Don’t go it alone to find a caregiver for an elderly frail or disabled loved one, call CareChamp!

If you have ever spent a couple of weeks or months recovering from an illness or surgery, then you will be able to relate to the frustration that comes with not being completely independent and perhaps have even experienced a sense of isolation that may have brought about mild depression, however, once you have recovered you will be out and about your normal daily life and pick up the pieces quickly, and all of that frustration will be forgotten.

This is not the case for the elderly who may start finding that ordinary things like cooking, cleaning and even taking care of their own personal hygiene becoming more and more difficult, and, as much as anyone else, they are going to want to cling to their independence for as long as possible – most parents who are aging or frail do not want to become a burden to anyone, it’s just one of those things that come with having been independent their whole lives!

When you have a parent who is starting to exhibit signs of dementia, or of being too frail to be left entirely on their own, there are going to be some tough conversations to be had about how life could be made a lot easier for them if they want to remain in surroundings that are familiar to them.

No one wants to go into a frail care facility, but not many families have anyone who can stay at home to assist with frail care and take on all the duties involved in frail care, dementia care or disabled care, which is where CareChamp has a solution that ensures that your loved one has the highest standard of home care possible!

Every caregiver at CareChamp has had a high level of home care training as well as experience in private homes, hospitals and retirement homes, in addition to which, these are all very special individuals who have a calling to help others, which is not something all of us could do any more than we would become policemen or doctors.

CareChamp caregivers, companions and registered nurses all have the compassion, patience and experience to manage situations most of us would find extremely difficult, especially when it comes to looking after our loved ones as they age. 

Our own sense of helplessness can sometimes cause more friction in the family than is necessary during this stage of life, and it is a relief to know that there are special professionals who know how to care for our elderly frail loved ones, and who have a passion for what they do!

CareChamp caregivers are there to assist your loved one with everything from medication reminders to mobility exercises, nutritional needs, bathroom assistance and more, while CareChamp companions spend time with your loved one to stave off isolation, lack of intellectual stimulation and conversation, which often leads to depression in the elderly.

CareChamp services are flexible and affordable, designed to make life easier for everyone by offering care that could range anywhere from 4 hours a day a few times a week, to 24/7 live-in care – this team is committed to finding a care solution to suit every clients care requirements and budget!

Don’t put yourself through the strain of trying to find the right person to care for your elderly frail loved one on your own, that’s what CareChamp is there for! You can rely on this team to help you select the perfect caregiver or companion that will make it easier for your loved one to accept the help they need, and to know that they will have trusted care!

Visit CareChamp to find out more about what their happy clients have to say about this team and to find out more about how to find the help you need without any extra stress!

Did you know that you can find the highest standard of home care online at CareChamp?

When you need frail care, disabled care, dementia care or even companionship for an elderly loved one, finding the assistance you need on your own can be a real challenge.  You may only need help a few days a week, or require full-time assistance with a loved one, but finding someone with the necessary qualifications, experience and background is not that easy.

You will have to do interviews and background checks, especially since you will be bringing the person you hire into your own home or into the home of your loved one, which means that you will be looking for a lot of assurance about the safety and security of the family, as well as whether the caregiver you are looking for will suit an elderly frail or disabled loved one.

This is a tall order for anyone, which is why CareChamp has taken charge of all these details and only bring the best caregivers onto their team and into their online portfolio.  CareChamp is proud of their reputation for providing trusted services that include caregivers, registered nurses and nannies, in order to make sure that they carry their commitment to provide the highest calibre of home care possible in South Africa.

The management team at CareChamp are professionals who have spent many years in private hospitals and in home nursing placements, with a team of professional nursing sisters available in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth on standby to do assessments and draw up treatment plans for each client.

These sisters are also involved in carrying out initial assessments of clients and then working out a treatment schedule that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, and to assist caregivers or companions with any guidance that may be needed while caring for a client.

CareChamp caregivers are fully qualified, having received their training and Care Giver Certificates from NIDO Nursing Pty Ltd, in addition to which they are carefully vetted and, as mentioned, always have the support of the CareChamp nursing team.

All non-medical services are carried out by certified caregivers, however, should you require assistance with wound care or the management of medication, along with other services that can be discussed as a care plan is set in place, CareChamp registered nurses step in to carry out medical assistance.

