be reluctant to talk about these feeling. So it's important for caregivers to keep an eye out for signs and symptoms.

Typical indications of depression in the elderly can include:


●       Memory difficulties

●       Vague complaints of pain

●       Insomnia

●       Irritability

●       Withdrawal from group activities

●       Excessive weight loss due to loss of appetite

●       Confusion

If you notice any of these signs in your patient, speak to their healthcare professional about the likelihood they might be depressed as well as treatment options.

All the changes that accompany ageing, can trigger periods of depression in seniors. One of the major reasons for depression is health decline - especially chronic pain or physical disability. Elderly people also risk depression if they live alone since they can experience a loss in purpose and feelings of isolation. Even more so if they've had a full life with children, work and other responsibilities. When all that is taken away, the senior years can become relatively quiet and lonely. It's best to help your elderly patient stay busy with engaging activities and to give them some kind of purpose.

Naturally, feelings of loss can also bring about depression. When your patient has lost a spouse, friend or even a pet, they might be at risk for depression. As a caregiver, you should keep a close eye on them for signs and symptoms of depression and contact their healthcare provider should you have any concerns. They will be able to properly diagnose depression and provide suitable treatment options.

If you have an elderly parent or loved one that needs special care, get in touch with Care Champs and allow them to lend you a hand.

How To Deal With Depression As A Caregiver

Being a caregiver bears huge responsibility and can be extremely trying, both physically and emotionally. More often than not, caregivers are so busy taking care of their patients that they forget to take care of themselves. Caregiving doesn't cause depression, however, the struggles involved can strain even the most qualified caregiver.

Signs and symptoms of caregiver depression:


●       Feelings of hopelessness and emptiness

●       Frustration and bursts of anger over small issues

●       Insomnia

●       Reduced appetite or extreme weight loss

●       Loss of interest in thing previously enjoyed

●       Anxiety or panic attacks

●       Unexplained aches and pains

●       Suicide thoughts

Ways to combat depression as a caregiver

1. Acknowledgement

The first step is to admit that you are struggling. You aren't doing anyone any favours by suppressing your feelings and emotions. If you can be honest about the state of your mental health, you are taking a step in the right direction.

2. Take care of yourself first

Ever heard the saying: "You can't pour from an empty cup"? When you are a caregiver, this statement is true more than ever. Caregiving can quickly drain you physically and emotionally so it's crucial to take enough time to recharge. Make sure you drink enough water, get plenty exercise and follow a healthy diet.

3. Establish a routine

Being unorganised can quickly make you feel overwhelmed. By establishing a routine, you won't only benefit your patient but it will make your own life much less complicated. If you have a challenging patient, make sure you set boundaries. Ensure that they are aware of these boundaries and don't allow them to overstep.

4. Get professional help

Being a caregiver is one of the most rewarding yet challenging professions a person can choose. To be the best caregiver you possibly can, it's important to look after yourself. Don't be ashamed to admit that you are struggling and get professional help as quickly as possible. You don't have to do this alone!

5 Ways Caregivers In Cape Town Can Help Their Dementia Patients Using Music

According to recent studies, 47 million people worldwide live with dementia. The outlook isn’t great since predictions suggest that by 2030 that number will increase to 75 million. At the moment, there isn't a cure for dementia but research shows that numerous therapeutic treatments, like music therapy,  can be used to improve the condition.

Music always has and always will be a powerful form of communication between human beings. Nothing can communicate emotions better than music. This is mainly due to the fact that the nucleus accumbens lights up at the sound of music. In recent years neuroscientists have become more and more focused on finding out just how effective music therapy is to revive lost memories as well as improving cognitive functions in dementia patients.

Benefits of music therapy for dementia patients:

1. Music is thought to stimulate the medial prefrontal cortex which can help bring back memories.

2. Music can help enhance mood and lower stress levels. People with dementia often become frustrated with their illness and music has proven to have a calming effect on them.

3. Music can offer a dementia patient a sense of control over their life by

4. Music can offer a person with dementia the feeling of control of their life. By restoring their sense of identity, it will help them reconnect with family and friends.

5. Music can encourage physical movement as well as the chance to interact with others. Exercise is known to enhance mood and music can be used as the distraction to encourage exercise.

