How to ease the pressure of caring for an aging parent at home


Isolation is the enemy that creeps in to the lives of the elderly very stealthily, so quietly in fact, that as the small things that speak of self-reliance and independence start slipping away, the decline cannot be ignored.

This is when aging people begin to feel completely cut off from all that used to make life worthwhile and interesting.  Simple things like getting to a hairdresser’s appointment, meeting lifelong friends for tea, doing grocery shopping, cooking and bathing, among many other tasks, become more and more difficult to do.

The attending frustration and loss of the ability to take care of oneself is inevitable, especially for particularly active aging people.  Many elderly people dealing with this deep sense of loss will, over time, succumb to high levels of anxiety and depression.

A complete lack of any form of caring assistance can be the most devastating blow that tops all the above.  The love and care of family and friends is a blessing for elderly frail people, which is why many families are opting to care for aging parents at home.

In the current economy, most families rely on the income from two breadwinners, which means that the reliable trusted care of an experienced, compassionate caregiver is valued very highly in order to assist families to maintain a healthy financial status.

Running a household, caring for children and working hard at a career are hard enough to deal with on their own, but adding the care of a frail elderly parent into the mix, raises the pressure to an unhealthy level.

The answer to easing what becomes an immense level of pressure when caring for an elderly parent, is to engage a professional caregiver, however, but the process of finding the right caregiver is very important to the health and safety of a parent at home alone.

In the same way as we want our children to have the best care while we are out in the world, we need to know an aging parent, perhaps dealing with loss of motor skills, loss of limbs due to illness or amputation, or facing the onset of dementia, will be cared for by an exceptional caregiver.

An attitude and dedication to excellence in caring for elderly frail people at home is essential in a caregiver, which is a standard offered by CareChamp, as many happy clients will testify without hesitation.

A caregiver in the home is placed in a unique position of trust, not only in providing compassionate frail care but also in maintaining security in the home, and the protection of valuables.

The champion caregivers at CareChamp are very carefully selected by a highly qualified management team. 

Every caregiver on this team is qualified and experienced, before they even graduate from Nido Pty Ltd, which is the top training college in South Africa, providing world class health care worker training.

Once credentials and recommendations have been thoroughly checked, CareChamp caregivers are required to provide police clearance certificates, as well as obtaining a very important component in caring for elderly frail clients, health clearance.

Compassion and the ability to take an innovative approach to the care of clients, as well as respecting the privacy confidentiality of clients are among the most important qualities that will make give a caregiver a special place on the team at CareChamp.

At CareChamp it’s all about contributing to the quality of life for the elderly at home and their families, based on the point of view that staying in familiar surroundings with loved ones definitely contributes to maintaining as positive an attitude as is possible under very challenging circumstances.

If you have made the choice to care for an elderly frail parent at home, you could not do better for the entire family than to engage an extraordinary caregiver, chosen for their passion for what they do by the management team at CareChamp.

Call the friendly, accessible team at CareChamp today to find out more about just how easy it is to work with their streamlined and simplified system of providing home based care for the elderly.