To start this far simpler process of finding a trusted caregiver or companion for your elderly frail, mentally or physically disabled loved one is really as easy as filling in the online form at CareChamp, giving the team your contact details and a bit of background to the type of care your loved one may need, and a member of the team will get back to you very quickly to take it from there.

It is hard enough to have to watch your aging loved one struggling without still having to jump through hoops to find the type of care that will keep your loved one safe and give you peace of mind that they are in good hands, which is exactly why CareChamp has tried to make the whole process as simple as possible.

The management team at CareChamp take all the administrative work off your shoulders, making sure that all scheduling is well-planned, carrying out GPS assisted check-in and check-out times and making sure that you are provided with daily care reports.  Of course, they also like to know how things are going from your point of view so that the communication channel is always open between caregiver, client and the management team.

CareChamp is committed to offering flexible, affordable home care that will suit your care requirements and schedule perfectly, making every effort to ensure that your elderly frail or disabled loved one is given the high standard of care they deserve.

Contact CareChamp today to find out more about how they can help to make life a little easier for your family in caring for your loved one!


When you need the best in home care services in Cape Town, only CareChamp will fit the bill!

Affordable, fully tailored home care service plans and the highest level in caregiving is the philosophy that drives the team at CareChamp to keep pushing the boundaries in terms of offering disabled care, frail care, dementia care, child care, hospital-to-home care and home nursing services that stand head above shoulders of the rest.

Each caregiver, companion, nanny or registered nurse who is a member of the portfolio at CareChamp reflects the commitment of the management team to deliver affordable yet high quality home care services that enable clients to age peacefully and comfortably in the familiarity of their own homes.

The loss of independence experienced by many of our seniors is one of the most difficult things to come to terms with, but, with the right person taking the right approach, bringing a caregiver into your family, whether it is on a full or part-time basis, is going to make a major difference to the frustration that comes with having to deal with these changes brought about by disability, frailty or chronic illness.

CareChamp has registered nurses as part of their portfolio who are able to manage the medical side of home care services in terms of initially assessing your loved one, and then creating a workable care plan that will make life a lot easier for all concerned.

The CareChamp registered nurses provide home nursing services such as wound care, administration of medication, oxygen therapy, catheter care and nasogastric tube feeding.  It is also important to know that every CareChamp caregiver has instant access to a registered nurse or sister should any questions arise regarding the care of your loved one.

CareChamp keeps an open line of communication with clients, ensuring that you have weekly updates through the submission of care reports, and the management team at CareChamp love to have their caregivers and companions rated regularly in order to maintain the high standards this team holds itself accountable to.

The CareChamp team have made reserving a caregiver or companion really easy, it is a simple process that can be done online by filling in a form that gives CareChamp your contact details, a bit of background to the situation, what your care requirements will be, and one or two other bits of information to get everything in motion, or, you can simply give CareChamp a call, they will be more than happy to guide you to the best solution for the situation you or your family are facing.

Your CareChamp caregiver or companion will not come to you sight unseen, based on the information you have provided the team with, they will send you the profiles of up to three Champs suitable for the role they need to play in caring for your loved one, and you pick the one that most suits your loved one – which also gives you an idea of who it is that you will be allowing into your home.

Allow the team at CareChamp to introduce you to exceptional caregivers, companions and nannies who will care for your loved ones in such a way that they will contribute to a happier, healthier lifestyle for your loved one when they need the help most!

How to ensure that our frail aged loved ones live as well as possible in the comfort of their own home!

To say the very least, it is heart-rending to watch the difficulties our loved ones are facing as they age, that feeling of helplessness is one of the hardest things to deal with.  Watching someone we once knew as being full of life and fiercely independent slowly lose that independence and spring in their step is highly stressful, for you, your family and your aging loved one, and the last thing you would consider is putting them in a frail care facility – home is always going to be the best option, but, it can also place a tremendous amount of pressure on you and your family, especially if there is illness or lack of mobility involved in the situation.

We watch as they may begin to experience memory loss, which leaves us feeling lost as well, or frailty and a chronic disease limits their ability to do even the simplest of things, leading to further loss of independence, and if there is one thing most of us fear, elderly or not, it is losing the independence not only to take care of what used to be simple, everyday tasks, but to get out and about in the world to remain connected to friends and outside interests.

Even tasks like bathing or cooking can become difficult to manage, and, in each of us there is that spark that simply does not want to acknowledge these limitations that memory loss, chronic illness, disability or frailty bring, which makes bringing a stranger in as a caregiver more an emotional decision than a practical one.