Sound frequencies stimulate different areas of the brain which have an effect on neurotransmitters and hormones. Music can help access lost memories that might otherwise be lost because it communicates with the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memory.

If you are a Care Champ Caregiver, you might want to consider adding music therapy to your activities list. With the possibility that music can improve the lives of dementia patients, it would be an injustice not to try it.

3 Unique Home Care Services Offered By Care Champ

When it comes to home care, there are many misconceptions as to what it really is and when it's needed. So to clarify why home care might be the right option for your loved one, let's look at what it entails.

1. Companion Care

Your loved one might not need care 24/7 but companion care can help reduce feelings of loneliness. Loneliness is a major cause of depression in the elderly and can even lead to dementia. Elderly care companies such as Care Champ, are committed to matching caregivers with patients based on backgrounds and common interests, thus, making it easier for them to connect.

2. Post Operative Care

Patients of all ages might need some special care at home when recovering from a big operation or an illness. Home caregivers can help with wound care as well as transporting them to and from the hospital for check-ups. To minimise complications after surgery and to support the recovery process, proper postoperative care is a necessity.

3. Child Care

Hiring an Au-pair might prove to be beneficial for your children since it enables you to concentrate your family's childcare needs around home-based care versus outsourcing to crèche or after-care facility. An au pair can be chosen with similar values to your family which will provide consistency in how you raise your children. They will also be able to assist with other duties such as grocery shopping, cooking and taking care of pets.

Quality home care by Care Champs can be customised to suit individual needs and preferences. At Care Champ, we listen to the client or patient - what it is that you need and what matters to you. If you need more information on our home care options, get in touch with our team today.


10 Things Things a Person Living With Dementia Would Tell You If They Could

Here are ten communications tips that can help Alzheimer's caregivers improve their daily life.
Sometimes it helps to look at each situation from the perspective, or from out of the eyes of the person living with dementia.

Raising the standard of home care for the elderly and frail is the top priority at CareChamp.

In order to remain true to their commitment to raising the standard of home nursing services and caregivers in South Africa, the management team at CareChamp is fully committed to setting high standards for any caregiver or companion joining their team, and becoming a member of the CareChamp  portfolio that represents the best available in the profession.

As professionals with many years’ worth of experience themselves, the management team at CareChamp know exactly what they are looking for each time they add a new member to the team, and just like management, all caregivers at CareChamp have undergone the finest in Care Giver training through NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, which is the top educational institute for caregivers in South Africa.

Police clearance certificates and health clearance certificates, which include Hepatitis B Vaccinations and Tuberculosis tests (updated on a regular basis for the protection of all clients), ensure that not only will all clients be in the most capable hands possible, but that their immune systems will not be put at further risk.

CareChamp caregivers are fully trained in elderly frail care, disabled care and dementia care in order to offer a better quality of life at home for elderly frail, disabled clients or those living with dementia – in the security and familiarity of their home, which is one thing that many elderly frail people have in common.

It’s hard enough to accept the challenges that come with aging, especially when there is illness, frailty or dementia to deal with, without having to be completely uprooted and put into a frail care facility on top of it all! 

What CareChamp does is to do all in their power to enable elderly, frail or disabled people to stay in their home and still receive the best in care based on the tools provided to CareChamp caregivers, as well as maintaining a consistent approach to ongoing training for this team.

CareChamp fully understands the difficulty attached to bringing someone strange into your home to take care of your loved one, but, they involve you in the decision making process about the right caregiver to suit your loved one – once you have given CareChamp the go-ahead, the management team will send through up to four or five profiles of caregivers who would be ideal for your loved one.

The versatility of the home based nursing services and caregiver services at CareChamp is aimed at making life a lot easier for elderly frail clients who are struggling to carry out normal day to day activities and battling with accepting their limitations, however, each caregiver at CareChamp is trained to make accepting assistance as easy as possible for every client.

CareChamp also extends their services to providing qualified, experienced child care professionals with first aid qualifications, which, when combined, makes for a nanny that brings peace of mind to any parent!

Registered nurses work with the team at CareChamp to create care plans for individual clients based on their care requirements, as well as to offer medical assistance with wound care and to act as support to all caregivers should any queries arise out of caring for a client.

Post-operative care is another speciality offered by CareChamp, assisting clients with daily care during recovery from illness or surgery, including collecting patients from the hospital and getting them home, or taking patients back to the hospital for check-ups or other appointments associated with their recovery.

