When you hire a caregiver or companion for an aging parent, make sure you choose only the best


As one of the most highly rated and trusted caregivers and home based nursing agency in Cape Town, CareChamp has created and tailored home based services that are designed to make it easier for elderly frail and disabled people to stay in their own homes, if possible, or to live with their families.

The major categories of services offered by CareChamp include elderly frail care, disabled care and dementia care in Cape Town, as well as in all major centres throughout South Africa. 

The CareChamp caregivers are highly qualified and experienced, which gives them the necessary skills to deal with the most challenging aspects of home based care.

Armed with an exceptional degree of training from NIDO Nursing Pty Ltd, which comes with a lot of experience gained by working in private hospitals and with private patients, CareChamp caregivers have the ability to make life as easy as possible for elderly people living at home.

These caregivers have been given all the tools necessary to provide excellent patient care, and to meet the care requirements for every client with a tailored care plan, which is initially set up by the nursing staff.

Recognising the need for companionship for the elderly who are stuck at home alone all day, CareChamp enlisted the help of intelligent, caring and compassionate companions, with a passion for contributing to improving the quality of life for people who are living an increasingly isolated life.

Without stimulation of the mind the elderly often face a diminished ability to communicate effectively with the family and in social situations.

Loneliness really does take an immense toll on the mental and psychological well-being of anyone left without the stimulation of good company on a regular basis.

Introducing the right companion to your parent can have a profoundly positive impact on his or her life, acting not only as mental stimulation, but also as a way of staving off feelings of anxiety and depression.

CareChamp companions are recruited mostly from the ranks of retired health care professionals who have dedicated their time to bring mental stimulation to many and to bring to them a better quality of life.

A companion doesn’t only provide mental stimulation by way of conversation or sharing a favourite hobby or pastime with an elderly person sitting at home alone most of the time.

They are also able to assist the client to get to shops, hairdressing or doctors’ appointments.

If your parent is still in good health and needs assistance to get to the golf course for a round or two of golf, or enjoys social activities such as bowls or regular rounds of coffee with old friends, a companion fills the slot perfectly.

A CareChamp companion will also dig in when necessary to make sure that the staff are keeping the household running smoothly, and that everything is done to ensure that health and safety takes first place in all that they do.

You’ll find that if the companion spending time with your elderly parent prepares a meal when requested, he or she will definitely be eating well, taking care to stick to any dietary restrictions that may apply!

Whether the care requirements for your elderly or disabled parent needs the services of a caregiver or a companion, speak to the highly professional management team at CareChamp to work out an affordable care plan for your loved one.

This health care plan will be tailored to meet all the care your parent requires and to meet your budgetary constraints, making it easy to enlist the best in home services in South Africa!