However, provided that the subject is approached with sensitivity, there is a helping hand available from the compassionate team of caregivers and companions at CareChamp.  This is a team that has been highly trained to respect the privacy and rights of every client, to maintain as much of their independence as possible, born of a natural compassion that has its outlet in helping elderly frail seniors, or those with disabilities, to navigate the new stage of life they have entered, with grace.

A CareChamp caregiver really is there to help wherever it is needed, from assisting with bathing or bed baths to giving a gentle helping hand to assist clients to retain their dignity through maintaining personal hygiene, grooming and appearance.

These may seem like simple, routine aspects of life, but for an elderly frail or chronically ill aged loved one, dealing with depression can become very real, and these simple acts have a positive impact in raising the spirits of your loved one under difficult circumstances.

Another very important aspect to helping your aging loved one to manage the anxiety, frustration and depression that often affects us as we lose our independence, is in knowing that the CareChamp caregiver you have chosen to take care of your loved one will also be able to assist in exercise activities, as well as the safe use of appliances and aids for mobility – these aids for mobility, if it is possible to use them, retain some form of independence for your loved one despite the circumstances.

Keeping aging family members actively involved in recreational activities is essential if it is possible, and it is here that you and your loved one will find the assistance of a caregiver invaluable! CareChamp has used their combination of high level caregiving and technology to also provide clients the opportunity to use their UBER business profile, which is strictly controlled according to the UBER credits you may purchase – this is a wonderful way to ensure that if it is possible, your loved one will still be able to get out and about despite the challenges they are facing.

Let the team at CareChamp understand your family’s care requirements, create a tailored care plan and then offer you the highest level of home care services in South Africa to ensure that our aged loved ones live as well as possible in the comfort of their own home!

High quality home care services, homecare furniture and mobility aids – expect full service at CareChamp for frail care.

Coming from a professional background spanning many years in the private hospital and home care placement sectors, high level training through Nido Nursing, which is the most trusted caregiving college sending out top notch caregivers throughout  South Africa, as well as a background in Business Technology, the management team at CareChamp has put together a portfolio of extraordinary caregivers, companions and registered nurses that have already raised home care services to the highest level possible.

None of us want anything less than the best in care for our frail elderly loved ones, especially if there is a chronic illness, disability or dementia that makes life a lot more challenging for the whole family in managing their roles as caregivers.

Taking care of a loved one in need of frail care, disabled care or dementia care can be overwhelming for even the most patient and loving family member.  Taking on the role of caregiver can lead to extreme stress, anxiety, loss of interest in doing the things you used to, frustration and even heading towards depression, especially if you are caring for a loved one who is living with dementia, or is having a hard time accepting whatever limitations may come about as a result of the loss of independence.

What CareChamp can do for you and your loved one works wonders in keeping you’re loved one safely at home with a certified, highly qualified caregiver who takes an intuitive and compassionate interest in caring for your loved one according to your requirements, always keeping in mind that each client has their own way of wanting anything done.

CareChamp home care services give you the peace of mind to attend to your professional obligations, keeping the home and family running, as well as being able to take well deserved time out to recharge your batteries, knowing that your love one is in caring, capable and well trained hands.

Aside from the fact that each CareChamp caregiver has undergone thorough training through NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd, the philosophy at CareChamp is that training is an ongoing necessity, in addition to which, the management team encourages all caregivers to implement innovative ideas that will lead to making each client feel completely comfortable in their own home, clearly understood and respected.

Each CareChamp caregiver is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the safety and security of the client, ensuring that not only is your loved one kept safe but that all valuables are treated with the same respect as each client is given in terms of confidentiality and privacy.

CareChamp also sells and rents out high quality homecare furniture and mobility aids, all of which can be delivered nationwide, although, because CareChamp is based in Cape Town, deliveries to other centres will take just a little longer.

If you are renting any homecare furniture or mobility aid, CareChamp will give you a reminder two weeks before the rental period is over in order to arrange collection, and, should you decide that you would like to purchase the item you have hired, CareChamp will give back 50% of the price!

This team even goes as far as assisting clients to find a handyman in their area should they require assistance, a service which is as sterling as their home care services are!

Every home care service you need in order to improve the quality of life for a loved one who is frail, disabled, ill or living with dementia, is available from the team at CareChamp, whether it is on a full-time or part-time basis, there is always a helping hand available at CareChamp!