All services offered by CareChamp, whether caregiving, home based nursing services, companions for the elderly or nannies for children, are offered on a flexible basis designed to suit your schedule and budget, so that whether you require assistance on a part-time or full-time basis, there will always be a helping hand you can rely on at CareChamp.

Contact CareChamp to find out more about how they can assist you, your family or loved one to enjoy quality care for a better quality of life!

Looking for caregivers in Cape Town that take an innovative approach to elderly frail care?

CareChamp is the epitome of innovation, combining all the skills and training necessary to offer superior disabled care, dementia care, elderly frail care and post-operative care, with the latest in technology to deliver a streamlined service to clients who need assistance in caring for an aging loved one at home.

The certificates earned by each caregiver at CareChamp from Nido Nursing (Pty) Ltd, added to their experience in nursing homes, private hospitals and private homes, qualify CareChamp caregivers as the very best in South Africa!  In addition to this, there is a culture of ongoing training that is inculcated into the team at CareChamp; always looking for better ways to deliver the best service to all clients, irrespective of their care requirements.

What CareChamp offers is the opportunity for elderly, frail or disabled clients to remain safely in the comfort, familiarity and security of their home as their ability to cope on their own diminishes, and every caregiver at CareChamp is committed to maintaining the safety of valuables and respecting the privacy of their clients.

CareChamp caregivers are not there to push anyone around, they are there to bring a better quality of life to the elderly and those with mental or physical disabilities, and to respect the beliefs, culture and background of each client in the process of assisting them wherever it is needed.

Dementia is a form of mental disability, and the caregivers at CareChamp have been highly trained to deal with the difficulties this illness causes, bringing knowledge, experience, sensitivity and compassion into a situation that can be very difficult for family members to deal with on their own.

It’s hard enough for most of us to see our parents losing their autonomy and independence as they age, and dementia makes it that much harder because it feels as if the person we have known and loved all our life is slipping away a little more each day; this is when the training and passion for what they do makes the assistance of CareChamp caregivers a boon in many ways.

Physical disabilities or illness in elderly frail loved ones diminishes their abilities to carry out the simplest of tasks, such as brushing their hair or bathing, and although it is going to take some getting used to, with the right caregiver, accepting assistance is going to be a lot easier for your loved one!

Sometimes, all your elderly loved one needs is a little company to ease the sense of disconnection from the world as they knew it before they had to hand in the car keys and accept the loss of many forms of independence, which is where the caring companions at CareChamp enter the picture to ease isolation that often leads to depression in the elderly.

CareChamp companions are people who are passionate about adding value to the lives of others in their spare time, whether they are retired professionals or work part-time.  Companions at CareChamp are available to spend a few hours a week with elderly clients, building a friendship that will help to intellectually stimulate and motivate your loved one, and, if they are still involved in any social activities, to ensure that these activities continue.

A companion will also assist with a few household chores or see to the smooth running of the household if it is required; the point is that not only will your loved one have great company, they will also have someone who really cares on hand to help out with some of the tasks they can no longer carry out on their own.

CareChamp offers every home based nursing and caregiving service possible to make life a lot easier for you, your loved one and your family; they are dedicated to raising the bar when it comes to caregiving and home based nursing in Cape Town.  Give them a call to find out just how easy this team can make it for you to have the best in care for your loved ones at home!

Let CareChamp provide you with the highest standard in home based care throughout South Africa.

CareChamp is headed by a management team that have used their own invaluable experience in private hospitals and home nursing placements to put together a portfolio of caregivers and companions for the elderly that have raised the standards of home care definitively, creating a completely new and improved experience of home nursing services in South Africa.

CareChamp provides elderly frail care, disabled care and dementia care to clients in Cape Town from their home base, however, working in conjunction with the top training institution for caregivers in South Africa, Nido Nursing, and CareChamp is able to provide caregivers in all the major centres in South Africa with ease.

Caregivers who are part of the portfolio at CareChamp are all certified, having qualified at Nido Nursing, and also have experience in the field as caregivers in nursing homes and private homes prior to joining the CareChamp team.

Nothing is left to chance by the management team at CareChamp in their commitment to uphold the trust placed in them by clients, and for this it means that each caregiver, companion or nanny in their portfolio has a thorough background check, police clearance and health clearance certificate before they are sent out into the field.

