Commitment to excellence is the foundation of all home care services offered by CareChamp


CareChamp was started through the passionate commitment of a management team that fully recognised that it could improve the quality of life for elderly frail people to remain in their own home.

Disabled care and dementia care calls for experience, patience and a passion for their profession on the part of any caregiver.

Whether families need a caregiver to bring exceptional skills along for quality disabled care, frail care or dementia care, each client is assessed in order to determine the level of care that may be required.

These CareChamp caregivers, assisted by registered nurses, are available to help out on a permanent or part-time basis.

Flexibility is the watchword with this experienced management team who have themselves been professionally involved with private hospitals and home nursing placements for many years.

As with all CareChamp caregivers, this management team has also received the highest level of caregiver training through NIDO Nursing, which is the recognised standard for excellence in the industry.

They make it easy to work out a schedule that would simply give you a break for a couple of hours a day a few days a week to catch up on a bit of me time or attend to the basics required for running a home and a business.

This flexibility allows for the family to head out on a weekend breakaway or extended holiday, enjoying peace of mind that comes with knowing that their parent or parents are in the best hands possible.

The background checks into every CareChamp caregiver are in-depth, leaving no stone unturned in order to confidently choose the right caregiver for every client.

Aside from the background checks, all caregivers are obligated to have a police clearance certificate as well as a health clearance certificate.

Many clients have had unfortunate experiences with caregivers that have stolen from them, leaving them vulnerable on other levels of security as well. 

This is why CareChamp caregivers are so thoroughly vetted, offering clients the peace of mind they deserve from a caregiver who will respect all personal belongings, as well as maintain any safety and security measures that are in place at the clients home.

Caregivers from CareChamp consistently receive ongoing training despite their already high standard of qualifications.

This is all part of the encouragement from the management team to empower caregivers to take an innovative approach towards clients in every sphere of taking care of the client.

To this team, it’s a priority to provide clients with caregivers who take the time to understand the personal likes and dislikes of each client, as well as to respect personal beliefs and boundaries.

As much of a challenge as it is to bring a stranger into your home, CareChamp has made it far easier for you to be actively involved in selecting the right caregiver for your loved one.

Based on all the information you give to the management team initially, they will put forward the profiles of all the caregivers that will suit your loved one well, in temperament, compassion and patience.

You will then have the freedom to choose the best caregiver for your elderly or disabled parent.

Caregivers are people who see caring for others as a vocation. It is from this passion that they seek to offer the very best care to those who need it most.

It takes a really special type of person to manage all aspects of caring for others. Taking on disabled care, dementia care or frail care onto your own shoulders is definitely not for the fainthearted.

Physical strength is necessary when it comes to assisting clients with bathing and personal hygiene. This is especially necessary when it comes to turning and washing a bedridden client in their bed in order to protect them from developing bed sores.

Many elderly frail people struggle with depression and a sense of losing their usefulness and purpose. This means that their caregiver has to have a deep sense of compassion, along with an innate ability to communicate effectively on the more difficult days for the client.

If this is the quality of care you’d want your parent when you can’t be around, contact CareChamp to find out more about the flexible, tailored and affordable home care services in Cape Town.