CareChamp provides home care services tailored to meet your care requirements, schedule & budget.

CareChamp is an online provider of caregivers and home care services for elderly, frail and disabled clients who do not wish to leave the comfort, security and familiarity of their own home when it becomes difficult to negotiate daily routines, or get around, as easily as they are used to.

Learning to ask for help when frustration overshadows caring for a loved one living with dementia.

To say that it can be challenging, or downright frustrating at times when you are caring for someone living with dementia or Alzheimer’s is putting it mildly!  No matter how much you love the person you are caring for, frustration is going to start pecking at your spirit and your psyche before too long, which is when you need to step back, take a good look at the situation and accept that the frustration you are feeling is absolutely normal!

You are not a Saint, no matter how patient you are as an individual, caring for someone you love as their memories start slipping away is painful enough as it is, but the guilt you may start storing up in your system each time you feel frustration building up could easily start you down the slippery slope of depression, which is the last thing you need in a situation that is tough enough on its own.

Believe it or not, once you start acknowledging that frustration is a normal and valid emotional response to the complexities of being a caregiver to someone you love, you will be able to start looking for positive ways in which to approach these feelings, before they start having serious consequences for you or the person you are caring for.

There are many techniques that you can explore to find the balance you need in order to cope, especially when you reach such a point of frustration that it starts having a negative impact on your health or causes you to become aggressive and angry towards the loved one you are caring for.

The ability to distinguish between what is isn’t in your power to change is essential in dealing with feelings of frustration, exhaustion and a sense of failure – we all want to feel that we have the power to cope with the debilitating changes that occur when a loved one is living with dementia, but, none of us is superhuman, and if you try to be, you are going to struggle a lot more than if you take a good look at what you can do to make your life as a caregiver a little easier.

There are so many little situations that you cannot control when caring for someone with dementia, even the most normal of daily activities such as eating, bathing and dressing can become totally frustrating; add to this the fact that your loved one asks the same questions over and over again, or wanders off the moment you turn your back, and you have the perfect recipe for physical and emotional exhaustion.

One of the greatest lessons to learn, other than recognising the warning signs of frustration and learning to calm yourself or communicate assertively, is to accept that you are going to need help in order to remain useful to your loved one!

There are many steps that you can learn to take to make the journey of caring for a loved one with dementia easier, for both of you, but the most critical step to take is to reach out your hand and say ‘I need help!’.

You cannot do it all on your own, and accepting that it is okay to let go a little and let in those who are able to help is all part of giving yourself permission to be the best possible version of yourself as a loving caregiver, and one of the ways in which you can do this is to find a trusted, professional caregiver to take on some of the daily tasks, so that you get the breaks you need and deserve.

This is why the management team at CareChamp put together a portfolio of trusted caregivers in Cape Town who are passionate about their role in caring for others and are highly trained in dealing with clients living with dementia, or those in need of frail care.

The caregivers at CareChamp have all received the highest level of training possible in caregiving and are trusted implicitly by clients to respect their privacy, maintain their safety and security in the familiarity of their own home.

Caring for any loved one who is in need of disabled care, frail care, dementia care or care due to a chronic, debilitating illness, will be a challenging journey if you try to take it on alone; allow yourself to take a break when you need it by contacting the management team at CareChamp to set up a care routine and plan that will bring you, your family and your loved one the relief you all deserve!

The best caregivers, registered nurses & caring companions are all proud members of the CareChamp family!

The founding principles that drive the team at CareChamp centre completely on offering top quality homecare along with absolute safety and security for every client who requires an exceptional caregiver or companion in order to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home as they age, or deal with physical and mental disabilities, whether brought about through aging or illness!

CareChamp has achieved this admirably and successfully, earning an exceptional reputation for being a team that can be relied on to provide solutions to suit the care requirements of each client perfectly via an online platform that streamlines the entire process of finding highly trained caregivers, companions and professional registered nurses to suit the individual needs of diverse clients.

The management team at CareChamp works with each client to provide affordable, tailor-made solutions designed to suit client care requirements on many levels, from post-operative care to frail care, dementia care, disabled care or companionship, as well as the highest level in trained childcare nannies available in South Africa.