Registered nurses form part of the structure at CareChamp, supporting the caregivers by assisting with the initial assessment of each client, as well as creating care plans to serve all clients and patients to the greatest extent required. 

CareChamp professional home care nurses are available to support caregivers with follow-up visits that may require catheter care, monitoring of vital signs and the administration of medication, as well as wound care and nasogastric tube feeding, among other services.  There is also always a professional nurse available to caregivers who may require guidance and advice while on duty, maintaining a full circle of professionalism and care.

There is no admin for any CareChamp client to handle on their own, this team handles it all for you, from monitoring via GPS the check-in and check-out times of caregivers, to the management of scheduling and payments.  Each client will also receive full Care Reports on a regular basis, and, in order to maintain their high standards, the team at CareChamp also appreciate the feedback of clients as the care plan proceeds.

You may only need a hand a few hours a week in order to get out and about to carry on the business of running a household, or simply as a timeout to get together with friends to maintain the relationships that are important to you outside of the home, and CareChamp offers the flexibility to do just that.

CareChamp has proven their determination to make it easier for elderly frail patients and those that are disabled to remain in the comfort of their own homes or those of their families, by ensuring that each care plan is tailor made to suit the client, and that they offer flexible schedules at affordable rates to make remaining at home a far better option than that of a frail care facility!

Let the team at CareChamp assist you with the best in dementia care, elderly frail care, disabled care, post-operative care or companionship for the elderly, it’s an option well worth exploring for absolute peace of mind where it comes to the care of your loved ones!

8 Ways to keep your head while caring for an elderly frail parent!

If it has fallen to you to take care of your aging parent, you are in for an emotionally complex and deeply challenging experience, and it helps to have a little help along the way so that you can keep your head during the demands that will be coming your way!

One of the most important qualities you will have to nurture is compassion, it’s going to make many frustrating days a little easier to handle!  Putting yourself in your parent’s shoes, imagining how you would feel if after a lifetime of being independent you would have to start depending on your own children for some of the most basic things in life, like getting to the bathroom, having a wash and maybe even having to be fed –will make a difference to your levels of frustration which will undoubtedly arise in the process.

Try a few of these ideas on for size, and if they fit, use them, it will make you all happier in the long run:

1.      If you have a close enough relationship with your elderly parent, let them know that taking care of them and easing their daily life is something you do with great respect, even on the days you definitely may not feel that way – it’s part of the natural cycle of life, and as difficult as it is for you, your family and your parent, how you take this journey is determined by your attitude to a responsibility this great.

2.      Throw out expectations of anything emotionally or you will be headed for trouble.  The way things were before is over, this is a whole new phase of life for you, and the last phase of life for your parent, which means that there could be either positive or negative emotions brought to the surface that could bring you closer or push you further apart.  It’s best just to set expectations aside instead of watching them crash and burn in the wake of disappointment!

3.      This is going to be your turn to take care of your parent instead of the other way around, which means that nothing that used to work in terms of emotions, relationship, communication and more, is ever going to be the same again; taking care of an elderly frail parent is going to be about writing a completely new chapter, one that has never before been explored by either of you, and it will require a ton of courage for both of you.

4.      Don’t try to be everything at all times, both of you are learning a new way of living, at different stages of life, and taking it a little slowly as you each feel your way around this new way of life, may help you each to lead a little to get the balance right.

5.      Taking care of your elderly parent is never going to be a bed of roses minus the thorns, and the thorns you will be facing will have a lot to do with the frustration and anger at the loss of independence that your parent will be trying to adjust to – you are definitely going to need a little help from friends and family that you can talk to when the barbs get particularly nasty, and they can!

6.      Let your parent know that their opinions or advice still count to you, if that is the type of relationship you have already enjoyed.  Involve your elderly parent in even the smallest of decisions in your life, it not only shows your parent that their advice is still important to you, but shows them that you love them and respect their part in your life.

7.       Think hard before you start ordering your parent around instead of making them part of the decisions that affect their daily life, care and circumstances – this type of bullying turns even the sweetest of us into stubborn mules, add that to the moments of anger your parent feels at the sense of helplessness and you have a recipe for disaster!

