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If you have chosen to care for an elderly frail or disabled parent at home, home, there will be a great deal of stress to face, on an emotional and psychological level, which can be relieved by engaging a caregiver on a full-time or part-time basis.

Home care managed by a well-trained caregiver who comes highly recommended by clients will make all the difference to the pressure that juggling a schedule that includes managing a home, maintaining an often necessary role as a breadwinner, or becoming a full-time caregiver to a loved one.

The worst thing for anyone is to sit at the office and worry about whether a beloved parent is safe at home.

A parent living with Alzheimer’s is a real challenge too, as it is difficult for him or her to manage the simplest of tasks, such as switching off a stove or iron after use, bringing in an element of danger to the situation.

Physical disabilities and frailty are just as challenging to deal with if you’re wearing too many hats just to keep bread on the table in order to make life a little easier, and to keep things running smoothly in the home.

Bringing your parent home is a major decision, but it’s one that many South African families are opting for, rather than putting their loved one into an expensive frail care facility, where one can never be certain of the level of care being given.

Enabling elderly frail or disabled people to stay in the comfort of a home that is familiar and safe is a role that is taken very seriously by the management team at CareChamp and their highly trained caregivers.

Being able to stay at home encourages elderly parents to maintain a higher level of comfort and independence, as well as contributing to the prevention of depression and anxiety by increasing quality of life.

While it’s never easy to bring a stranger into the home to assist with the care of a loved one, CareChamp streamlines the transition by providing clients with the profiles of up to five caregivers who’ll be ideal candidates to take care of your loved one.

Once you receive these suggestions, you’ll be able to make your own decision about the caregiver you believe would suit your loved one and their care requirements perfectly.