CareChamp caregivers are able to carry out a full range of services in order to lend a helping hand to those in need of homecare, whether it is on a part-time or full-time basis, offering care that can be relied on at all times; when you book a caregiver through CareChamp, you can have absolute confidence in the fact that your caregiver will be there, on time, every time!

CareChamp understands the stress that caring for an elderly frail loved one can cause, especially when you are worried about their safety while you are at work or out running errands necessary to keep the home going, which is why they have made their caregiving services affordable and flexible.

A caregiver from CareChamp is trained to provide bathroom assistance for bathing, as well as being able to manage bed baths, depending on the requirements of individual clients.  CareChamp caregivers also assist clients in their care to maintain their personal appearance and grooming in order to help them to retain their dignity.

For anyone living with dementia, disability, chronic illness or struggling with the loss of independence due to frailty as they age, having a caregiver to assist with simple things that have become challenging, like haircare, shaving and nail care, is of great value to remaining positive in situations that could easily lead to depression.

CareChamp caregivers assist with keeping clients engaged in doing prescribed exercises, helping clients to use any aids for mobility as well as assisting them to remain involved with any recreational activities that allow them to retain a sense of engagement with life.

The duties that can be carried out by CareChamp caregivers in Cape Town, and in other major centres throughout South Africa, are fully comprehensive, allowing them to fulfil many roles which include everything from light housekeeping to ensure the hygiene in critical areas to meal preparation and taking the client out to do shopping or remain involved in uplifting group activities.

If you would like to find out more about caregivers, companions or registered nurses from CareChamp and their offering of the highest standard of homecare in South Africa, please do not hesitate to call on this dynamic team for their warm and professional guidance.


Read more about the scope of work of our registered nurses...

Contact CareChamp for the very best Nannies and Au Pairs in Cape Town!

Unless you have a large family around you willing to step in to assist with caring for your loved one while you attend to your responsibilities outside of the home, whether it is in caring for your toddler or elderly frail loved one at home, you will need to find a trusted professional in order to function out in the world, without constantly worrying about what is happening at home!

Where it comes to placing the safety and care of our children into the hands of what will always initially be a virtual stranger, CareChamp has done all the homework for clients by carrying out thorough background checks, which include health and police clearance certificates, to give you absolute peace of mind that your child is in the care of an experienced, highly trained nanny!

CareChamp offers high level, exceptional au pair, nanny and babysitting services in Cape Town, each available to fulfil duties according to the requirements of individual clients.  CareChamp takes care of all the nitty-gritty administrative tasks that are required when families hire an au pair or nanny. Whether assistance is required long-term, part-time or full-time, CareChamp will have a caregiver to suit your needs perfectly!

There are obviously differences in the qualifications of CareChamp Au Pair services in Cape Town and their Nanny services in Cape Town, the main ones being that:

CareChamp Nannies are better suited to infant and child care as, although they have a more basic level of education, they often have children of their own and bring with them the maternal instinct every infant and toddler really needs while Mom and Dad are away from home.  Most CareChamp Nannies in Cape Town are willing to assist with household tasks during their time with your little one, however, it is important for parents to understand that the care and well-being of each infant or child will always come first!

CareChamp Au Pairs in Cape Town are usually in the process of continuing higher education or have just completed their studies, interested in childcare and looking for part-time opportunities to suit this interest. CareChamp will assist you in finding the perfect infant care expert, toddler or pre-school expert, as well as qualified home-school teachers or tutors, all of which fall under the services available from CareChamp Au Pairs.

CareChamp has taken all the hassle out of finding the right nanny or au pair for your infants, toddlers and older children, allowing you to take a deep breath and relax, knowing that your little ones are in the safest, most capable hands possible.

In addition to these services, should you need a qualified, professional caregiver to assist your family with frail care, disabled care, dementia care, post-operative care, as well as companionship for an aged member of the family who may be feeling isolated, please do not hesitate to contact CareChamp, they are always available to lend a flexible, affordable hand when you need it most!

Visit the user-friendly CareChamp website today to find out more about how this exceptional team can assist you in selecting the perfect style of caregiver for your family, or contact the management team for a free, no obligation quote that will make keeping your child or elderly loved ones safe an absolute pleasure!


People living with disabilities may need support with activities such as personal care, mobility and daily activities.

CareChamp offers support and care for people with disabilities in order to maintain an independent and safe lifestyle. If you need long term care or just someone for a few hours or a weekend, our Champs will be able to assist you.