8.      Make sure that you take care of yourself and that you have a supportive friendship you can rely on when you need to talk things out; you will be doing no one any good if you allow yourself to fall apart by giving in completely to the situation – take time out, take deep breaths, spend a little time with your Higher Power, and remember, your life is still yours, and it’s important to look after it if you are to be of any use as a caregiver to your parent!

If your parent is living with dementia, you are going to need even more support on every level; nothing can rob your relationship of love and great memories as easily as the face of dementia can!  No matter how compassionate you are, how patient you are, this will be one of the greatest challenges of your life, and if you don’t reach for help when you need it, you could easily be on the way to serious depression!

This is what CareChamp does, they come to your aid to relieve you for as many hours or days as you may need assistance, highly trained and experienced, ready to lend a helping hand when you need it most to give you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that your parent is in capable, caring hands until you return from your breather!

Contact the team at CareChamp to find out more about their home based caregivers that are available to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you will be making life easier for you, your parent and your family by enlisting help!

Looking for the best caregiver & home based nursing agency in Cape Town?

Finding the best caregiver or home based nurse to offer elderly frail care, disabled care or dementia care in your home is not easy when you go it alone.  Unfortunately one cannot just go on references and the strength of a CV when it comes to bringing a stranger into your home to care for a loved one, there are just too many things that will be difficult to follow up on as an individual.

You will need to feel that you can trust the person to carry out their duties responsibly and to care for your loved one compassionately and professionally, and, on top of all of that, you will need to take care of all the details that go with employing someone, including issues such as PAYE, UIF and other administrative issues that are enforced by the labour laws in South Africa.

If this makes you feel completely out of your depth, then CareChamp is the best caregiver and home based nursing agency in Cape Town to call on to take all of these issues off your hands!

CareChamp is run by an organised management team that has many years’ worth of invaluable experience in private hospitals and home nursing placements, along with their own Care Giver training certification from NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd.

This alone gives the management team at CareChamp the vital experience required to successfully place caregivers and home nurses with families and individuals in need of home based care.  In addition to this, the team also has extensive experience in Technology Businesses and Operational Management, which is what streamlines the administrative role this team plays in making life as easy as possible for their clients.

CareChamp is made up of the management team, Sylvia and Gizelle, as well as a case manager and general/marketing assistant, all of whom work hand in hand with a team of Home Nursing Assessors and Professional Nursing Executives in order to offer their services nationally, despite being based in Cape Town.

The vision at CareChamp is to offer clients the highest standard in home nursing services in South Africa and to have their collective hands open to assist wherever possible in making life more comfortable for the elderly, who may be frail or living with dementia and other age-related disabilities.

CareChamp Caregivers are all certified caregivers, having completed their own Care Giver courses at NIDO Nursing, which is the highest standard in caregiver training in South Africa.  They also have hands-on experience gained in private nursing homes, private hospitals and private homes, giving them each the ability to adapt to the individual care requirements of all clients with ease.

Trust is implicit in the fact that CareChamp screens each caregiver in depth in terms of their background, training and experience, backed up by a Police Clearance, which gives clients peace of mind, knowing that they can safely leave their loved ones in the hands of a compassionate, trusted professional.

The management team also furnishes clients with Health Clearance certificates for all caregivers, and, ongoing training is also an important part of the quality of home based care any client can expect from a CareChamp caregiver.

Contact CareChamp via their online contact form, or call the team direct to discuss care requirements, you will find that their tailored, affordable home based services are designed not only to suit the personality of individual clients but to suit your schedule and budget!

How much of a difference can companionship make to the life of an elderly person living at home?

In actual fact, it doesn’t matter what age we are, when we feel cut off and isolated from the world for any reason, no matter how strong or self-reliant we are, there is always a risk of anxiety and depression settling in, and, with time, both of these conditions can affect every aspect of our lives.

There has been a lot of emphasis placed on mental health recently in South Africa, encouraging those suffering with depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue, to speak up, and, with statistics that show one in every four people as suffering with varying degrees of depression alone, one can only imagine how easy it is for this to happen to us as we age and the world becomes a little smaller each day.

Because of the huge growth of technology, life has become so fast-paced that there are just not enough hours in the day to keep up with all that is expected of us; working, running a household, caring for children and still trying to find time for a little down time seems to be a delicate balancing act that is often hard to manage.