Postoperative Care

We assist clients who are recovering from surgery or an illness with daily care needs and can also provide a professional nurse to help with medical needs such as wound care.  Appropriate postoperative care can minimise complications and support the recovery process.  We can assist with short or long term care/nursing needs, so if you need a daily care provider/nurse for a certain time or just someone for a few hours, our Champs will be able to assist you.


When Dementia Patients realise that their mental abilities are declining, they often feel vulnerable and begin to need support and reassurance.  

CareChamp can assist people with dementia in supporting them with their daily needs and caring for them throughout the dementia progression. We offer short and long term dementia care needs, so if you need a permanent care provider or just someone for a few hours or a weekend, our Champs will be able to assist you.


Frail Care at home allows an elder person to stay in their familiar surroundings, while a care provider assists the client with the following: Bathroom assistance; Personal Hygiene, Mobility / Exercises; Pressure Care; Nutrition; Medication reminders; Light housekeeping


Our Companion Champs usually spend a couple of hours per week with your elderly relative or friend; motivate and intellectually stimulate and assist with managing the household or personal tasks where needed.


Bathroom assistance; Personal Hygiene, Mobility / Exercises; Pressure Care; Nutrition; Medication reminders; Light housekeeping

A trusted caregiver can make all the difference to caring for elderly frail loved ones at home!

Life moves at such speed that we can barely keep up with simply getting the basics done each day, balancing work and family while we try to get a little ‘time-out’ in as well that for many of us it feels like there are never enough hours in the day to get it all done!

It gets even worse when we get older and simply can’t keep up with the frenetic pace of life, or when someone we love gets to an age where frailty or chronic illness becomes a daily battlefield in every sense, from the physical to mental and emotional.

To make matters worse, most of us don’t want to ask for help, especially when it means giving up some of our independence, or, if you are taking care of a loved one in need of frail care, admitting that you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and headed for depression, either way, it just seem so hard to ask for help!

We all want to believe we are strong enough to do everything ourselves and are also afraid that if we do ask for help, it will mean that we are weak.  It’s not, in fact, knowing when to reach out for help is a sign of strength, an acknowledgement that taking care of ourselves is as vital to caring for someone we love, as it is to maintain a healthy relationship with our loved one.

Bringing in a stranger to assist with caregiving is always a challenge, but, if you start with small steps you will soon wonder why you didn’t try it before!  Staying at home is something we all want as we age, and today a far greater percentage of elderly, frail adults are choosing to stay at home rather than go into frail care facilities, with the result that caregiving has become a specialised field that is in great demand.

CareChamp was established to make staying at home a lot easier for elderly frail adults, whether it is on a full-time or part-time basis, and for families who have taken on the role of caregiving, a professional caregiver can bring a breath of fresh air, along with a helping hand to take some of the strain off your shoulders.

Caregivers from CareChamp are highly trained, and, based on strict background vetting on every level, bring a sense of security and safety into the lives of every client they take care of.  CareChamp ensures that each caregiver has passed their caregiving studies at Nido Nursing with the highest level of competency, and has the relevant police and health clearance necessary to instil confidence in all CareChamp clients.

CareChamp offers the highest standard in caregiving in Cape Town, which is their home-base, as well as in other major centres throughout South Africa via their close professional association with Nido Nursing (Pty) Ltd.

Although, as said previously, letting a stranger into your home is a challenging decision, CareChamp has made it a simple process, taking into account your care requirements and then forwarding you the profiles of at least five really special caregivers in their portfolio, giving you the option to choose the caregiver that would most make you or your loved one feel completely at ease.

CareChamp caregivers are available to assist on many levels; they can come in a few hours or days a week in order to give you respite, or on a daily basis for a specific period of time; you will know exactly what is required, and, if you need to take it step by step until you feel confident in your choice, CareChamp will assist you by creating a tailor-made care plan that starts with small steps within flexible routines.

Put your needs first, whether you are the one in need of a little assistance or taking care of a loved one on your own – you deserve to have the load lightened a little, and CareChamp is there to lend that special helping hand!

Once you have taken that first step and reached out to CareChamp, you will find the rest of the journey with this team of caring professionals an absolute pleasure.

Visit the CareChamp website today to find out just how easy it is to find the right helping hand to reach for when taking care of a loved one in need of frail care, or just a little companionship to alleviate any sense of isolation that can set in as we age!

Look no further than CareChamp for the best home-based care for elderly people living at home!

Looking for the best caregivers and companions in South Africa for elderly, frail or disabled people who wish to stay in their own home?  Look no further than CareChamp!

CareChamp offers safe and secure top quality home-based services via an online platform that gives you access to caregivers who are fully qualified, supported by a registered nursing team who work with the CareChamp management team and clients to create a care plan that meets individual client requirements.

CareChamp also offers the services of companions for elderly people who are no longer able to get out and about, bringing in much needed intellectual and emotional support to lessen any sense of isolation that comes with a loss of independence.

The management team at CareChamp is committed to providing flexible and affordable solutions that assist clients to age in place, surrounded by all that is familiar to them, instead of being placed in the unfamiliar and impersonal environment of a care facility.

And it's not just in patient care that CareChamp excels along with their exceptional team of Champs, they have also made it easy to rent or buy various mobility aids and home-care furniture that will improve your quality of life or that of your elderly, frail loved one!

CareChamp has a philosophy that centres on ongoing training for their Champs, fostering an open channel of honest and open communication, between the CareChamp management team and their Champs, as well as between clients and CareChamp.

Mindfulness of the home and environment of each client is part of being a Champ, and part of the philosophy at CareChamp is also to challenge and encourage each caregiver to be innovative in their approach to making life more comfortable for seniors and those living with disabilities.

When you choose CareChamp caregivers and companions, you choose peace of mind and quality of life for the whole family!

Let CareChamp give you the respite you need to be a good caregiver to a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Being the sole caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a one way ticket to experiencing extremely high levels of stress, no matter how much you love the person or how much patience you have as an individual, the stress can become so overwhelming that it begins to affect you in ways you may not have thought possible.

The inherent stress of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can easily lead to burnout, even if you are an absolute angel, and it's learning to read the signs of burnout before they take a permanent hold on you that is really important to maintaining a healthy mental and physical balance.

Even the most courageous of us can become so worn out that we start withdrawing from our usual day to day activities, anxiety about what will happen if your loved one falls or hurts themselves, which can easily head down the slippery slope to depression and feelings of simply not being able to cope.

It's important to you and your loved one that you recognise the signs of caregiver stress early and find constructive ways of managing them before they take hold and affect the quality of life in the whole family!

Being a better caregiver means taking good care of yourself first, making sure that you eat well, exercise and get as much rest as possible, and finding time for yourself should be top of your list!  

Let CareChamp offer you respite care that can be arranged to suit your schedule, even if it's just for a few hours a couple of days a week; knowing that your loved one is safely cared for by a trained caregiver is going to give you a much needed break in which to recharge your batteries and reconnect with life.

Don't let caregiver stress get the better of you when you have a fantastic team like CareChamp available to offer you and your loved one a better quality of life with trusted, professional respite care!

Home-based caregivers VS frail-care facilities for seniors – where do you stand?

Quality yet affordable elderly and frail care facilities are becoming harder and harder to come by, making home-based caregivers an affordable option that offers a level of safety, security and personal comfort for anyone struggling with issues related to ageing at home.

Familiarity with our surroundings makes it a little easier to deal with the loss of any independence that can result from ageing and the attending challenges we are no longer able to cope with on our own, making a team like CareChamp and their qualified caregivers a perfect alternative to being uprooted and placed in a frail care facility!

CareChamp works with clients to assess client care needs through their registered nurses, working with the family create an appropriate care plan to offer flexible, affordable solutions for access to professional home-based caregivers of the highest standard possible in South Africa.

It only takes one call, or the filling in of an online contact form to start the process of finding a caregiver who not only matches your personal choice, but is also highly qualified and receives ongoing training via the management team at CareChamp.

Once a client or family member contacts CareChamp, the team tailors home-care services to the specific needs of each client, for instance, if a client only needs a caregiver for a few hours of help a day to assist with meal preparation, personal hygiene or getting to a doctor's appointment, CareChamp is able to offer affordable assistance that could save a small fortune compared to nursing home costs.

Ageing at home increases our feelings of dignity, affects our level of mental health and offers a quality of life that cannot be replicated in an aged care facility; the sense of retaining some semblance of independence while still feeling safe at home is of incalculable value for seniors.

Let CareChamp assist you with maintaining a good quality of life as you age at home, or give your ageing parent living with dementia or any other disability the security of being cared for by a carefully vetted caregiver who has chosen caring for others as their life's vocation!