Add to that an elderly frail loved one, maybe living with dementia or other disabilities, and it becomes a little harder to cope, yet most families prefer to keep their aged loved ones at home, surrounded by the familiar, and the most essential ingredient, love!

If you have a loved one at home who needs elderly frail care, dementia care, disabled care, post-operative care or companionship, having an experienced, compassionate and highly trained home based caregiver at the side of your loved one is going to take a major weight off your shoulders – it is very difficult to concentrate on your business life or job while you are worrying about the safety of your elderly loved one left at home alone!

American scientist Sherwin B Nuland wrote in the 1930’s already that too many of the elderly do not have the family or the communal attachments necessary to feel valued; too many are widowed or otherwise alone; too many live in surroundings where they are essentially without the companionship necessary to stimulate a mind in danger of deteriorating - and it is no less true in the 21st century than it was then!

This is why CareChamp has made sure that over and above the caregiving and home based nursing services offered, they have very special people who are retired, often from the health care profession, who answer the call for companionship of elderly frail people who are alone for much of the time.

CareChamp Companions still feel that they have something to offer this world and have chosen to use their time to ease the loneliness and isolation of the elderly in need of companionship, and do so wholeheartedly!

As with any team member at CareChamp, the backgrounds and credentials of every companion is impeccable, which ensures that your loved one will have the mental stimulation and human company essential to keeping them as engaged in life as possible!

A CareChamp Companion is more than just company, they will accompany and encourage clients to take walks and to maintain the continuance of social gatherings if desired.  Companions will also happily drive clients to doctor’s visits or take them on simple daily routines, as well as take them on outings, the choice is entirely up to the client.

Health and safety is, of course, as with every other service offered by CareChamp, first and foremost!  If necessary, a CareChamp Companion will assist with ensuring that the household is properly run and manage staff or prepare meals if required.

 To find out more about companions for aging or elderly frail loved ones, please contact the management team at CareChamp, they will be more than happy to contribute positively to the life of your loved one!

Do you need the assistance of a trusted, fully qualified home based caregiver?

CareChamp has structured their caregiver and home based nursing services so well that there is a tailored solution to suit every care requirement, schedule and budget, to bring relief to families who are caring for an elderly frail loved one at home, or one who is living with dementia and any other age-related illness or disability.

Many elderly people are still able to remain in their own homes, which is, more than anything else, the one thing that can make the difficulties faced with aging, health and spirit so much easier to accept, surrounded by all that is familiar, however, when parts of their daily routine are upset by an inability to carry out the usual tasks alone, a compassionate, caring and well-trained caregiver can make all the difference in the world.

The philosophy at CareChamp is simple and has been the founding basis for the success they have achieved in making the lives of elderly or disabled people so much easier and companionable.  All caregivers at CareChamp are known as ‘Champs’, and they all reflect this basic philosophy in all they do to ensure the best care for all clients.

This CareChamp policy is based on being capable, honest, attentive, and mindful, and pioneering in all that is done, from the open and honest communication each client has with the management team, to the exceptional care that can be expected of any home based caregiver in their portfolio.

Where it comes to capability, CareChamp management is in constant communication with their Champs, and, as part of this, all caregivers receive training on an ongoing basis, despite their high qualifications and experience – CareChamp believes that if there is a better way to care for any client, it will be used!

The honesty and communication apparent between clients and the management team at CareChamp is extended to their commitment to encouraging all caregivers to maintain a transparency in all their dealings, which are also reflected in the ratings clients submit during the care period.

Attentiveness is a given with any Champ, each is responsible for submitting a detailed care report before they clock out of their shift, which maintains consistency to the care plan as drawn up according each client’s requirements.

Mindfulness is essential when a caregiver is spending time in the home and environment of their client, ensuring that their safety and security is a top priority, and that the client’s privacy will be respected at all times – a Champ is there to assist, not to rearrange any client’s life and home!

The pioneering spirit that drives the management team at CareChamp is filtered through to every caregiver or home based nurse, challenging each team member out in the field to be innovative in their approach towards making every client feel comfortable. 

CareChamp also uses innovative technology in order to ensure that not only do they deliver a streamlined, easy-to-use system, but that they are able to deliver world class home based care services.

It is well worth your time to visit the CareChamp website to find out more about the extensive home based care services offered by this team of professionals who dedicate themselves to the best in care for every client, irrespective of individual care needs and circumstances.

If you have chosen to stay in your own home and need assistance with various day to day tasks, or you have a family member who needs assistance in your home, whether on a full time or part time basis, CareChamp will guide you to a solution that suits every aspect of caregiving!

CareChamp is home to super-star caregivers and home based nursing services in South Africa!

Disabled care? Dementia care or frail elderly care? Companionship for the elderly? Hospital to home care or wound care? Post-operative care?  If you or a loved one needs assistance in dealing with these challenges at home, CareChamp has a tailored solution that will suit you or your family perfectly!

Home based caregiving is the best choice for anyone wishing to remain in the familiarity, safety and security of their own home when managing on their own becomes too much, and it is also a service that allows families caring for an elderly frail loved one at home to have peace of mind as they go about their daily lives, to carry on working and maintaining the home and family.

A CareChamp caregiver is highly trained, experienced and certified, and, to reassure all clients, each caregiver has the necessary health and police clearance, as well as being insured and fully supported by the experienced management team at all times to meet high standards in carrying out care plans.

CareChamp registered nurses assist with the assessment and drawing up of care plans to suit individual care requirements, which are then passed on to the caregiver chosen by the client, having a clear-cut plan to follow as they carry out their duties with compassion and professionalism.

Each CareChamp caregiver is trusted to contribute to maintaining the security and confidentiality of each client, ensuring that the safety of clients and the security of the home is a top priority, along with an inherent care for the belongings and valuables of each client.

This philosophy of absolute respect extends to remaining cognisant of the basic values of each client, including the right of the client to retain their own beliefs and customs, as well as their inalienable right to make their own choices; these are qualities essential to allowing a stranger into their home.

The ability to communicate clearly and to have excellent interpersonal skills is what makes CareChamp caregivers stand head above shoulders of the rest, and, with ongoing training based on innovative approaches to caregiving, there are few caregiver and home based nursing agencies in Cape Town that can hold a candle to the services offered by CareChamp.

Caregivers from CareChamp are able to assist with everything from bathing in the bathroom or with bed baths to personal hygiene and grooming, which includes hair care, shaving, and mouth care as well as nail care – these are the smaller things that add to the comfort and confidence of any elderly client no longer able to carry out these tasks alone.

Exercising, mobility and the safe lifting or handling of patients is all part of the training and experience each CareChamp caregiver is equipped with, to the extent that, if possible and recommended by the family and health practitioner, the caregiver will assist clients to remain involved in recreational activities. 

Maintaining and meeting nutritional needs, meal preparation or feeding, as well as medication reminders and light housekeeping to keep critical areas hygienically clean are all part of the role a CareChamp caregiver can offer clients.

Should your elderly loved one need a little company in order to remain intellectually stimulated and engaged, just someone on their level who can brighten up their day, CareChamp has a wonderful team of companions who will be there to ease the sense of isolation that can lead to depression and anxiety in elderly frail people who become more and more cut off from the outside world.

Whether it is full time, part time or once or twice a week for a few hours, CareChamp will work closely with you to create a care plan and schedule tailored specifically to your needs and the care requirements of your loved one! 

Please do not hesitate to contact this friendly team, they really are an absolute pleasure to deal with and are always available to alleviate the stress of caring for an elderly frail loved one!

The emotional & psychological cost of taking care of a loved one living with dementia is very high!

Having taken the time to speak to family members who opened up about just how tough it is to care for a loved one who is disabled, whether physically or mentally, as in the case of dementia, showed that irrespective of whether they had the patience of a saint or not, the cost is high, taxing everything from mental, emotional and physical reserves to a great extent.

Most of these people have been taking care of elderly frail loved ones who are losing more and more of who they used to be on a daily basis, which in itself is a frightening experience.  The mother or father who loved them and brought them up slips away, leaving only memories of what they used to be like and who they really are beneath the illness, which makes anyone feel utterly helpless.

Frustration was a prevalent emotion shared by many in this caregiving role, and, the fallout from the moments when frustration boils over into anger that is expressed creates a deep sense of guilt, yet, it is one of the most natural reactions to situations like this in which any individual feels completely lost, overwhelmed and out of their depth in an unfamiliar landscape they are ill-equipped to deal with.

Many caregivers in this situation start suffering symptoms of anxiety and depression, all of which can also lead to a situation where the most loving of caregivers will start withdrawing from friends and normal activities, making the situation even more difficult to cope with.

Moments of lucidity feel like a mini reprieve for family members who are sole caregivers of an elderly frail loved one living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, however, these moments are so fleeting that it is heart-breaking.

The frustration and anger that affects many family members taking care of an aging loved one whose behaviour deteriorates rapidly, resulting in stubbornness, anger, lashing out and sometimes downright nastiness, which are all a manifestation of symptoms associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s, can be incredibly challenging to deal with without any support.

Even being sole caregiver of an elderly frail loved one who has lost all independence and now has to rely on others to do the things they were always able to do for themselves, can turn into a constant battleground as they fight the reality of all they have lost.

Most families cannot afford the exorbitant costs of frail care facilities, and the majority would prefer to have their loved ones under their own roof anyway, which is why CareChamp has made it easy for any family member who is taking on too much alone and sacrificing their own wellbeing to have a team of caregivers they can rely on to take some of the pressure off, with flexible schedules that allow caregivers to get the helping hand they deserve.

Just a few hours a day a few days a week can make all the difference to any family member managing the caregiving role alone, giving them precious time to take a breath and to recharge their spirits, to catch up on things that have been put off while trying to cope, and even to keep contact with friends and family to shore up reserves for the next round of caring!

Everything you need to know about the trusted, exceptionally high quality of home care offered by the caregivers and companions who are members of the CareChamp portfolio is available on their website, where you will be able to find out exactly why so many clients have absolute peace of mind when leaving a loved one in the care of a really special CareChamp caregiver!

Superb home health care & technology makes access to exceptional caregivers & companions absolute simplicity!

The highly qualified and experienced management team at CareChamp combined their respective areas of expertise in private hospitals and home nursing placements, as well as high level Care Giver training through NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, with Business Technology and Operational Management to bring a streamlined system into being that would provide an exceptional standard of home nursing services and caregivers easy to access online.

The philosophy behind all that this team does is to enable elderly frail people and disabled people to have access to outstanding patient care, along with all the tools needed to do so successfully, that will allow them to remain in the comfort and security of their own home or the home of a family member.

As a result of the high standard of education and experience expected of all CareChamp caregivers, registered nurses and companions, there is no home based care service in South Africa that can hold a candle to the very best care offered by CareChamp.

You can rest assured that, as difficult as it is to make the decision to allow a stranger into your family home, and to entrust the care of your loved one into their hands,  each caregiver at CareChamp has more than just the highest qualification, they are also insured and fully supported by the CareChamp registered nursing team.

CareChamp caregivers, companions and registered nurses carrying out home based services all have police and health clearance certificates that back up the rigorous background check each team member goes through.

Ongoing training is as natural as breathing at CareChamp, and, as technology advances and great strides are made in the health-care sector for elderly frail people and those with physical and mental disabilities, CareChamp caregivers are encouraged to take a completely innovative approach to each client in order to perfectly align with their care requirements and personalities.

Talking about personalities, once you have contacted CareChamp and decided that you would like to make use of their flexible and affordable services, you will be sent the profile of up to five caregivers so that you are able to select the caregiver who will suit your loved one perfectly to make them feel completely at ease, even under such challenging circumstances.

The management team at CareChamp, Sylvia and Gizelle, work hand in hand with a support team of highly experienced Registered Nursing Professionals who are involved in many aspects of the care programmes, from carrying out home nursing assessments to the creation of care plans to suit every CareChamp client, available to act as support at all times should any caregiver need any support.

 CareChamp home caregiver services are affordable and flexible, making it easy for any family or individual to work out a schedule that not only covers all care requirements but also makes it a lot easier to work within a given budget.

Caregiver and companion services start at a minimum of four hours in a day to fulltime live-in care, so that no matter what type of assistance you or your loved one needs, CareChamp will have a solution to suit everyone perfectly!

Even if you cannot afford full-time care, just a few hours a week will make all the difference to you and your loved one; CareChamp is there to lend a helping hand, and to do it with such compassion and professionalism that their service is unrivalled in South Africa!

Fill in the online form or contact the team, a member of the fantastic support team at CareChamp will be available to assist you through each step that will make life easier for you and comfortable for your loved one!